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1977 Lancia Scorpion: AKA Monte Carlo


If you’re a fan of the Herbie movies, you’ll know why I like this car. Disney aficionados will instantly recognize this 1977 Lancia Scorpion here on eBay as the target of Herbie’s love interests in the film Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. Known overseas as the Monte Carlo, the U.S. version was called the Scorpion and often represents a labor of love to keep one on the road. With a single bid of $875, this one may just be cheap enough to warrant bringing back to life.


Despite the sporty cockpit, the U.S. version of the Monte Carlo was stuck with a lower-performance engine to meet U.S. emissions standards. Engine size was decreased and smog equipment further strangled performance. It’s a shame, as the Scorpion may have enjoyed more success here if its performance matched the exterior’s sporty looks. The seats in this car still look savable but the interior is in need of a cleaning.


Here’s that sad, detuned engine. It’s lacking the carb, distributor, and exhaust, and the spark plugs were removed so the engine is completely stuck. The seller is up front that it will need to be rebuilt, which is at least better than other listings where the condition of the motor is a bit more ambiguous. While engine noise was criticized, most issues were contained to the car’s handling, which was negatively impacted by U.S. safety requirements.


Of course, like most imported cars of the era, rust is a major concern as well. The seller says his car is free from major corrosion, even in the troublesome shock towers. As for the engine – well, I think it’s an excellent opportunity to build a hot-rod Lancia. Swapping in a stock Monte Carlo engine would be an OEM upgrade, but some owners have performed Alfa V6 conversions – what a ride that would be with a 3 liter six from a 164 behind your head!


  1. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    Jeff, would a Fiat engine work?

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    • Avatar photo Brayden

      It is a fiat it uses the same 1800 motor that was in the 124 spider just a different transmission.

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    • Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell


      I’m not Jeff but a Fiat injected motor, say from an X/19 would work.

      Had a grey market Scorpion that someone had put FI into. Car seemed to be more Fiat than Lancia, judging by switchgear and various quality issues. Lancias where always interesting as it was quite noticeable that some aspects/parts of the car were of absolute amazing quality and made you wonder how they could build them like this.
      This car had none of those niceties.
      Sold mine to someone who had visions of installing a V6 into it.
      Bought one more Italian car after this before deciding to donate the rest of my discretionary income, hair and free time to that fine example of English craftsmanship and impeccable vehicular quality to…………TATA……….Jaguar.

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      • Avatar photo Bob

        It uses the same engine as used in the Fiat 124 and 131. Fuel injected or not with lots of go-fast goodies available. Replace the huge 75-mph bumpers with Euro versions and the car handles much better.

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  2. Avatar photo Robert

    I must be getting old and LOSING my Memory, I Don’t remember Herbie Love to be a Monie Carlo, My Dad use to take us Kids back in the Late 60s and early 70s, I always thought Herbie was a Girl and was in LOVE with Buddy Hacket. What do I know I was a KID. he He HE.

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  3. Avatar photo Duffy


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  4. Avatar photo Fab

    Hi all
    This car is in Belgium now and will be fully restored ;)

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Nice! Please keep us updated.

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    • Avatar photo Bk Garage

      Glad to hear that as it was my car you bought. Saved it from the scrap yard that was set to crush it. Sadly they had already crushed the other two that were brought in with it.

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  5. Avatar photo BK Garage

    This was my car. I’m glad to hear it is being restored. I saved it from the local scrap yard that was set to crush it.

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