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1976 Mercedes-Benz 200: Hearse-Equipped


I’ll let it be known now: if I croak, this is the ride that I want to carry me. As the resident German car junkie, this 1976 Mercedes-Benz 200 hearse found here on eBay in Germany checks all the right boxes as a way to enjoy that final ride in style (with far more personality than the generic Cadillacs we use in my community). For a variant not seen stateside, this Mercedes 200 could also be considered the ultimate mortician’s car! 


Originally from Italy, the seller muses that this Benz hearse may have transported more than a few mob bosses to their final resting place. I can’t say for sure, but I do know the insides are stunning for a vehicle that had a slightly morbid calling. The stainless steel rails for caskets and drapery on the windows all seems very high-grade.


To top it all off, it’s a manual transmission-equipped model with a diesel engine up front. I love it even more! Plus, that black and red interior color combination has a great look. Our hearses stateside have nothing on this Mercedes style-wise and with this example’s European market origins, it wears all of the other bonuses: slim Euro bumpers, crank windows, and glass headlights, to start.


With 195,000 miles, this Mercedes wagon definitely put in some miles doing the work of ferrying the departed to their final resting place. I can’t help but wonder what else you could use this specialized workhorse for – surely it has a future as an advertisement for a classic Mercedes parts business or perhaps as a pit vehicle for a vintage racing team. How would you use it?


  1. Avatar photo Saintmike801

    I don’t care about the hearse(although this one is cool) but I want to be buried in one of these:


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  2. Avatar photo tirefriar

    And its a stick shift to boot, increible!! Since this car is in Germany, i.e. way out of my way I can only guess what I would do with it. First thing that came to mind was to manufacture side window covers that can be easily installed or removed and turn this W114 into the uber panel wagon. Thought about just limo tinting the rear glass but that would be creepy and less classy…

    I absolutely dig the W114 models – a manual with a gas motor is on my bucket list for sure.

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  3. Avatar photo Chuck

    You are very optimistic with the “if I croak”. I think croaking is a gimme for all of us at some point. :)

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  4. Avatar photo randy

    I’d make it into a “tour” vehicle, plenty of visibility, if there is enough headroom back there for an upright living soul. The 114, and 115 chassis were amongst the most bullet proof.

    Once the hearse gave up it’s own ghost, I’d make it a greenhouse.

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  5. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    I’d line the back side windows with pictures of the current wannabe presidential candidates. Uber tow vehicle for my trashed out Speedster.

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  6. Avatar photo Jim

    That is a work of art!

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  7. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    I’m so hooked on this. Someone, talk me off the ledge. What are the shipping costs? Anyone?

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  8. Avatar photo Dairymen

    I don’t wanna be seen dead in this! :-D

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    • Avatar photo randy

      You would not know the difference! Dead people don’t care.

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  9. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    Great Festivus ride

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    • Avatar photo Hoos Member

      So what is it for the rest of us?

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      • Avatar photo hhaleblian

        A Restivus!

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      • Avatar photo randy

        nicely done.

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  10. Avatar photo Francisco

    I’d put a coffin in the back, and use it as a daily driver. Could really freak people out at Walmart parking lot, or drive-in movies, etc.

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    • Avatar photo hearsetrax

      jejeje get out of my head @ Francisco

      thats whats I’d do with it …
      of course to some of the saner folks ,its just the other station wagen jejeje

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    • Avatar photo Dylan

      That’s exactly what I do with my hearse, haha.

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    • Avatar photo Dylan

      This is a true European style or limo style hearse. The ones here in the states are “landau style” or western style. Also, You’d never see a manual tranny on a modern hearse here! It would be a cool import. It’s been relisted at least a few times, as I saw it first in the hearse club groups. I’ve got a 1992 Cadillac Superior Hearse as my daily driver. Can’t beat the hauling capacity for sure!

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  11. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Can’t envision an uglier way to take the Last Ride!

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  12. Avatar photo Horse Radish

    I was waiting for this (or one of these) to show up here eventually….

    This was converted by an Italian company and there are some handsome designs by a Portuguese company as well. They are usually more extravagant than German hearse designs.
    I think it even beats most station Wagon designs.
    Who says you cannot have a two door wagon….
    I like it.

    By the way :
    thank you for including at least 4 photos for most of your postings to preserve more for readers even when the for sale listing is long gone.

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  13. Avatar photo alfred

    it would make a great pick up

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  14. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    Contacted the seller. I may have to go for this. It would be a hit at Hershey…I hope

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

      Personal observation:
      This thing is a cool as any vintage ride I have seen in a long while. The worksmanship evident in the back section appears to be of the highest caliber. Absolutely love the patterned (stainless?) sheet sections which define the interior. The bent guard rail along one side appears to be the only flaw of any importance, and that would not be a difficult fix, IMO.
      I’m thinking that it you have a great idea for it here in the USA. There would be many locations where the quality and presentation would be appreciated. The glide tray in the back was designed to help with ingress/egress of caskets, but anything similar in shape would fit great. I’d suggest a big grill for tailgating, if I weren’t concerned about smoke/barbecue residue sullying the machine.
      Tell you what, if I locate the Ark of the Covenant, it would be well-displayed in the back. All that glass is likely irreplaceable, but while in good condition, looks great to me.
      The auction has ended, but there does not appear to have been any bids. If you do bring it across the pond, please let us know!

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  15. Avatar photo Mark S

    This is like buying a fire truck what do you do with. This was purpose built for hauling dead guys from the service to the hole. The only thing that comes to mind is for this thing is house painter, you have that nice long tray to slide your paint buckets out on and room for tarps, rollers, and spray guns. You could put your company name in the two big side window.

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  16. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    I would build a “broken” coffin. Get a mannequin. Dress the mannequin in burial attire maybe minus pants, just some heart covered boxers, put a realistic disfigured holloween mask on it, place it in the “broken apart” coffin (the coffin would be “broken” in a way that would offer full visibility to the “corpse) and just use it as a DD. Watch the accidents pile up behind and around you……….
    (great fun but just goofing)

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    • Avatar photo randy

      You could get away with that on Halloween, but you might get more attention than you could live through from the local establishment.

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