1972 Volvo 145: It’s Gotta Go!

1972 Volvo 145

After writing up a couple of Fiestas the other day, I decided to go and test drive one of those new Fiesta STs that all the automotive journalists have been gushing about. Well, that went so well that a killer deal is pending on one. There’s one problem though. The garage is full! With the brakes pulled apart on our 122 project, the 145 has gotta go! Normally brand new cars are not something I do, but I have told myself that I can have it if the wagon sells in one day. The may sound strange, but the dealer claims that the bargain price will expire on March 1st anyway. This also seemed like great opportunity to announce our new site! As exciting as barn finds can be, they are not for everyone, so Credit Card Classics is going to fill that gap where cars like my Volvo fit – cheap, but cheerful daily drivers costing under $5k. So please take a look at the wagon over there and let us know what you think!


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    Sounds like sales pressure to me! I have a 15 Fiesta ST and its not the most powerful car but its a riot to drive!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You’re probably right. I do know some of the incentives will drop, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be new ones. If nothing else, it got me motivated to get the wagon cleaned up. The driving experience is the main appeal of the Fiesta for me. I normally would stay away from fwd and turbos, but it was a blast when we took it out. The exterior styling isn’t my thing either, but I’m hopeful that all that will fad away once I’m behind the wheel…

  2. Fomoco

    As a teenager my Dad had a 245 Volvo wagon in the same color as yours, sun yellow maybe? It had the larger bumpers though.
    I have never modified any of my cars before the Fiesta, but I have added the mountune mp215 kit and lowered it a bit on the mountune springs. Both are warranty friendly. I just ordered some bronze team dynamic wheels, the car actually looks pretty good. I would prefer the two door but at least Ford gave us some hot hatches stateside !
    If you haven’t already , check out some of the ST forums and see what guys are doing with them.
    According to Edmunds the 1000 dollar rebate on the Fiesta goes through the end of March.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Was the Mountune kit worth it? I used to read Evo magazine and those guys always mentioned it when they wrote about the Fiesta. I was excited to find out it’s available over here now.

      • fomoco

        I think the Kit is worth the money because of the warranty. It has to be installed at a Ford dealer so that adds more cost. The car generates plenty of smiles stock but the kit adds a few more!!

  3. TuckerTorpedo

    Honestly, I’m happy to see this one go, Uncle Jesse. Didn’t think it was really all that cool or interesting. To me it appeared to be just a 43 year old high mileage Volvo wagon- not anything I aspire to own. You should have kept the Duster instead- that thing had character and lots going for it!

    • Scot Carr

      ~ That is honestly the better fiscal choice, although the Duster brought an excellent return at auction. If I had to decide between the two, and keep it, I would take the Dodge profit and drive the brick.

  4. Cameron Bater UK

    If you’re looking to try and get rid of anything Volvo quickly try the forums. My father and I are parting an export 240 Estate “Coffin Nose” in the UK right now and most of what we’ve sold was on the forums, the rest was of course on eBay

  5. Robert J.

    You send your Volvo away while I drag one home. I sold our VW Cabriolet last week and replaced it with the bombproof cockroach aka Volvo 245 wagon. An inexpensive car that I know will not leave my fiancee stranded. Plus, as simple as they are it is a breeze to work on them when you need to.

    Best of luck with the new Fiesta. 40MPG oh yes!

  6. RickyM

    Shame the Volvo is going – love it ! However the Fiesta ST is a great car. I used to have a Fiesta XR2 and it was brilliant. A little Pocket Rocket ! Hope you like it. Oh and I get 40mpg around town with my family MPV, a diesel Ford Galaxy…… carries 7 but nowhere near as much fun as a Fiesta ST !

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