1982 Toyota SR5 California Survivor

If someone asked you to close your eyes and picture a “typical” 1980’s Toyota pickup, you’d probably envision a truck with flat paint, rust, dents, and dings. The truck featured here certainly doesn’t look like the average truck and is a true survivor. It is a 1982 SR5 that is a 2-owner California truck and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $10,400. The truck has been repainted once in the original color plus the engine and drivetrain have been completely gone through. Check out this beauty!

The interior isn’t quite as nice as the outside but still looks great. The seats have been recovered. It would be nice to see what is under the carpeted dash pad, hopefully, it is in good shape. The ad says all of the electrical equipment functions as it should and the air conditioning works well and blows cold.

The engine compartment isn’t highly detailed, but it looks above average for a nearly 40-year-old truck. Amazingly the ad states that $8,000 has been put into the drivetrain! The engine is described as “…burn rubber and takeoff with no hesitation.” The transmission shifts through the gears like it should with no leaks or smoke.

The bed has been Rhinolined and overall, I’d say this truck is a really nice example of a vintage Toyota. Are you a fan of these older Toyota trucks?

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  1. Steve R

    It’s a nice truck and is attracting the attention it deserves, it’s current high bid is $14,000+. The seller seems proficient at finding quality cars, a Charger he recently listed was also featured in this site.

    The one thing it isn’t, is a survivor, the seller doesn’t claim it is, this site does. However, a repaint, mechanical overhaul, new upholstery and Rhino liner sprayed on the bed says otherwise. Refurbished would be a more accurate description.

    Steve R

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    • Steve R

      Sold with a high bid of $14,100.

      Steve R

  2. oilngas

    I’m sorry. Why was the motor and transmission gone through? Does it have over 500,000 miles and the oil wasn’t changed on a regular basis? did the owner not know how to drive a standard? I find it odd this truck would need an engine and transmission overhaul. I replaced the clutch at 320,000 miles because the throw out bearing fell apart. Not because the clutch was worn or slipping. The only engine problem I ever had was a blown head gasket on a 3.0L V-6.

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    • MotorWinder

      Simple answer oilgas … oil seals/rubber do decay in time, it’s a must to disassemble older vehicles and replace these serviceable items unless you don’t mind a smoker or dripper on your nice garage floor. As well replacing gear box oil which is a much neglected serviceable issue.
      I for one would feel confident and thankful when buying an older vehicle.

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    • Paul V Gugger

      I have an 84 that I bought new off of the showroom floor in March of 84. When my so got his license I let him drive it to school and about town. One day he said “Hey dad the truck is making a funny sound” so I went outside and said start it up, as soon as he did I said SHUT IT OFF! When was the last time you put oil in this thing? He said “Oil?” 116,000 and had to have it rebuilt. While I was at it I had the Transmission gone through and a new clutch installed. All news brakes, Drums, Calipers, rotors. Then I got busy and it’s been sitting for a couple years. I start it up about once a week to keep the battery charged. I should probably sell it but I keep thinking I will finish it one of these days.

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      • Michael Eads

        Sounds like all the hard work has been done. The rest could be done a little at a time. Get back on it, you will get it done. Why sell it for less than you have in it?
        A lot of projects stall out way before yours did.Finish it while you can so you can enjoy it and be proud of what you’ve done.

  3. Too late

    I agree with OILNGAS , Having owned a dozen Toyota’s & Lexus over the last
    40 yrs . I have never had to rebuild any engines. 20R , 22R and 22RE engine are great engines. Change oil , adjust valves , especially on an early 22R engine with double row timing chain. 300.000 miles + on most of my Toyota engine vehicles. Daughter’s 2003 Corolla 340.000 miles just performed oil change and transmission service.

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  4. Bhowe Member

    Well I have several older Toyota trucks and while one did not need to be overhauled, my 84 will have to be just from sitting in the elements for years and a prior owner allowing water to infiltrate the engine. On my 79 didn’t need a full overhaul, but did need many gaskets.

    • Paul V Gugger

      I also have an 84. Good little truck.

      • Al Leonhard

        I have a 1979 that has less than 40,000 original miles. Bought it brand new in 79 for 8000.00. It’s orange with the stripes. The paint is original and has never been painted on. Hardly any rust. It sits inside my garage.

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  5. chrlsful

    besta da 14 or so thumbnails 2day?

    “overhaul” – many definitions of that – some right here. Must have specific language to make specific assessment…

  6. Paul

    Al Leonhard that’s probably worth a small fortune! I thought mine was low mileage with only 116,000 on it.

  7. Rich

    Had one. Paid $9k in ‘82. Fun little truck 😁

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