1977 Buick Regal Landau With 23k Original Miles

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It is common for estate sales to produce some stunning classics that have spent years hidden away, and that was the case with this 1977 Buick Regal Landau. Its original owner passed away, and the seller purchased it from his estate. It is in excellent condition for its age, is roadworthy, and is set to go to a new home. The bonus is that the lack of use by that first owner means this Regal has a genuine 23,800 miles showing on its odometer. It is listed here on eBay in Suffolk, Virginia. Bidding has raced beyond the reserve to sit at $7,975.

This Regal started life in Pennsylvania, relocating to Virginia when its first owner passed away a few years ago. It only had 19,000 miles on the clock when the seller purchased it, and the overall condition is consistent with that claim. The Medium Blue Metallic paint shines beautifully, with the Blue Landau-style vinyl top adding a classy touch. The seller indicates they replaced the bumper fillers but have performed no other exterior restoration or repair work. The panels and paint have minor marks and flaws, but none are bad enough to show in the supplied photos. There is no evidence or mention of rust, and the lack of surface corrosion throughout the vehicle suggests it is potentially rust-free. The color-keyed wheels with sparkling trim rings and center caps add a muscular touch, while the remaining trim and chrome look flawless. As a genuine survivor, this Buick makes a positive first impression.

If this Regal’s exterior makes a positive impression, its interior continues that theme. Potential buyers confront acres of Pale Blue cloth and vinyl that shows no evidence of wear or damage, which is an achievement worth mentioning. Material of this type from this era could develop a dirty and stained appearance, but this car has avoided that fate. The seller doesn’t cite evidence verifying the mileage claim, but the interior condition makes it plausible. An in-person inspection might uncover some minor issues, but nothing significant is visible in the supplied photos. The seller admits it features a dash cap, which is wrinkled on the passenger side. The air conditioning blows cold, but a slight leak means the seller recharges it annually. They include a tin of refrigerant so the winning bidder can top it up when necessary.

Powering this Buick is a 350ci V8, with the remaining mechanical components including a three-speed Hydramatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The V8 should produce a modest 155hp, allowing the Regal to cover the ¼-mile in 18.5 seconds. That isn’t fast, but this car’s strength is that it can cruise all day at 70mph. As a long-distance tourer, it ticks the right boxes. The vehicle had 19,000 miles on the clock when the seller purchased it. They have put the car to good use, increasing the odometer reading to 23,800. When they bought it, this Landau rolled on its original tires. They replaced these, although the spare was left untouched. They say it runs and drives extremely well. The only fault they note is a slight oil leak, which appears to do little more than leave a mark on the garage floor. The Regal doesn’t burn oil and comes with the original Owner’s and Service Manuals.

Although a 1977 Buick Regal Landau is unlikely to fall within the world’s Top 10 most desirable cars, this one deserves careful consideration. Its condition is well above average, and you can be sure it will turn heads wherever it goes. Enthusiasts appreciate a well-preserved older vehicle, and this Buick falls within that category. The current bid price is modest, and if it stays within the current range, it would definitely be an affordable option. For those reasons, this Regal is worth a closer look.

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  1. Stan

    Author not kidding when they mention this is a hwy specialist. The Regal left the factory w 2.41 ring and pinion gear ⚙️

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    • JK

      There were several differential ratios available. It isn’t stated which one is in this car.

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  2. Zen

    I’m partial to blues like on this car, and it’s gorgeous. It’s not desirable, though, and the seller seems to realize this with the reserve having been met, so I hope it finds a good home. It reminds me of my former 77 coupe deville in similar shape. Really nice, but no market for it, and kinda boring except for a nice ride, so it didn’t bring much money.

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  3. Smokey Smokerson

    Bought a house in 2008 that had one of these sitting in a dirt floor shed. Maroon with a white top, less than 80k miles on the clock. I don’t know how long it say in the shed, but there was enough raccoon poop on the hood that it went about 1/3 of the way up the windshield and at least a few generations of some kind of rodent had lived and died inside the thing. I pulled it out of the shed, pressure washed the poo off, popped the hood to look at the wiring. I promptly closed the hood and called the junk yard to come and get it.

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  4. Danno

    If I owned this, I would call it Martin.

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  5. Maggy

    My aunt had a 75 that was Emerald green. Nice car Comfy ride She loved it . Only thing I did was head gaskets.Oil leak…probably that dang rear crankshaft rope seal Buick and pontiac used back in the day. Pain in the arse to replace.Had to drop the oil pan take off the rear main cap and fish it thru the groove in the block with a special tool after soaking it in oil. I’d leave it alone on this one if its slight. Glwts these were great cars.

