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1979 Chrysler 300 Barn Find For $1,600!


This 1979 Chrysler 300 is an example of the Mopar attempt to recapture some of the magic of the old “letter series” cars by souping up a Cordoba. This example has seen some better days, but the buy it now price of $1,600 in the eBay auction might make you forgive some of the shortcomings. The car is currently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


As the ad tells us, a previous owner started to sand down the original paint (I’m not sure why). It had been stored since 2001 when the seller purchased the car, did a quick once over and drove the car home 65 miles (!) I’m not sure I would have had that kind of confidence!


The seller tells us that there is no rust and that apart from tires, the car could be driven anywhere. I’m not sure I’d concur, but maybe? We’ve covered a couple of these before, and the general consensus is that they are pretty decent cars for their time, and this one might just be worth keeping around. I’m thinking a decent paint job would really improve the look of this car–enough so a lot of you might be willing to drive it for a while!


And then I looked inside. Ouch. Okay, to begin with, a major cleaning is no doubt in order. I don’t think the seat upholstery is fixable, though. I might consider deviating from stock and putting in late model buckets from something else, but I don’t know of many cars with this bright red of an interior.


Here’s the four barrel 360 cubic inch V8. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look too bad! However, the seller tells us that the air conditioning, cruise control and speedometer don’t work, so you’ll have some work to do. Ultimately, I’m not sure how appealing this one is to everyone else, but I think it’s pretty cool–what do you folks think?


  1. Kincer Dave

    I had a 76 Cordoba back in the early 90s that I bought for a work car I think I paid $600 for it and it was near mint condition, the 400 was a total dog as far as acceleration but once it was going it was a really nice driver. It was black with a black top and a white leather interior with bucket’s and a console, factory 8 track, moonroof, power everything. If I had it today I’d probably drop a new hemi in it and keep on driving it, it was very smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

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  2. socaljoe

    Perfect material for a Hellcat conversion!

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  3. Blindmarc

    Worth the money IMO.

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  4. grant

    These are just not my thing. Some people like them though. It does look as though it would be a great highway cruiser. About the only feature I would bring back from the big 70’s boats would be those awesome seats. So comfy. On a side note, the seller seems to have passable spelling and punctuation skills ;-)

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  5. DolphinPorsche

    good bones: 360 is lighter than a 440, gets better mileage,, 727 tranny is bomb proof, parts inexpensive for a luxo cruiser. could install the od 727 for more milage.

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  6. Kincer Dave

    The more I look at this the more I like it, I got a better look at it on my laptop instead of my phone. Here’s a neat fact, an entire Volkswagen Rabbit front clip will fit in the trunk of one of these, two front fenders, hood, grille and bumper will fit. Me and buddy bought parts for his Rabbit at the junk yard years ago lol. Parts stacked neatly of course.

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  7. Jubjub

    Wow. Figured these all would’ve at least had power windows.

    Actually pretty cool looking as is with the cop car wheels.

    Needs some major scouring inside. Nice floor mats, more elegant door speaker solution and a few spot repairs on the seats would get you by for a while.

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  8. Duffy

    Looks to be a great builder. It’s got everything you need except for the windows.. Could be a good buy.

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  9. brad

    These were such nice cars, in the day. My Dad bought 2 new Cordoba’s, a ’75 and a ’76, both loaded to the gills. It makes me sad that this car has fallen to this state of disrepair. It would take a lot of money to get it back to it’s former state of beauty.

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  10. Bryan

    IMO these are the ultimate Cordobas…distinctive, powerful (relatively) and luxurious in the 300 tradition. My dad bought one new and it really stood out from the crowd back then. He traded it in for a brand new black 1988 Eagle Premier (the Renault Chrysler inherited after buying AMC).

    I bought and restored this loaded 1979 300 about 6 years ago…with electric sunroof!

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  11. Glenn

    I’ve had two T top 79 300s in the last 31 years, sold my first one after 24 years of it being the wife’s car, sold the last one last fall after finding it in Texas and having lots of parts to get it looking presentable over the last 4 years. about 250 had T tops and your sun roof is even rarer! Like your 69-70 Marauder in the back ground, no mat black trunk I see, I really like that on them, did all the 69s have it and 70s was optional? this 300 is tempting ,still have parts to fix interior, but its from 2016 and who knows where now! Got them both together at show in 2017

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