1 of 346: 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W30

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This 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass is a rare 442 / W30 car that features a paint scheme that the seller claims make it one of 346 produced! Some might say given the return to the burlier 350 motor that this generation was more in keeping with the spirit of the original 442, but that’s up for debate. This model was never sold in California, so the seller notes the lack of emissions equipment. It’s listed here on eBay with a $5,500 asking price and the option to submit an offer.

The 442 package came in two colors combos, gold over black or gold over white. The latter is the rarer combo, so the seller isn’t exaggerating with that claim. The matching gold wheels are a great look, and while it’s still a far cry from the original McCoy, a 1980 442 is also way cheaper. The seller notes this particular car sat parked in Kansas since 2005 before he acquired it and threw some basic tune-up parts at it, including new radiator hoses, clutch fan, alternator, belts, spark plugs, plug wires and more.

The car presents well enough inside, with tan cloth buckets showing no major damage but the dash shows typical cracking. If this Olds was sitting since 2005, it was likely under a car port or garage stored as I suspect we’d see more evidence of sun damage. Then again, the seller’s admission that the 442 suffers from hail damage on the top-level surfaces may lay waste to that assumption. Either way, the interior looks better than expected, but the roof, trunk, and hood will all need dent repair.

The seller notes inside the cabin there is some damage to the door panels and the headliner will need replacing. The body is said to be quite sound, with some small rust spots noted and nothing that sounds like it needs immediate repair. The frame rails are said to be perfect, and the seller is including replacement front fenders hood and deck lid to address the hail damage. Of course, that will negate the original paint that’s still on the car, which is a shame, but you’ll otherwise have to see if a paintless dent wizard can work their magic on the hail dings.

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  1. Ralph

    These were interesting as they were pretty much the only post 78 A-body that got a gas 350 from the factory with the exception of a few wagons and ElCaminos.

    Gold and either white or black were the only combos, like the 79 H/O Cutlass that this is very similar too, I think only tan or black were the interior choices too.

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  2. cold340t

    Oooooooooo, Aaaaaaaaahh, A W-30! @155hp? meh.

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    • redsresto

      Wish they had a WD-40 model…

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    • Duaney

      Well, in the very light weight body these have, it’s not bad for performance. And look at all the upgrades possible

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  3. txchief

    I remember as a teenager looking at these with my dad at Garner Motors Oldsmobile in Amarillo, Texas. They had at least a dozen of these on the lot. They can’t be that rare..

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  4. DM in Arlington, TX

    It does not have T-tops and that’s plus in my book. Where’s the A/C compressor? Should be on the passenger side top of the engine.

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  5. James Martin

    First thing everybody removes ac compressor. Cool car and with a little modification to motor would be as good and have as much horse power as a 72 442. So 155hp( and also measured at back wheels not flywheel) not to bad.

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    • z28th1s

      Not measured at the rear wheels. Net HP was measured with all of the accessories.

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  6. Jake

    2nd one I’ve seen now in so many wks, this one is pretty nice – https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1245790915571315/

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  7. Jake
  8. Jake

    I bought one from Texas in 2010. Black on gold with T tops, and the previous owner did some work to bring it back to early 70’s specs. It was pretty much mint condition. I loved it to death. It was stolen the night I left it outside because I was too lazy to swap it with my daily in the garage. Around October 2012. The only thing holding it back was the 3 speed. The pic is from the dealer before I picked it up.

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  9. Gary

    I saw one of these tonight. Knew it was rare when I saw it and knew it was an olds cutlass. The guys said it was for sale. Said he had to get $5000 for it. The paint looked good.

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  10. Tim Ford

    The article says that this is “1 of 346” produced. The actual production number for the ‘80 442 W-30 is 883. Last year for the Oldsmobile L34 R code 350. Just as with the ‘79 Hurst/Olds W-30. Oldsmobile use the R code 350 Delta 88 performance numbers for the ‘80 442 W-30. The Delta 88 was Oldsmobiles heavier full size 4 door car. The ‘79 Hurst/Olds W-30 / ‘80 442 W-30 curb weight is 3,424 lbs. The ‘79 / Oldsmobile Delta 88 R code 350 curb weight is 3,988 lbs. Doing some quick math, that takes the factory rated 170hp for the ‘79 H/O W-30 / ‘80 442 W-30 and bumps it up closer to 200 hp. Lighter car, better hp to weight ratio.

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