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  6. ACZ

    Beautiful car with a “Buick” 350. These were a pleasure to drive.

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  7. Mike M

    My parents bought one of these, almost identical to this one, from Lynch Buick in Chicago. They let me pick the color. It was spectacular. I could lie down across the back seat on long trips. My old man switched out the radio for a cassette player and added speakers to the rear shelf.
    Sad to say that it was totalled by a van blowing a stop light in 1982.

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    • maggy

      Lynch on Irving Park road just east of Central ave. south side of the street.

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      • B Wallace

        My Grandmother bought all of her Buicks there. I used to live in Old Irving.

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  8. Berton Kanne

    1977 is the last year for the big Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Buick Regal.

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    • Harry 1

      Hope this beauty gets an owner who appreciates it. Long gone are cruisers like this 1977 Regal. Looks like this one will be had on the cheap which is a shame.

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  9. Kevin

    It’s a nice classy car, meant to cruise, not race, I grew up in Chicago, and that Lynch dealership wasn’t far from where I spent my teen years romping around in whatever I could afford, lol, back then you could get driveable cars for a few hundred dollars.

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  10. Gary L Albright

    Had the exact same car in black with red interior. Was our first new car and was the first car I owned with air con. Comfortable car was the last year of cars that looked like cars. The next year they were shaped like a shoe.

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  11. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $9,300.

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  12. HCw

    My parents bought a 76 Regal from Chuck White’s Buick on the Ryan in Chicago. Traded a 71 225 in for it. The Regal was a good riding car for it’s day. A lot of memories.

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  13. Ivan

    After 1977 that was the last of the GM Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Chevy Monte Carlo and Pontiac Gran Prix Original Fully Sized Mid Sized Rides. Especially when they came with every option you can think 🤔 💭 of. Fully Equipped, Fully Functioned, Fully Loaded, Fully Powered.

    The Buicks, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac Mid Sized 2Dr Coupes came with several different types of Power Plants from 350 2BBL Small Blocks to 455 4BBL Big Block V8’s. The Chevy Monte Carlo came with several types of Power Plants under it’s Hood as well, from a 305 to a 350 2BBL Small Block, a 350 4BBL Big Block, a 400 2BBL Big Block 4BBL and a 454 4BBL Big Block V8. Under the hoods they even had the Rocket Jet
    Power Plants.

    Same for the Buick Le Sabre Oldsmobile 88 Pontiac Catalina, Chevy Caprice/Impalas. Buick Skylark 70 – 72 GST & GSX, Oldsmobile Cutlass 442/ Hurtz and Pontiac Gran Prix IJ, LJ & SJ as well Came with 455 4BBL V8’s. For Chevy Caprice & Impala 454 4BBL Big Block. Buick Electra 225, Limited & PARK Avenue from 68 to 76, Oldsmobile 98, 98 Regency, 98 Regency Brougham & Pontiac Bonneville, Grand Ville and Parisienne had 455 4BBL Big Block V8.

    The Chevy Monte Carlo RS, SS & RSSS Had a 454 4BBL Big Block V8.
    Oh yeah the Chevy Chevelle/Malibu RS, SS & RSSS.

    Don’t forget the Horseshoe Shifter with Middle Consoles for the Rides that had bucket seats 💺 or the optional high back bucket seats 💺. From 1970 to 1972 for Chevy and for Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac as well. The so called Powers that be friggin really ruined it. They called themselves safely experts but in reality they stolen and taken away when driving was really driving and you knew exactly what you had for a Power Plant Under The Hood of that Ride.

    Now those were the Glory Days not only for me but for the ones that feel the exact same way I feel as an African American Idividual such as myself.

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    • Mike H.


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  14. David Hoffman

    I was in high school 1976 to 1980 and my township used the Pontiac Grand Prix version of this car for driver education. It did seem strange to me that they acquired 2 door coupes when what was really needed would have been the similarly equipped 4 door sedan Pontiacs on the same frame

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  15. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely car. I’d buy one if It was closer to where I live. Given its condition, I’d pay between $5k and $10k for it.

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  16. C Force

    Unfortunately the leak(s)will get worse over time and at some point a front and rear main seals and timing cover and pan gasket will have to be done.certainly would be worth the time and money.

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  17. Spiritof76 Spiritof76

    Just saw one in a garage that a 87 year old man owns! sat for 15 yellows, light yellow with buckets and floor shifter. 350 engine

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