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1975 Citroen 2 CV 6 Fresh French Paint?

'75 Citroen 2 CV6

These are not for everyone but they have probably been seen in almost every French film produced in the last 50 years. Listed here on craigslist Charlotte, NC is this 1975 Citroen 2 CV 6 priced at $6K. We featured a story by Josh of a 1988 back in August of this year and is a good comparison. This ’75 version has a curb weight of 1,235 lbs, but even being in the light-weight class the 36.7 cubic inch engine will top this car out a 68 mph and a 0-60 time of 57.2 seconds.

'75 Citoren engine

According to the seller the gas mileage is from 55 to 65 mpg. There are 4346 kilometers or 2,731 miles on odometer which starts over at 100,000, so it could actually have 104,346 kilometers.

'75 Citoren dash

The upholstery and top were recently replaced as well as the tires which have less then 100 miles on them. The turn signal has been broken off and is now attached with a hose clamp. A detailed image of this is in the ad.

'75 Citroen 2 CV6 truck

There is some rust in the trunk and other areas that you will see in the images with the ad.

'75 Citroen 2 CV6 right side

The car, as per the owner, runs good, is titled and is a 20 footer. The car presents well and with attention to the rust issues the next owner should have a nice ride. Please remember to take your time, plan ahead and slow down there is no rush in a CV 6.



  1. wynkin

    It still has French licence plates.

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  2. Matt Tritt

    It still has French plates and rust! Having had one of these cars, which I love, I can tell you that this one has major issues bubbling to the surface. Mine came from the same jerk who sold this one, judging from where it’s located. He buys cars that have been redlined in Europe and brings them here to sell to unsuspecting buyers at a huge profit. Caveat emptor definitely applies here.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Tres bon!

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This is interesting Matt. I’d be surprised to learn that France or any European country would make it easy to let somebody export their prized signature car out of Europe and into the US.

    In the last 3 years I’ve sold a Caravelle that went back to France, a 190D that went back to Germany, and an MGB which the English buyer here in Florida will take back to the UK to sell. Tell me more about this redlining, and how the seller can make any money importing this car to sell here at just 6K. Also would be interested in the particulars of your 2CV problem, as I’d love to own one some day.

    Thanks Matt.

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  5. Ford

    Here is a link to a business that imports these on a regular basis, for comparison:


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    I would feel like I would be playing the part of Curt in American Grafitti

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  7. john

    This car has issues, not least the horrible Sahara beige colour. The Chassis needs serious inspection, and is not worth patching. A new Galvanised chassis is available from UK for not a lot (in the scheme of things) and fitting it is not a huge job. But when a good example is readily available in France and Spain for around $5000 plus $3000 shipping, is it worth buying this one that has issues? These cars are not rare enough to fix up yet. Frankly, in spite of my love of these cars, I have owned several, I would be scared driving one in the USA. Any pick up truck, SUV or large US car, will most likely kill you if it hits you. In fact just about any car in the USA is going to hurt you as 2CV are infamous for almost zero crash protection.

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    • Eileen Rounkorners

      John, does your attitude about relative safety applying to vehicles like motorcycles and scooters as well? A 2cv is infinitely safer. Having seen countless 2cv wrecks (including mine) I can say they are not the hazard you portray.

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  8. Howard A Member

    While the styling on these is a little “out there” for us Yanks, these are actually really nice cars, and incredibly popular in Europe. ( they have 2CV races in England) For today’s driving, this car makes perfect sense ( if you can figure out how to shift it, that is. I believe they had a funky shifter, picture 18, that came out from under the dash)( note crudely drawn shift pattern on the speedo) While this particular car has a few issues, as mentioned, it looks basically ready to go. Better use the internet for parts, as I doubt Autozone will be able to help. Cool little car.

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  9. Birdman

    Every time I see one of these, I think of the movie “RocketMan” with Harland Williams….lol

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  10. Mark S

    The headlight brackets just crack me up, they look like the car was completed and an engineer walked by it and said to himself somethings missing. Then he realized (crap) we forgot the headlights. so they grabbed some pipe and cobbled it together. The thing is it adds to its charm, and by the look of this thing it would be easy to work on and an interesting car at the show and shine nights. Nice find.

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    • MikeH

      The headlights are adjustable. The suspension is so soft that a load in the back significantly changes the level of the car. The car was designed to be a combination car and pickup. The bar on which the headlights rest, rotates so the headlights can be made to stay in adjustment regardless of the load. Part of the reason they look like an add-on.

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  11. brakeservo

    I appreciate that the seller states so confidently that these cars get 55 – 65 mpg! Having owned maybe a dozen I can confidently state that real world gas mileage is more on the lines of 30 – 40. So I love it when a seller so blatantly LIES about something I know to be true . . . it tells me that everything else he says is suspect too! With that he has effectively destroyed his credibility regarding anything he has to say on the car. Only an idiot would buy this one for anything more than parts car value!!

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    • Mark S

      Now that is a nice looking car, brakeservo.

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    • MikeH

      I had a Charleston just like your pic. Not only does it not get 55-60 mpg, it requires super premium to keep it from pinging. And that’s 93 octane, 92 won’t work. Also, those plates aren’t French, they’re Dutch–another lie. I’m sure Matt is right–this car could not pass inspection in Europe because of rust. I am restoring a ’57 now. It showed very little rust on the body. When I took the body off, the chassis collapsed. Not a big deal, as I was planning to replace the chassis anyway. If it shows ANY rust replace it! BTW, the motto of 2CV owners is 0-60 [100kms] in the same day.

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  12. gunningbar

    I find the feedback here so informative and invaluable! THANKS!

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  13. Joss

    @matt, what do you mean by redlined cars in Europe?

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  14. Joss

    The license plate is definitely not Dutch, those plates have 6 letters/numbers only.

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  15. Joss

    Aside from the supposed bad reputation of the seller, I see no evidence here that would make this a terrible car. There is nothing in the pictures that looks like a major repair. It’s driver quality and priced accordingly. Interior colors are not matching, but the car looks overall complete. However, given the lack of chassis and floor pictures, an inspection is a very good plan. If I were closer I would go take a look, if I didn’t already have four of these in my garage. A tell tale sign of the body sagging over the chassis is when the steering lock scrapes inside the housing, noticable by the grinding noise and heavy steering. Obvious ‘fix’is to take the steering lock ring out, so check that steering lock works and the steering is light.

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  16. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Two years ago my wife and I were on vacation in Germany, and were on the Autobahn heading up to Hamburg. We were poking along at a mere 170km/hr , or about 105mph. Up ahead I saw a blue spot in the distance, and I quickly came up on a guy in a 2CV in the far right lane. Considering that the locals were passing me like I was standing still, I’m sure this chap was petrified. I was petrified in a modern car!

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    Euh, just a comment…
    Plates are french. 52 is the number of a region (departement) called Haute Marne. Now with the new European legisation, plates are not the same anymore (no more region number).

    I hope you will contact me soon.



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    Does somebody know how to reach the owner of this car? I spent 2weeks trying to contact him.
    The Craigslist links are not working (or maybe he doesn’t want to answer).



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  19. Matt Tritt

    I suspect that it’s the latter.

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