1976 Buick Regal: 585 Original Miles

1976 Buick Regal

Interested in a new 1976 Buick Regal? That’s pretty much what you have the opportunity to purchase this week from this eBay auction. A gentleman by the name of Donald Jarden who passed recently had a low-mileage car collection that is in the process of being sold off. This time capsule Regal is located in Voorhees, New Jersey despite having been in Florida all its life, and has a buy-it-now price of $11,500 and a current bid of just under $10k.

1976 Buick Regal Paperwork

Mr. Jarden did a great job of saving all the documentation on his cars, as you can see. According to the advertisement, he added an outside thermometer, compass and CB radio to all of his cars. Other than that, the only deviation from stock is that the car doesn’t have seat belts; I have to believe it left the factory with them.

There’s a pretty good video (once you get past the ad) showcasing the car—it sure sounds great. It’s not as clean as you would think; personally I would have had the car detailed throughout. And, surprise—the air conditioning doesn’t work—it “may need to be charged.” So charge it before sell the car, why don’t you?

1976 Buick Regal Engine

This Regal is powered by the classic 231 V-6, which at the time offered a mix of reasonable economy and enough torque to move this heavy car down the road. The mid 1970’s were not a stellar time for the American automakers; between emissions difficulties, the advent of unleaded fuel and changing tastes of customers they were faced with a lot of challenges. The 1976 Regal had minor changes from its introduction in 1973 but had not been downsized yet, as it’s GAWR of 5266 lbs testifies!

1976 Buick Regal Interior

Inside, we see acres of good old American vinyl. There were no sporting pretenses here; with a bench seat, whitewall tires, two-spoke steering wheel and no tachometer in sight, the décor reminds me more of my parents’ living room than a sports car. The Regal actually fit somewhere between the “personal luxury coupe” of a Thunderbird and the family hauler of an Impala or Caprice.


I noticed looking through the GM ads for the 1976 Regal that most appeared like the picture above: a more glamorous version than the one for sale here, with rallye wheels and a vinyl top. I like Mr. Darden’s plain-Jane version almost as much, though. There’s a certain honesty about bench seats, vinyl upholstery and simple wheel covers that attracts me to this car. As the ad said, “wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?”



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  1. DT

    It has a CB and a thermometer,I’m in!

  2. BradL

    3800 pounds with 110 horsepower and an automatic transmission. What could be more exciting?

    • Bradley Clark

      Maybe a ’79 Pinto with a 4 speed.

  3. Mark H

    As my grandfather used to say, people are funny. While this is not a car I would have purchased new and put away, it will most certainly be rare at some point. Eventually. Might even get to a break even point. There is a certain appeal to an orphan marque which is why I have a Maxwell, an Isetta, and a 56 Lincoln premiere. I also have tried International and an AMC Gremlin Levi Edition. It would be really strange to be able to open a catalog and buy repop parts for once. Best of luck to the new owner regardless. This kind of car is what keeps the hobby interesting for those of us that don’t have Maserati investment cash in the sock drawer.

    • TuckerTorpedo

      Umm, “orphan marque?” Last I checked, Buick is still very much alive. I suspect that you’re confusing this with an Oldsmobile Cutlass, which looked very similar.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    There were a few of these out west but they were always powered with the 350. Our dealership sold a couple of these with the V6 but the customers were disappointed from the get-go. They claimed that all they did was chug along and they weren’t as economical as the V8 cars were. I guess that they were just fine for the (then) 55 mph speed limit. At least this is just a naturally aspirated V6 so all it had to worry about was the lack of power. A couple of years later someone decided to turbocharge them, the result of which was a service department’s nightmare.

  5. Charles

    Although a slug in it’s day, the low mileage makes it rare now. It will find a home with the right owner. As they say there is an ass for every seat.

  6. Horse Radish

    So, I guess they were sold by Mecum…..and this flipper here bought the cheapest one he could try to flip ??
    I hope he chokes on it.

    As for the original owner….should have taken the money and bought a used Gullwing right about that time !! (for the same money !)
    A car is not any car………

    This is about as underwhemling as it gets, so so sorry……

    Valve cover, brake booster and pulley rusty ??

  7. JB1971SX Member

    Wow. From the Monte Carlo / LeMans / Cutlass Supreme / Regal stablemates the buyer choose the least-desirable marque in the least-desirable color with the least-desirable engine. Then put it away. For the same money you could get a restored Chevy Laguna / Pontiac Can Am / Olds 442 with 535 miles since the restoration and have a much better investment!

  8. Moparmann Member

    Looks like the exhaust pipe has been replaced. Generally, the common replacement pipes always hang down too far, and IMO look AWFUL!! It seems that today’s muffler guys don’t know how to (or simply won’t) “baloney” cut the tip end! :-)

  9. bcavileer

    528 miles? Hmm. I don’ t remember door latches being sprayed body color. And the engine isn’t very tidy for such low miles. And a new tailpipe. Hmmm.
    Not a collectable, nor will it ever be. Fugly too.

  10. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Considering Mr Jarden passed around 2001, who knows how many times this has changed hands. That could explain the exhaust pipe swap.

  11. Pappy2

    2500 dollar car.

  12. jim s

    i like the T-Bird the seller has for sale with 2102 miles better but this sure looks interesting. as always a PI would be a smart thing to do but i do like what i see in the photos. great find.

  13. JW454

    I like it. It would make a nice daily driver which is what it was built for 39 years ago. A to B car.
    About 7K would be fair for it.

    • Michael Phipps

      JW, did you see the video posted on the listing that not only visually documents the un rolled back 535 miles on the clock, but also if those window stickers in the passenger side window are from the factory, your 7K price is literally stealing the car, if you think it’s just a daily driver quality only IMHO. His BIN at $11.9 K is extremely light, especially to get past a Mecum auction at a price like that. I see pristine Buick/Olds/Pontiac show quality here and I’d be keeping it in that condition driving it occasionally when it was being taken to shows. And if it were mine, it would be going to the I X Center in Cleveland next weekend for the Piston Powered Autorama, as it currently sat. TYVM.

  14. Boompa

    Did you really just mention Mecum in relation to this smogged, stripped, oversprayed, under-powered, under-optioned, bland-colored, cb-radioed, thermometered, re-exhausted, used. . . car. . . ??

    I’ll give $4K. No, wait. . . $3,995. How does that sound?

  15. Paul Duca

    The factory would NEVER have let a car leave without the seat belts installed…the owner must have removed them.

    • jim s

      great catch. i wonder what the story is on the belts and how much it would cost to put them back in.

  16. John C Cargill

    Ah, and it’s even the last year for the odd fire v6. Rough and weak. Even with the low mileage it is not a desirable car. Take it from someone who worked in a large Buick dealer, this is the worst of the Regals, with a boring old man color as well.

  17. DT

    Its more of a stepchild than an orphan!

  18. anthony

    There is no way that car is 5200 lbs gvw. Maybe 4000 thats it. That guy is nuts to ask that kind of money for that car. Nasty color no options and that piece of crap odd fire v6. I love GM colonnade cars but this one they can keep. Thats worth maybe 3000 and its a good home for a nice 455.

  19. Chebby

    Color’s not so bad; it could be beige. A set of Buick Rally wheels with white letter tires would be a huge improvement.

    Otherwise pretty forgettable car. I always thought it was weird to brag about the puny engine with fender badges while the V8’s had no markings.

    My ’62 Impala had that exact same skull-shaped compass on the dash.

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