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1974 Datsun 260Z For Just $400


Can you imagine being given a classic sports car as a graduation present? I think most of us would be giddy with excitement, even if it was a total basketcase. This 1974 Datsun 260Z here on eBay looks quite forlorn, shoved into the corner of the driveway and covered in pine needles – but the Buy-It-Now is only $400! Supposedly, it was offered as a graduation present that didn’t move past the gifting stage. As a hopeless gearhead (and a romantic, too), I’d waste endless hours just thinking about the possibilities of a project Z-car, especially if it was given to me. But I suppose there are some people more logical than yours truly, so the seller may have looked at this car and realized it was simply too much work to take on. Regardless, for the asking price, this would still be a good deal if only used as a parts car. Have you ever received a car as a gift?


  1. RayT Member

    My first car was a gift: a ’59 Hillman Minx that my parents bought from the photographer I was then working for. Cost them a whole $50!

    It had been sitting for a few years, but didn’t seem as forlorn as this Z-car. A few bucks for a battery, spark plugs and four wheel-cylinder kits, and it turned out to be an okay runner. I later cut a hole in the floorpan so I could install a floor shift from a Hillman Husky.

    Sold it after a year or so (for $75), and started driving a ’53 Kaiser.

  2. Rich

    Already sold. Not far from my house. Would’ve loved to look this over. Body looked pretty good except for the dent in the roof.

  3. Cory

    Well damn. That went quick. Guessing the seller is kicking himslef.

  4. Howard A Member

    Boy, I don’t know. These aren’t exactly rare (no less than 38 for sale on Hemmings alone) Prices are all over the place, but it seems a halfway decent one could be had for under 10g’s. Years ago, this may have been a good deal, but today’s restoration costs would deem this unwise. I only hope it was a graduation present when NEW.

  5. vern

    In the late 80’s a friend asked me if I thought they could deal with a ’64 DS Citroen, bad trans with an ID parts car. The widow wanted it gone so the horse could use the space. Friend turned it all over to me and I managed to move it all into my space. Didn’t get it running but am certifiable Citrinut ever since. Still have 2 functioning 69 1/2 Cit wagons, one standard US and one 5 speed turning lights and second heater.

  6. Mr Bill!

    I took Journalism back in 1974. There was a Japanese woman who’s father bought her a NEW silver 260z 2+2. She had it until she graduated about a year later. Too bad she passed away a few years later.

  7. mtshootist1

    when I was in college I got a Datsun Fair Lady once for 40 bucks. Never did get it running. Had to move and a guy bought it for about the same amount of money, wrote me a check that bounced. end of story

  8. Ben Kline

    Looks just like the one I bought in college for $500.

  9. JamestownMike

    THAT WAS AN ABSOLUTE STEAL FOR $400! Looked pretty solid, straight and “all there”.

  10. menrey

    A friend had a 67 Mustang fastback he told me about. I asked him if he ever sells it please give me first shot. I called him one day and he told me he was going to give me the car. I made sure he new who he was talking to. I paid half the towing. It arrived and I didn’t know it was in such bad shape but I still loved it. Unfortunately I had to sell it before I did much to it. It was the wife and kids or the car and the wife and kids won the coin toss.

    • Larry

      I sold my Pantera I owned for 20 years when my wife said it was either her or the car that had to go. Another 15 years passed and I bought my car back from the same guy I sold it to. This time when she gave me the same ultimatum I said she was free to leave at any moment, I wasn’t selling the car again

      • gunningbar

        Bye bye!

  11. ninja3000

    Hell, I used to get loads of cars as gifts. All made by AMT…

  12. Mark E

    Interesting choice of cars to bring up this question! My cousin graduated from college and got a brand-new 260 Z for a graduation present. At that time my father said I’d get one when I graduated. When I graduated, you guessed it, I got -ZIP- Interestingly, four years later, my sister got a brand new Honda Civic. It could be partly because I was such a gear head that I had a nice car when I graduated. Still, it makes me go Hmmm…

  13. rjc

    Good man Larry!

  14. D. King

    Man, guess my spouse is the lucky one. More than once my husband suggested selling the ol’ 356, as he didn’t know if he’d ever get around to restoring it. I told him nope. Eventually he did find the time, 13 years ago, and it actually went fairly well–took about 2 years. We drive it regularly now. And the bonus is the rise in prices for all of the old Porsches.

    I met my husband because of that car, back in 1969; we’ve been married 44 years. It’s a ’64 SC Sunroof Coupe, matching numbers.

  15. Scott Reska

    My first car was given to my by my sister and her first husband in 1983. It was his car that he used all throughout college. Driving between Maryland and North Jersey. Prior to that it was his grandmothers car. That car is still on the road owned by an old high school buddy and his family. The car… 1970 Mercury Cougar. 351C 2v FMX CRUISEMATIC transmission with a 3.00:1 rear. Dark Metallic (repainted) green. Original color was that light minty military green. Dark green pleather interior. Faux woodgrain. And green vinyl top. Cruised many a night in Seaside heights NJ .

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