1985 AMC Eagle Wagon: Every Option


Barn Finds reader Peter R. spotted this cherry AMC Eagle Limited wagon here on craigslist, with only 55,000 miles and for sale by the original owner. The car appears well-preserved and excellent in every way, helped by the fact that it’s been used as a second vehicle since new. 


The wagon sports a leather interior and dual power seats. The carpets and seating surfaces appear as-new, no small feat considering the lighter colors. Looking at this car today, it still would be a nice place to spend time and transport the family up to the ski chalet or local swimming hole. And who needs airbags when you’re cocooned by a brute like the AMC?


At the heart of the AMC Eagle was the venerable 4.2L straight-six engine, one of those drivetrains that has almost mythical qualities for ruggedness and dependability. With such low mileage, this example is barely broken in. Paired with the Torque-Flite transmission and a near 50/50 torque split front to rear, the AMC Eagle delivered impressive four-wheel drive capabilities at an affordable price.


In addition to its attractive packaging, the AMC Eagle Limited is also downright classy. It exudes some of that cache that the Jeep Grand Wagoneer possesses in spades, a quality lost among today’s cross-over vehicles. It’s strange – if a manufacturer were to produce a vehicle like this now, it would sell like hotcakes, but the AMC never achieved huge demand, clearly making it a vehicle ahead of its time.


  1. grant

    It is in amazing shape. It also perfectly demonstrates the low level of fit and finish found in American car manufacturers in the 1980s. Look how wavy that back panel is.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Somethings up with that photo everything is wavy including the taillights and bumper.

      • Jason Houston

        Yes, I agree. It’s the camera, not the car.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Jason look at the brochure I posted, it isn’t the camera it’s the design.

      • Joe

        It’s the way the car was made I own an Amc eagle identical to this

    • Bobsmyuncle


      I test drove a couple of these but can’t say I remember that design cue.

      • Matt

        I have an ’86. The rear is designed to have that wavy look. Looks perfectly fine to me.

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    • TheOldStyle

      I dont see the car as “wavy” at all… looks like all reflections to me. I have an 85 wagon in this same color without the “wood” and I LOVE it… drive it every day. The owner claims every option available but I dont see the gauge package or a shifter console… but still… an AWESOME car. Dont know if Id go the full 6 grand but still… an amazing car.

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  2. Donnie

    Looks like it has ben repainted not to long ago looks like paint on the tail pipe

    • TheOldStyle

      I think the “paint on the tailpipe” you are seeing is just a rusty tailpipe.

  3. boxdin

    Minor complaints. Look how many of these have over 200k miles. Fit & finish may be lacking but these have been great cars.

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    • grant

      Oh for sure. This thing is basically a jeep car. Beat it to death, it’ll keep going. And rattle all the way there ;-)

  4. Beatty

    For five K, this a great buy
    Lots of uses
    Good power plant, nifty styling
    AMC, ahead of its time
    Would finding parts B an issue?
    And? Wire in SIRUIS XM!

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  5. 1969Deuce

    My wife likes it because she drove her dad’s. It’s local and it looks very nice. Unfortunately, the asking price is about double high retail for a 1988 (oldest date available) on the only site listing the brand.

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    • Michael

      You never look at the book value on a car like this its pointless it’s basically what someone’s willing to pay for it in other words try to find another one like this if it was closer I would be in my garage right now 6k is fair no problem

  6. Jason Houston

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh… what can EVER top whitewalls, wheel covers and metal bumpers!! Now, THAT looks like a car!

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  7. Nessy

    Well well, small world. I know this guy and he really did buy it brand new in 85. He always said it was the first SUV type car. The car is original including the paint. No body work, just normal AMC workmanship at the time. I drove this car several times over the years and believe me, it’s just a nice as it looks. 6000 does not seem out of line for an original low mile example like this. If you like Eagles, you would be hard pressed to find a nicer example and the color combo is great. I never thought he would put it up for sale but he is about 75 now and it gets used less and less.

