1979 Pontiac Trans Am With 3,059 Miles!

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The seller describes this 1979 Pontiac Trans Am as museum ready, and its condition and odometer reading seems to confirm that statement. However, would you lock this classic away or drive it as its creators intended? If you wish to become the new owner of what could be the best 1979 Trans Am in existence, you will find it listed here on eBay in Loveland, Ohio. Bidding sits below the reserve at $45,600, with plenty of time for interested parties to stake their claim on this beauty.

For enthusiasts who missed the opportunity to buy a new Trans Am in 1979, this car offers the chance to right that wrong. Its flawless presentation is all you might expect from a classic with a four-digit odometer reading. The seller claims the Mayan Red paint gracing its panels is rare, but I’ve found no information confirming that. The car shines like a mirror, with the plastic exhibiting no UV damage and the decals looking immaculate. The seller describes the car’s underside as brand new, with no dings, marks, or rust. The iconic snowflake wheels are in as-new condition, and the tinted glass is spotless.

From a mechanical perspective, this Trans Am was about as good as it got in 1979. It features a 400ci V8, a four-speed manual transmission, power steering, and power brakes. With 220hp under the driver’s right foot, this beauty should cover the ¼ mile in 15.9 seconds. To place that figure into perspective, the best an owner could expect to squeeze from a Mustang was 16.5 seconds, while the Camaro Z28 languished at 16.7 seconds. The seller says this Trans Am runs and drives, although they don’t specify whether it is roadworthy. The odometer reading confirms nobody has tried to wear it out, and the seller supplies a significant collection of paperwork. This includes the original Window Sticker, Owner’s Manual, Dealer paperwork, and other documents. It is unclear whether there is documentary evidence confirming the mileage, which is a question worth asking.

It is unsurprising that this Pontiac’s interior is spotless considering its history. There are no signs of wear and abuse, and if there were Pontiac dealerships today, this car would look right at home on their showroom floor. The Red “Hobnail” cloth and vinyl combination looks luxurious, while I’ve always loved the machine-turned gauge fascia. The original owner ordered the Trans Am with air conditioning, an AM/FM radio/cassette player, and a rear defogger. There are no aftermarket additions or changes inside this classic.

This 1979 Pontiac Trans Am is not the first low-mileage classic we’ve seen at Barn Finds, and it won’t be the last. That raises the question of what the future holds for this fantastic survivor. Do you think the new owner will enjoy it as the makers intended, or will it become a museum piece, as the seller suggests? The idealist in me says it will see active service, but the realist says the buyer will opt for preservation to avoid pushing the odometer reading higher. Do you agree?

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  1. Bud Lee

    I believe I’d put some miles on it.

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    • Bick Banter

      I believe when you cashed out your entire 401K to cover the price, you would not. You would have it in a triple locked garage with a bunch of red laser security beams all over the place!

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      • Ike Onick

        And very few people would care what is behind the triple-locked doors.

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        Or, you could just insure it with Hagerty…which is what those of us with cars do that are worth money.

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      • Bick Banter

        Of course Michael. That would be the only way to go. But if you wrecked it how would you replace it? If you scratched it the paint wouldn’t be all original. I think at the sum this is gonna sell for, all those things will be a concern, and the poor thing will end up locked up in a garage somewhere. Will see!

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  2. Ike Onick

    Are you allowed to bid if you don’t own a museum?

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  3. Richard F

    Very nice looking example of a clean low-mile ’79 Trans Am. Although it’s a little over the 39 or so mile car sold at BJ in January, this is more than twice the car of that one. Already rare 400/4sp WS6 package in a super rare color combo…sure beats the dust off the base automatic disc drum generic vinyl seat version that went for over $200k+. I’d take this one over the other every day…and twice on Sunday!

