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1977 AMC Hornet AMX: Project Potential?


As is often the case with muscle cars from the late 70s, the lack of muscle is quite evident. However, cars like the AMC Hornet AMX at least tried to get enthusiasts’ blood pumping with a decent handling chassis and visual add-ons that still look pretty good today. This ’77 example is listed here on eBay and is being sold as part of a project wind-down since the seller acknowledges he bought the car and never had time to tinker with it. It appears clean, but the iconic Hornet artwork is missing from the hood and there are some personal touches that need undoing. I love the body flares, window louvers, and free-flowing exhaust though. The Hornet AMXs were written up favorably despite being weak on power, with road test editors citing the car’s handling abilities and low price relative to its rivals. One Hemmings writer even found the 304 to be surprisingly responsive. Would you take a chance on this Hornet to see if they were right?


  1. Howard A Member

    At least this car makes more sense than the “Spirit” AMX from the other day. ( or even the ’78 Concord AMX) The Hornet, I feel, was the last of the “old school” AMC’s, and while this car is still a shell of what the AMX was conceived as, it was a good car. For sheer rarity, being a one year car, this is a cool car, and bound to generate conversation from any AMC buff. Be nicer if it had a 4 speed ( only automatic was available with the 304. You, apparently, could get a 4 speed with the 6 cylinder), to stay with the original AMX format, but the 304, or any AMC V-8, was no slouch, but with 1/4 mile times in the high 18’s, it surely wasn’t like the original, but what muscle car was in the late ’70’s. Hope someone grabs this. Great piece.

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  2. redwagon

    Is it me or does this look like it has been repainted at some point in the past? Over spray on info plate and loose stickers.

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    • Cassidy

      Yes, looks like a recent spray job as the rust at the bottom of the passenger door hasn’t had enough time to poke its ugly head out. Owner states that he hasn’t done anything to it in the 5 years he’s owned it, but like I said, that paint job looks very recent.

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  3. dj

    I liked these along with the Spirit AMX’s. That AMX the other day was missing a lot of the fender flares and such. The only bad thing about this being a one year deal is finding parts if you need them.

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  4. roger A

    Had one of these years ago. Was a 78 in black with levi’s interior was the 6 with the 4 speed was a great car sometimes think of replacing it .Definitely brings back memories

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    • Cassidy

      Roger, if the ’77 was a one year model, how did you own a ’78?

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  5. Ranco Racing

    Sorry, there is only 1 AMX and this is not it. I had both a Javelin and an AMX, former with 290 auto and latter 390 with 4 speed.

    A Hornet SC is worth consideration.

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  6. pontiactivist

    I remember two yellow amx’s like this sitting along rt7 south of conneaut ohio when I was a teenager. Unfortunately kinda like these but really think I would have to ditch the 6cyl and do a v-8 4speed swap and give it some attitude. Wouldn’t see another one coming the other direction any time soon. Can’t even tell you the last time I saw a hornet let alone a hornet amx.

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  7. Bob Kennedy

    We had a couple of these at MIS (Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, MI) as pace cars back in the late ’70, early ’80s. One was really “built” with a AMC engineering “skunk works” 401. I took it out on the oval, got it up to god knows what speed down the back straight, and lifted off between turns three and four, and it started to swap ends. Corrected, stomped the accelerator and made it out. Don’t tell anyone!

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