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1973 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Project

This 1973 Jaguar E-Type is a serious project, and the 2+2 layout usually isn’t the most desirable setup. However, the color combo of Signal Red over Russet Red leather – is quite unusual, and may catch the eye of an E-Type enthusiast. However, even more attractive is the super low bidding at the moment, with the Jaguar pulling just $2,850 here on eBay with no reserve. While that number will surely climb in the coming days, it still seems quite low for a complete car with what may be a rare exterior and interior color pairing. The E-Type is located in lovely Hermosa, South Dakota.

It does have a few details working against it, from the aforementioned seating configuration to the automatic transmission to the cylinder heads that have been removed (but are included). This is definitely a project that stalled out, and based on the photos, there’s more than one of those on the property. The interior is in nice shape, surprisingly, aside from the driver’s seat back appearing slightly askew. The armrest doesn’t appear to be damaged, and the passenger bucket seat doesn’t show much in the way of use. The backseat is in a similar good state of repair, almost to the point that I believe you could live with the interior while the rest of the car is restored.

And truthfully, aside from the mechanical mysteries, there’s nothing else that looks inherently daunting about this E-Type (well, aside from the obvious.) There is rust – absolutely, there is rust – but it looks like the repairable kind, in areas of the body where patch panels are likely widely available. If it’s been in South Dakota for any stretch of time, it has good odds at not being a total rust bucket. The later cars are less desirable in general, for details like the lack of covered headlights and less ornate dashboard switchgear, but an E-Type is hard to look away from no matter which generation it is.

Yes, the drivetrain could potentially be a nightmare, but the seller even has an answer for that: he’s including an extra engine and transmission from a 1973 or 1974 XJ12 sedan. Even if you don’t want to go that route, the original cylinder heads are included, along with the carbs and manifolds for the factory engine and the extra V12. The seller also notes all chrome trim comes with the vehicle, and the fifth, full-size spare wire wheel. Overall, it seems like a largely complete car in a potentially obscure color combo for far less cash than a genuine Series 1. Would you spring for a less desirable E-Type to restore or hold out for the top-shelf example?


  1. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

    Ah, here is an invitation!

    Ever since I heard Jan & Dean, I thought it would be really “Cool” to have an XKE.

    Until,… I met a lady who stated: “The parts are like buying jewelry.”

    That did it for me. Although I’ve always ❤️‘d these British cars, I’ve heard things like: “Money Pit” “Doorway to a Money Basement,” “Cash Hogg” and so on.

    The problem I see with English cars is their engineers.

    Nuff said.

    Oh, yeah, and the price is CORRECT!!

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    • Avatar photo Dion

      So you take all these simple views for granted & no British car for you? That is probably for the best. Stay with your Chevy or Toyota and keep dreaming (and “loving”) about cars you never dare to own.

      British cars are for people who not only love these but have the guts and means and do not mind to find out how the excellent British engineers have constructed the cars. Yes quality was a big problem back in the days but not the engineering.

      By the way – you forgot to add the ubiquitous “fun” hahaha saying, every time a Jaguar or other British car comes up, – Lucas, Prince Of Darkness.

      Nuff said.

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      • Avatar photo Mike Brown

        I’m currently in the process of restoring a 1970 Triumph Bonneville Roadster (T120R). Yes, it’s been expensive and will get even more expensive before it’s finished. But, I’m not doing it to make money. I freely admit that I’m not a fan of any British vehicles and I don’t know what drew me to this motorcycle but, I just wanted to save it for some reason. With all that said, I’ve never been drawn to the Jaguar E-type, no matter which style it is. I’ve always thought they’re funny looking. On the other hand, my personal opinions don’t matter to those that love them.

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  2. Avatar photo robert j mulvaney

    DION, your right 110% some people have no clue what they missed out on. me over 45 years still have my 67 E, no problems it;s the nut behind the steering wheel i do not mean the one that holds it on nuff said

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  3. Avatar photo Maestro1

    I would wait for a better car.

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  4. Avatar photo tompdx

    Assuming the original engine can be saved with minimal machining, a good mechanic could get this thing running for $5-10k. That and a deep cleaning, he or she could then sell it for $20-25k. So a small profit, depending on the strike price, but loads of “garage therapy.”

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  5. Avatar photo CJinSD

    Seeing this car and knowing I don’t own it made me feel better on this dark and rainy day.

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  6. Avatar photo Dan Breejen

    I had a 1963 e type roadster in yellow. Fabulous handling and driving car, when it was up and running. Drive it for a weekend and fix it for the next two. I thought for a long time that it was the most unreliable brand around, but then I bought a used Mercedes.

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  7. Avatar photo Conrad Layson

    The odds are stacked against this E-Type. Not only is it afflicted with the 2+2 roofline and unusable-by-humans rear seat, but it’s equipped with the 3 speed Borg-Warner slushbox. Which means it also has the taller back-axle ratio. Which means… even if you managed to get this thing running, you’ll be asking yourself why you bothered at the first apex from which you try and accelerate. Parts car, Maestro.

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  8. Avatar photo Capt RD

    Plenty of info here -[ often look here 1st]
    I would look for a better example

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  9. Avatar photo jokacz

    Has anyone ever taken credit for turning one of the best looking cars ever made into one of the ugliest? I suspect that the designer prefers to remain anonymous. LMAO at those body side moldings.

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  10. Avatar photo Bhowe Member

    Just drove down highway 79 thru Hermosa, SD just a few hours ago and look what shows up on BF. Unfortunately I didn’t see it sitting by the side of the road.

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  11. Avatar photo Stephen Coe

    And here in NC I was offered a 1998 JAGUAR XK8 convertible that runs drives but it needs a new top and A/C fixed $1900.🤫🤫🤫😂😂😂😂

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  12. Avatar photo Martin

    The 2 plus 2 is the roadster from the top of the doors down, if you want to turn it into something a little more sporty….

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