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1984 Honda Prelude: Wallet Friendly

1984 Honda Prelude

Shortage of affordable classics, you say? Been priced out of the market, you say? Allow me to introduce you to a crop of emerging classics that are still dirt cheap to buy and own, starting with this 1984 Honda Prelude here on eBay, sent in by Barn Finds reader David A. This car is completely stock and available in New York with a $2,800 Buy-It-Now.

Honda Prelude

This 2nd-generation Prelude is my favorite, as I had a 1987 Accord with a similar exterior and interior design (albeit in sedan form). These cars are surprisingly comfortable, and in typical Honda fashion for this era of models, the driver controls are well-placed and everything falls readily to hand. With over 120,000 miles, this car isn’t perfect but has survived surprisingly well.

1984 Honda Prelude Interior

Honda shifters are among the best in the business, so driving this car even in slow, stock form will be a pleasure to feel and hear the “snick-snick” of the manual transmission. No bulky A-Pillars or airbag-laden steering wheels here: just great outward vision with plenty of glass for easily checking blind spots or looking ahead to the next cone on the autocross course.


If I could choose my perfect Prelude, it would be the the 1986 Si complete with Honda accessory mud guards, fog lights and the integrated rear spoiler and cross-weave alloy wheels. Later cars received a slick 3-spoke steering wheel and nicely-bolstered bucket seats, so you could perform some OEM+ upgrades to this car with ease. For a cheap classic, it’s tough to beat.


  1. Avatar photo grant

    Of all the Hondas of this generation the prelude was probably the best looking. But the company produced all its cars from the mid 80s to the early 90s with the same exact interior. Boring.

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  2. Avatar photo tom

    They even offered 4 wheel steering at one point….1987?

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  3. Avatar photo Fred

    IMHO this is an example of the next collectible – late 80’s early 90’s Japanese coupes and even sedans. All those folks who are currently driving or have driven these cars to 300K miles in a few years will have nostalgic memories and want another. I think the “low mileage” (under 200K) or completely restored Camrys, Accords and Preludes will be in high demand. Start filling your warehouses now while you can still get them for under a couple thousand.

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  4. Avatar photo randy

    I’ve had a couple of old Honda’s, and the parts availability in the aftermarket was poor, and the prices at the dealer were rich. They were great cars, and I’d love to have my old ’78 wagon back.

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  5. Avatar photo David Member

    Just another used car…

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  6. Avatar photo Mike R

    When cars like this qualify as ‘collectibles’ it’s time to start collecting stamps… :D

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  7. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Fred I agree with you 100%. A family in the 1970’s who drove a Honda. Their children and their children are driving a Honda today. You forgot to mention there is a whole generation who grew up in the Fast and Furious era.
    Kids today do not have $50K for a new Mustang or Challenger. So that would mean they wouldn’t have $20K for a 1969 Camaro project. $2-$12K for a used Civic SI all day long. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s have had many muscle cars. Never thought of myself driving a Toyota or Honda. I do. Also never thought of seeing 125K miles as being LOW.
    David, You are right. This 1984 is used car…… that will be reliable and always be fuel efficent. Find a 1984 from the big three that is both. Don’t be a hater.
    Mike R. No time like the present to start collecting and licking your stamps.

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  8. Avatar photo Fogline

    @ David – so a good looking car that will likely go another 120k miles for $2800. Sounds pretty good to me. My dad had one that my sister proceeded to do her best to kill
    Several years later she inherited their Camry with 300kk on the original clutch.
    Great seats in these is what I recall.

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