1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary: 26 Year Owner

1978 Corvette Anniversary

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I recently looked at a car that I thought the seller had said he owned for 26 years. This made me excited at the prospect of buying a car from the original owner, but it turns out he was simply mentioning the age of the vehicle. That’s why despite the horrible photos, this 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary edition here on eBay may be getting some auction action – it’s been with the seller for the better part of three decades. 

1978 Chevrolet Corvette

I don’t know why it matters so much, the long-term ownership aspect. Personally, I just believe that with the rare exception of truly collectible cars, more owners means more opportunity for people to screw things up. Or should I say, “personalize” the vehicle. This one-of-2,500 Corvette has just over 33,000 miles and is said to have never been used in winter, despite residing in Connecticut.

1978 Corvette Gauges

The low mileage is a plus, but I’m not sure how reliable these odometers are in older Corvettes. They rarely work correctly in the BMWs I chase from the mid to late 80s, so hopefully this one is accurate. The L82 engine is the more desirable option, but it’s attached to an automatic transmission. With 220 bhp on tap, I’m sure it still moves down the road nicely.

Corvette Silver Anniversary

The standard aluminum wheels and sport mirrors are still present, along with the unique badges. If the car is as original as the seller notes, it could be a good find despite the limited photos. However, I would request pictures of the interior and vulnerable parts of the body before throwing a bid up myself. What would you want to know about this Silver Anniversary edition ‘Vette before bidding?

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  1. Tommy

    The car is definitely worth looking into especially if it’s a low mileage silver anniversary. It’s always best to go and see the car before any kind of bidding unless the guy is giving the car away. If you know a thing or two about these cars then you would know what to look for, or do your home work. If you can handle a mild restore you can find parts easily on eBay,Craigslist, and the web. You’ll save a bunch of money replacing broken or bad parts. C3 corvettes are creeping up in value and becoming even more collectible. Ive recently noticed 74 & 75 project Vettes going well over 5k these days. The 78 Anniversary is one of my favorite C3’s. I’m always happy to see a C3 rolling down the street, which is rare to see these days. Hope it finds a good home! Cheers & Happy New Year!!

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  2. grant

    Personally, early C-3’s are the best looking Corvettes to mwe. I love em! Look at those big sexy hips.

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  3. Rick

    To be fair, all ’78’s were “Anniversary Editions” with the same identical badging. Even the Pace Car had that badge; this particular car just happens to have the “Silver Anniversary” paint scheme. That alone doesn’t make it collectible – the “Silver Anniversary” paint scheme was painted on over 15000 cars built (don’t know where the 2500 number came from). Still, a good price so far for what could be a nice driver.

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    • dj

      It depends on the options on the car. One of the two I owned had the trailer towing package that about 900 came with. Also, I’d have to see the trim tag to make sure it’s actually a Silver Anny. Silver Anny cars had two paint codes on them. Even though all cars had the badge, the two tone cars are the only Silver Anny cars.

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      • anthony musto

        Well said

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  4. Jason Houston

    Is there a 1978 Corvette anywhere that was NOT purchased as a “spec investment”?

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  5. OhU8one2

    There was two special edition Corvette’s in 1978. The Indy Pace Car and Silver Anniversary Edition. Either with the L-48 or L-82 option. For the day they were viewed as having lack luster power. The L-82 had “wait for it” 205hp. Today 4bangers can make that much and more. Also the Federal Government had posted 55MPH speed limit’s,the speedometer stopped at 85. This one has been changed. Do you think they put the same miles on the new one at install? Yeah? Now you can pull off a few engine mod’s for extra go fast. Advanced curve kit,headers,carb work and higher lift camshaft. Or just do what GM intended, quick wash job,spray the tire’s,yank out the t-tops and cruise into the nighttime looking for the hottest girl’s. Yea I love those Spastic Plastic Automobiles. I just remembered a Corvette movie back then that a very young Mark Hamil of Star War’s fame was in before he was anybody famous. CORVETTE FEVER I think was the name of it.

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    • 427vette

      78 and 79 Corvettes still had the 140 MPH speedo. 85 MPH speedos made their first appearance in 1980

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      • Rando

        Maybe on a Vette. My mom’s ’78 Granada (302 car) had the 85 mph speedo and I seem to remember the Joan Claybrook thing. If you put 85 mph speedos in, no one would go any faster…. The needle would go all the way around. I had it pointed straight down once. Wind was sucking ashes out of the ashtray in the vortex from the windows being down. Anyway, back to the Vette.

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    • Paul R


      All 1978 Corvettes had a 140 MPH speedometer so it is correct for the car. The 85 MPH speedometer was introduced in late 1979 and stayed that way for the remainder of C3 production.

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      • OhU8one2

        Your right about the speedo. My bad. I didn’t want to disrespect the car or the owner. Think I got a little giddy. I for one have always liked these Vette’s and would still like to own one today. I was in high school when these were new, and I would have givin everything to have one. I noticed the Goodyear tire’s and I think those were factory original,so the mileage could be correct. Now there is a lot of other thing’s to look at on the car to verify. If my situation was different right now,I’d be looking for one. But I prefer the 4spd. That’s just me though.Happy Motoring

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    • Rick

      There were no “special editions” in ’78. They all carried the anniversary badge. The option list included the ‘Anniversary’ paint scheme and the ‘Pace Car’ paint scheme, but those in of themselves were not considered special editions. The PC scheme is more desirable since there were only 6700 of those produced from GM. Lots of clones out there though… VIN decoding tells it all.

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    • dj

      Actually the L82 had 220 hp and the L48 was 175 hp. Also in 1978 the L82 had a factory 2400 rpm stall converter in the transmission.

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    • PeteOz

      Corvette Summer.

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