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  4. John Mundy

    I’d have to drive it,, hard!!! 😜

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    The bidding is at $50,000 with 6 days to go. This car will always be a trailer Queen. Going to different shows and I don’t mean the local shows professional shows and win trophies. This is an investment but we don’t know what the future holds for any of us with these cars. The seller here is trying to get as much money as you can and that’s it the writings on the wall. I just read an article about eliminating ice vehicles and it’s coming real fast
    …. unfortunately for all of us. Something to think about. 🇺🇸🐻

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    • A.G.

      This car might be an investment. Whether it’s a good investment or not is something time will tell. Sellers can pitch a lot about investments but their only true concern is recovering their short-term investment. I would wager the market for this car an an investment is extremely limited. At $50k bid I am stunned.

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      • steve

        I don’t believe you are in tune with 2nd gen T/A values as of lately. Yet alone this blue chip prime example.

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    • Gary Gates

      I would drive it or sell it the reason being I don’t know the production numbers but they were plenty of them around it is a beautiful car but there’s nothing really special about it you’re buying mileage.

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  6. Bick Banter

    If bordello red interior is wrong, these bidders do not want to be right!

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  7. Charles Baglio

    I thought the 400/ 4spd only came in the silver anniversary cars. They didn’t actually make 400 engine in 79. They were using up the left over 78 motors, much like they did with the 89 trans am using the left over grand national motors from 88

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    • Phil Davis

      Yup, Germany just reversed their EV mandate for all cars by 2030. They finally realized that there’s not enough energy. Haha, we tried to tell them, but they are know-it-all eurocrats. We are just stupid hicks.

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    • Mike W.

      There’s a numbers matching 79 Special Edition 400/4-speed WS6 in my dad’s garage. The power train was not limited to just the anniversary cars.
      And the turbo 6s found in the 89 GTA we’re not the same as the ones out of the GN. Close, but not the same.

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    • Stuart lynch

      the early ’79’s came with 400 so u have to see the production date to c if it is valud

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    • Hugh

      You could order one with the 400 for a few months in the 79 model year I had a white with red interior 400 4 sp 79.

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  8. Donald Porochonski

    Where did you hear about ice vehicles being eliminated? What’s your source?

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    • 2015 2SS

      And you haven’t heard of mAsKs that don’t work, and shutdowns (very definition of don’t work) that don’t work? 15 minute cities? What’s your source for objective perspective? Have any source?

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  9. Bick Banter

    No. You are correct about them being left over 1978 engines, but it was available in all Trans Ams and Formulas.

    1,817 of the 7,500 10th Anniversary cars had the W72, as did 1,107 SE (Bandit) cars. The other 5,400 or so were regular T/As.

    Rarest of all is the ’79 W72 Formula. Accounts vary, but the most accepted number is 367.

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    • Stuart lynch

      the early ’79’s came with 400 so u have to see the production date to c if it is valid. I have a ’79 t/A with no paperwork but it is factory white with 4 wheel disk brakes so I know it has to be an anniversary edition of some sort with 403. 6.6 any thoughts on the package I wud like some info thxs

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        The Oldsmobile 403 was lame and what came standard with an automatic transmission. WS6 Suspension with 4-wheel disc brakes is desirable but, the engine? Not so much.

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  10. Bamapoppy

    If only I had a minimum of $50K or a first male born child (4 daughters). Lordy, this TA is awesome!

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  11. John g pflaum

    Flawless beautiful car, nothing to say but WOW!! Wish I had it . It would be hard not to drive it but a gem.

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  12. Stuart lynch

    somewhere in the 6000.00 range when purchased new now that’s an unbelievable return on u r investment but never really got to enjoy it.think about the cost to insure & climate control in building cost for 43 years just a thought

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    • Bick Banter

      It’s actually not a great return. If you would have invested $6,000 in 1979 and it grew at 10% per year (the average stock market return over the last 50 years), you’d have nearly 400k now, and you wouldn’t have incurred storage, maintenance, or insurance costs.