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    • 64 bonneville

      Nessy, did the guy have it rust proofed when he bought it? being a North Jersey car, they have some harsh winters up there.

    • jesus bortoni

      Nessy, I agree with you the price IS reasonable compared to other vehicles I’ve seen

  8. 64 bonneville

    condition guide would price this about $5200, including the low mileage, so asking price is not to far out of line. This also gives the seller some wiggle room in selling it. How many of us have priced a car at EXACTLY what we want out of it? Most sellers will bump the asking over what they will take by at least $500-$1000.00.

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  9. Dan the Man

    Looks just like the car that Jennifer’s dad owned from the movie “Back to the Future”

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  10. Glen

    Get some Winter tires on that, and bring on the snow!

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  11. Chebby

    Interesting to see that brochure, Bobsmyuncle….I have never, ever seen one of these with a manual transmission but apparently that was the standard offering. Also it seems this car does not have the “floor console with gauge package” so perhaps not every single option…there were quite a few to pick from though. I think if you want one of these this is the one to get. It would look great with some AMC mags on it.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      This is actually the first I’ve noticed with an automatic!

      I’d love to have this, but the desire to use it in the winter would be to high, and it would probably deteriorate in a single winter’s worth of salt.

      • TheOldStyle

        nahh… get this thing… undercoat the crap out of it… especially the frame rail behind the front wheels and it will take you anywhere you want to go (within reason) :-)

  12. Peter R

    I submitted this one and have exchanged several emails with the owner who seems like a straight shooter. He originally bought two of these – the other was blue. He has already turned down several offers of $5k+ which is why the price is B.O. over $ 6k. I thought it a little high but after looking around this seems fair given the condition of this one

    • jeremy

      I’m a couple years behind the curve here, but any chance this car is still for sale?

  13. Dennis M

    In 1985 I was still a factory field rep for AMC/Jeep and I can testify that these are seriously comfortable rides and definitely what you want in snow country!

    Back then no one called it a 4.2 liter – it was a 258 and those suckers are virtually indestructible.

    The price sounds about right for what you get here. Not quite the cachet of the vintage Wagoneers that are bringing the big bucks these days, but impressive for those “in the know!”

  14. Charles H.

    I see it’s missing the factory alloy wheel option, so perhaps it doesn’t have every available option, and I think with a set of the alloys, it would look just right!

    • Nessy

      Charles, when he ordered the car new, he loved the look of the wire wheels with the white wall tires over the alloy wheels. Either way, the wire wheels and the alloys were both optional so it does have the optional wheel package. When it comes to wheel options, it’s more a matter of taste in what a person likes. I think the wire wheels really make the car, along with the woodgrain down the sides.

  15. jim s

    seems like a great deal compared to others that are for sale. this would make a great daily driver and also a great way into the hobby. no shoulder belts for the rear seats would limit its use as a family hauler. great find.

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Wow! I really like this rig. Great colors, motor and four wheel drive, low miles. For 6 large I see this as more than fair. Not that it matters much to me, but she is a one owner as well!

  17. Keith

    Hopefully someone will pick this up, it’s been on my local CL for 2+ months already. Either the seller is getting low ball offers or no offers.

  18. TheOldStyle

    Here is mine… and I LOVE it… great cruiser and road tripper… rides and drives great… very comfortable.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Love it!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice ride! Are you near La Crosse?

      • TheOldStyle

        Thanks… I love it too… drive it ALOT. Southern Ohio.

    • Gloria L. Moreno

      I love the retro look dogdish hubcaps and steelie wheels !…..looks way better than the factory wheels they came with…

  19. PRA4SNW

    I dislike the way the seller has priced the car – Best Offer over 6K. I think this method is less effective than just naming a price. Probably why it’s been listed for so long.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I believe he has named a price, best offer over 6 Large.

