1976 MGB: In Need Of Some Chrome

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This MGB listed on craigslist in Clayton, near Minneapolis, has just emerged from a barn after many years. It sounds like it’s being sold by a dealer who knows nothing about MGs. It does run and drive and is said to have only 50,000 miles. They say it’s “rock solid” but they surely don’t know where to look for rust. I don’t see any rust in the sills, under the hood or in the trunk. Could it really be rust free? Winter is coming on in those parts and this little convertible is going to be hard to sell locally. I wonder how far off the $2,300 asking price they would be willing to go? If there really isn’t any rust (or at least not any bad rust) would it be worth lowering and converting those bumpers to chrome ones? And then there’s the paint!

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  1. Dan D

    Painting the rockers like that always makes me suspicious.

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  2. jim s

    i wonder why it was parked and how long engine has been run without an aircleaner. do a PI then make an offer. might make a nice driver.

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  3. Richard

    $2300? Sounds too cheap to me

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    A good detail would go a long way on that car! someone close should take a look. Looks like a deal to me.

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  5. Chris

    Just like most Plains and Eastern MGBs, it’s probably a rust bucket. Late models are good and bad, for $2,300 it should run and be licensed with any rust at all. The six pictures every MG buyers wants to see are the sills from the bottom on the left and right fenders, rockers and dogleg part in front of the rear wheel arch. Those repairs are thousands. With the dings in it from the pictures she’s no virgin and is worth much less than advertised.

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  6. Kelly

    Looks like a good candidate for a V8 conversion.

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  7. Rufus

    So if I’ve got the concept, this discussion begins with: “Assuming it really is Rust Free”.
    Bushings in the front and rear, lower it the easy cheap 1inch, remove the smog rig (if its not illegal in your state), then put on a set of HS4’s a cast iron exhaust and a recurved distributor and Its Magic!!! A pretty decent 35 year old driver that is fun enough to flog around town, off-beat enough that you won’t see yourself at every stop light and a sure conversation starter at any hamburger joint.
    And for probably under $5000.00. Not bad work if ya can get it. I’ll say it again, MG’s are a good inexpensive way to get into the hobby.
    Have fun

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  8. Monsieur le Baton

    i wouldnt bother going chrome either, i’d go the other way and remove them altogether, sebring replica is where its at with rubber bumper MGB’s imho.

    like mine attached – removing the bumpers saves 40kg in weight

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