      I mean don’t get me wrong.This will sell for a very healthy price, and I’m glad it exists. But the moral of the story is it usually just makes sense to drive and enjoy a car.

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      • Michael Berkemeier


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      • Charles Long

        1977 Transam with a w72 ta 6.6 engine , air conditioning ,automatic transmission , with no radio sticker for $6600.00 I know this for a fact because I had one brand new in 1977 !

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  13. Joe

    Anyway you look at it, it’s a smog engined car, way past the true muscle car era…..220 HP does not excite me in the least….sorry, but anyone who would pay $50 large must still believe in the tooth fairy…..I say $40k (and I’m being generous)….and that only because of the low mileage……if THAT’S honest…….

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  14. Michael Berkemeier

    For a ’79 Trans Am, it’s definitely the one to have.

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  15. FrankDMember

    Nice vehicle, the worst thing you can do to a car is not drive it. Its fine to store it for the Winter. But if it sits it will be a disaster. Been there!

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  16. Robert Liivoja

    I’m pretty sure that I am not the only person who thinks that a car is made for driving!!
    If you want to make an investment, real estate is one of many better places to put your money.
    This car looks great and should be seen driving down the highway somewhere.

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  17. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    I hate doing this to the seller but that’s a crazy price. I wish you luck on your sale but for me that’s to much for a Trans Am, Any Trans Am. Sorry.

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    • Brian W

      Look around. Second gen Trans Ams aren’t falling out of the sky. These haven’t been produced in forty years, Pontiac isn’t making these anymore (no more Pontiacs since 2010) let alone clean our digit clean mileage examples. Lastly a car is worth what a buyer and seller agree upon.

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  18. S

    Wow! Great find! Considering how many Trans Ams were used up and trashed, it’s nice to see an original one that does not need restoring – and with lots of great options!

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  19. 455RAIV

    Quicker than the 15.9 stated > HOT ROD Magazine got a 14.6 @ 96 mph out of a New 1979 W72 400 4 spd T/A Back in the day though that one had no AC – power windows etc. W72 400’s were underrated – NHRA Rates them at 285 HP in Stock uncorked – NUNZI > Pontiac Performance Expert got a 13.8 in the 1/4 mile out of a Stock 1978 W72 400 4 spd T/A with only open headers :)

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  20. MH

    Un Hook the Cruise Cable…and Odometer wont work.. HA.. then drive it all you want….since Miles is not a factor on a title on a car this old…HA

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  21. Corlt1

    I almost bought one in 79, buy ended up with an 80 Olds 442 instead. I would buy this in order to drive it like any new car. But here is the problem. The entry price would be some 5-6 times what I would have paid in 79, and if it got into an accident, its gone.

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  22. Corlt1

    I almost bought one in 79, but ended up with an 80 Olds 442 instead. I would buy this in order to drive it like any new car. But here is the problem. The entry price would be some 5-6 times what I would have paid in 79, and if it got into an accident, its gone.

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  23. Shelby GT

    I worked at a a Pontiac Dealership back in the day and was told only 4 speeds were available with the 400 Pontiac engine. I had a new Dark Blue 79 T/A with the 403 it was pretty torquey but my present day ‘06 Mustang GT would eat it up. Nice car, wished I would have kept mine!

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  24. George Mattar

    The new owner, pardon me, caretaker, another stupid word put into the old car hobby, pardon me, business, will never drive this car. You can make money on cars, you just need to buy the right one and the best example you can. Guys who paid $160,000 for a 2006 Ford GT are getting in excess of $400,000, after what just 12 to 15 years. Not bad. One just sold for $420,000, with 11,000 miles, so at least he enjoyed it. I love Trans Ams, but there are so many of them, albeit, not in this condition.

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  25. S.lynch

    Is it my imagination or is that over spray on the picture with the windshield photo straight down under the wiper?

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  26. PRA4SNW

    Ended at $69,095, Reserve Not Met.

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