  20. George

    Ever so friendly when it comes to the price…

    “I was offered between 5000 and 5500 several times for the car which I turned down. 6000 will buy the Eagle which is more than fair for this car. I will not go lower. The car is worth ever penny and more. Serious cash ready buyers only.”

    • Jim Mc

      I respect and even like that straight shooter attitude, and I personally think it’s worth the six large. Before Subaru dominated the AWD market, these cars were the way to go if you wanted go on-road / off-road. They were underappreciated in their day but some of us knew just how capaple and comfortable they were. This will be a buy for someone.

    • Nessy

      George, he is a friendly man. Maybe it’s because he is overloaded with people who just want to come drive it and talk his ear off on how they remember having one just like it in high school but then they never call back again because that is what happened several times already. He would like to sell it but he does not want to waste every weekend with tire kickers. He is 75 and wants to sell it, not chat all day and trade stories. He said 6000 will buy it.

  21. Bobsmyuncle

    6000 will buy it and he was offered 5500 and passed?

    But he’s trying to avoid the hassle of selling a car?


    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      George, hang tight. 6 is a deal. Wish I had room. 6000 is the price. Unsure what Bob does not understand about the price. Best of luck, Mike.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        What I don’t understand is how trying to sell a car for 2 and a half months, on Craigslist no less is worth $500.

        $500 is not worth the hassle that apparently even he has acknowledged.

        Or maybe the 5000/5500 offers are a red herring.

        It’s worth 6000 that’s not a problem, but the story doesn’t jive.

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  22. Charles H.

    Sorry Nessy, I thought that the wire wheel covers came standard on the Limited Model, and that the Alloys came with the optional wheel package, but you are absolutely right about it being a matter of personal taste!

  23. krash

    I really like this vehicle….good luck to the seller

    for what it’s worth:

    Craigslist is free…..and if the seller wants $6k, well, that’s his price…regardless of how long it is listed there. If he’s in no rush, that’s his choice…

    Anyone who buys a vehicle in 1985, and then only drives it 55k miles over the next 30 yrs. is a pretty patient soul in my book…no surprise that he’s taking his sweet time selling it….God only knows the number of knuckleheads who have contacted him during the run of his ad. As anyone who has sold anything via Craigslist knows, dealing with some people through C’list can be a real curse…list any vehicle and right away you’re inundated with the numerous “I’ll give you (half) cash right now” anonymous responses….they’re typically rude, even irate..
    So if this guy is willing to weed through those fools, he’s a better person than I am.. Given his history with the vehicle, there is a deeper attachment, so I can understand why he is in no rush…
    Sometimes a seller wants their pride and joy to go to the “right” buyer.. the guy who is not going to ruin the vehicle within 6 months…

    I made the mistake of trying to screen buyers while selling classic motorcycles..

    On one particular bike, I turned away countless buyers who had the dough until I found the “right” buyer, who promised to take great care in keeping the bike pristine…I wasn’t holding out for the highest price..just used the asking price as a method of screening people…(and I soon discovered that there truly are no guarantees…when money changes hands, say goodbye and move on..) Well the right guy found my ad and did a great sales job himself…good for him…bad for the bike..

    After the sale, a friend (who owns a dealership in another state) sent me a video of the bike thrashed before a large crowd at a motorcycle stunt show….and part of the finale was the same kindly buyer stepping up (drunk out of his mind) and torching that same classic bike while the onlookers went wild…..The hours of restoration went up in smoke..

    …lesson learned.

    ..if you want to guarantee that prized vehicle’s future, keep it….

    ..and the day of your funeral…your loving, loyal offspring will sell it to the first guy waving one hundred dollar bills…

    • Nessy

      Outstanding comments Mr. Krash. Very well said and right to the point.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I am with you two. Hopefully the funeral is not that soon.

  24. Car Nut Seattle

    Sweet looking Eagle wagon. I’d buy one if I could find one in decent condition.

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