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1975 Honda Civic: Showroom Special

1975 Honda Civic

This vintage Honda Civic was owned by a factory Honda technician and purportedly treated to the best of everything. Spotted by Barn Finds reader Dan U. here on craigslist in Vancouver, it has only 21,600 original kilometers and it shows. The price $8,888, which bears out favorably for U.S. buyers thanks to the current exchange rate (about $6,659 by today’s conversion).

1975 Honda Civic Interior

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the problem: it’s an automatic (or, more appropriately, a Hondamatic). This is a bummer because these cars were already pretty slow. But I suppose it means the car was never abused and based on the rest of the interior’s condition, it looks well-loved. Given the owner’s connections to the Honda dealer, I’m curious how many parts were bought new-off-the-shelf when this classic Civic needed repairs. It certainly looks 100% OEM throughout.

1975 Honda Civic Engine

What’s amazing to me is today we ooh and ahh over cars hitting 40 mpg, but the original Civic was already doing it in 1975. For new car buyers at the time, it seems like you’d have to be a fierce brand loyalist to not consider a Civic, especially with competition from the domestics like the Vega and the Pinto. Although, weighing only 1,500 lbs. might mean you’re more susceptible to your friends lifting up and moving your car while you’re at the movies.

Honda Civic

There’s a Honda dealer near me that uses an old Civic in a similar way, except it’s not for sale and greets customers at the front door of the showroom. I love the juxtaposition of the new Honda branding elements in the background with such a classic Civic front and center. Given the boring blobs that fill showrooms now, it makes me wish every Honda dealer had a classic from their past to put on display – it would sure get me to walk in the door.


  1. jim s

    too bad it is a automatic but then the 5 speeds has some synco issues back then. also want to make sure it has a new belt. it has MPH on the speedo so i wonder if it is a USA or Canada spec car. seems like a lot of car for the money. great find

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    • The Walrus

      Agreed… they’re only original once, and as will be the case with most cars made from the 1970’s forward, many of the plastic parts will not be made of unobtainium they will simply be unobtainable. Cars like this, with under 30K miles are the only ones worth buying for a collector. You could never restore one to this condition…

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  2. Don

    It has MPH because all cars and speed limits were in MPH until 1977 in Canada

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    • jim s


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  3. 64 bonneville

    I had a 75 Civic with the 5 speed, big problem was the shifter bushings going out. When they went it was like stirring a pot of mud to find a gear. I never could get more than 42 mpg @ 70 mph. My 87 CRX Si didn’t do so good on the hiway. had a hard time getting 32mpg @ 85. But the CRX Si was made to be driven, put 289K on it before selling to my grandson.

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  4. Cassidy

    Wow, obviously loved! Wish I had the money, my daughter needs a car and this would be perfect!

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  5. wynkin

    There is an old man I see regularly in a silver one of these with 50k on the clock no rust whatsoever.

    In my local village there are two old ladies, they are twins and one has a silver Austin Allegro and the other has a gold one!

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  6. Scot Carr

    ~ $8888 [or $6,659] would have seemed like a bunch of money for a 13k Civic once upon a time. Tell me where I can buy one-owner cars with under 50,000 miles in this condition for less than $9000. Good deal if you can automatic.

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  7. Peter R. Member

    Bought a brown one new (manual transmission) for $1,845.00…

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  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    worth every cent(ime)

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  9. Jasper

    I had a Civic 1200 with the four speed and another with the Hondamatic. I preferred the stick but the Hondamatic was decent and not without convenience and charm. Always felt these were built to do 55 or so mph but was always surprised at how they’d smooth out and hum along at 70.

    There was a guy in a few year old Metro convertible I’d “street race” from the suburbs into downtown on my way to school. Plenty of slow traffic and a few good curves. It was all about using its small size and maintaining momentum. He was a dirtier, less conscientious driver than myself thus often beat me. Cars like these make a four lane highway seem like eight lanes!

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  10. Howard A Member

    I feel this is the car that changed everything, especially for Honda. It was a ‘real” car, not a toy like the 600. It’s amazing to see what they started out as, and what they’ve become. These didn’t last long in the mid-west, and it’s cool to see one, like this again.

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  11. grant

    My buddy Jeff had one of these in about 91 or 92, it was old then but in nice shape and a great little car. It was strange to see one so nice then I can hardly belive it now. Idk if it’s worth almost 7k but it is cool and someone will have a home for it.

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  12. Richard V

    I think that was the first year of the CVCC engine, quite a technical feat!

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  13. Charles H.

    It’s only showing 13,512 mi. in the craigslist ad

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    • PRA4SNW

      The ad states that as the mileage. Are you thinking about the 21,600 kilometers that are also mentioned?

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  14. Mark 'cuda man

    I have a brand new NOS (new old stock) hood for a 1978-79 Honda Civic if anyone is interested. Although tattered, it’s in the original Honda box. Make me an offer….(229) 834-9440

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