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1973 Dodge Charger: Optioned Up

1973 Dodge Charger

If buying a classic muscle car that was optioned to the hilt is your thing, this 1973 Dodge Charger here on eBay may be worth checking out. This matching numbers 400/727 combination is looking a little worse for the wear and will need some rust repair, but the factory sunroof, power options, vinyl roof and A/C all combine to create quite a picture of what this Charger must have been like when new. I tend to go right to ‘ol heartstrings, thinking about the first owner that saved up his or her pennies to buy the best example of the car of their dreams, with most of the options checked off on the sales invoice. While this era of Mopars (and other muscle cars) signaled the swan song of high-horsepower and highly-thirsty machines, this Charger will still move down the road with authority and style once restored. Does this car look like a winner, or do features like a sunroof and racing mirrors do little to sway you?


  1. Mark E

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a huge engine in a Charger SE much less a Brougham. If I remember rightly, the latter has an extension on the front end of about a foot. Under the hood it’s very obvious. A console shifter is also rare on an SE. It’s like they put the hi po options from the R/T on the luxury model. Maybe someone was trying to order the most expensive Charger possible? Or maybe they knew someone at the dealership and got a good discount.

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    • Mike D

      Mark, Chrysler was the last automaker to abandon the ” muscle car” era of the time . You could order most ANYTHING .. ever consider a 70 4 door Road Runner? ( 4 door Belvedere w/ a RR package) you could order a 73 Charger and just check off all the options you wanted. I would guess this car once sat on a show room floor you could indeed order an SE with the 440 ( I don’t know the numbers tho) I don’t believe you could get this with a bench seat, but a console automatic, sure thing! . I think the seller is down playing the condition of the body. the unfortunate thing is the big blocks were heavily detuned . would love to get it up to 335 hp or more( days of old) it was a ” personal luxury car” of the time ( note GMs Monte Carlo style of the time( the 400 would give you bragging rights would have been a hellova nice car new… If I had the bucks, would jump on it.. but, don’t… but I am playing the NY Lottery for tomorrow night LOL

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  2. Moparman Moparmann Member

    So sad to see this car in such a poor state. Unfortunately, the money/time/effort it will take to bring it back is not something to be considered lightly! I, myself, am well past the stage of considering basket cases such as this. :-)

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  3. Jim

    I would so take this on if I had space/time. This was my dream car in high school. No joke. First time I saw one, I wanted one. Then one showed up at the local Ford dealer-used. I went in, talked to them, and they wouldn’t take my Galaxy on trade. It was a decent car, they just wouldn’t.

    Small town comes to the rescue, it was on consignment! And the guy who owned it wanted a car for his wife. So we swapped, and I got my charger. Had a 400, and ran like a scalded dog. Got caught on radar at 142 on Interstate 80 just outside town. I got away, but he saved the radar all night and waited at the high school the next day-there was only one, and he knew he only had to wait for the silver charger to roll in. How I managed to not get hung for that I still don’t know.

    That car was so much fun….

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