1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z With 6,464 Original Miles!

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I typically steer clear of terms like “time capsule” when describing any classic, but it is unavoidable with this 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. Its presentation is flawless, which is unsurprising since its odometer shows a genuine 6,464 miles. The only non-original parts on this car are its tires, battery, and vital fluids. It would be ideal for a buyer seeking perfection because this Camaro needs nothing. The seller has listed it here on Craigslist in Ithaca, New York. They set their price at $37,500, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Mitchell G. for spotting this jaw-dropper.

Chevrolet introduced its Third Generation Camaro for the 1982 model year, adopting a radical approach to vehicle design. Almost every vehicle rolling off an American line during this period was hampered by what I call “the double whammy.” Weight increased as manufacturers grappled with tighter safety requirements, and engine power trickled out the exhaust due to more stringent emission regulations. Companies were still developing suitable fuel injection and engine management technology, so Chevrolet countered the losses by focusing on weight reduction strategies and improved aerodynamic efficiency. The Camaro and its Pontiac Firebird cousin caused a sensation upon their release because they were unlike anything before them. Chevrolet evolved the Third Generation Camaro during its eleven-year production cycle, but there were no radical changes to its overall appearance. This IROC-Z emerged in 1987, with the first owner ordering it in iconic Code 41 Black. The seller states it has never seen rain or snow, and with only 6,464 miles on its odometer, its presentation is all you would expect. The paint shines warmly, with no evidence of chips on even prone areas like the front bumper. The stripes are crisp, and there is no evidence of rust. The original alloy wheels are spotless, and are wrapped in tires with only five miles under their belt. The seller replaced the originals last year due to rot, improving this car’s safety.

The Camaro’s interior tells this classic’s story better than any other aspect because it is virtually showroom-fresh. There is no wear on the upholstered surfaces or signs of dirty marks, damaged plastic, or UV deterioration. It reinforces the mileage claim and is well-equipped in a 1987 context. I haven’t seen many IROCs with leather seats, because most buyers selected cloth. The first owner teamed the leather with air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a power driver’s seat, power mirrors, cruise control, a tilt wheel, and a premium AC/Delco AM/FM radio/cassette player.

Considering the odometer reading, it is unsurprising that this Camaro is a numbers-matching classic. The listing suggests its originality extends to every belt, hose, and clip because the only items listed as replaced are the tires, battery, and fluids. The engine bay houses the 305ci Tuned-Port Injected V8, which produces 190hp and 295 ft/lbs of torque. The figures don’t sound overwhelming, but it is worth noting that they are significantly better than those produced by the final Second Generation Z28s. A four-speed automatic transmission performs shifting duties, while power assistance for the steering and brakes was standard fare. The ¼-mile ET of 15.9 seconds won’t set pulses racing, but it indicates how effective the Camaro’s weight loss program was in the search for performance gains. A 1981 auto-equipped Z28 will take 16.9 seconds to complete the same journey, and its top speed will be an incredible 30mph slower than our feature car. It is even more impressive when we consider that the older car features the 350ci small-block, giving it a capacity advantage. The better acceleration of the newer car results from a combination of a more efficient transmission and the fact the car is nearly 300 lbs lighter than its predecessor. The improved top speed is mainly due to the sleeker body that cuts through the air better. The seller doesn’t indicate whether this classic is roadworthy, but the suggestion is that it is a turnkey proposition.

This 1987 Camaro IROC-Z is a fantastic survivor, and its condition is everything you would typically expect from any classic with a four-digit odometer reading. Its price is at the top end of the market but isn’t unprecedented. A similar car with 2,000 miles on the clock recently sold for an eye-watering $60,000, and it wasn’t The Lone Ranger in that price bracket. Therefore, the seller’s price for this car is realistic, and I believe it will find a new home. Are you tempted to make it yours?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Basically garage art with 37YO rubber bits. Unless it was parked in seller’s man cave with ropes around it to keep the grubby-handed kiddies away.

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  2. Melton Mooney

    The ask on this car is reasonable for an ultra-low mileage car. A more powerful 5.7 or manual trans car would be preferred, but this one could well go north of 40k on the right platform…which Craigslist really is not.

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  3. Rbig18

    Love hate with these. Had one. Good memories but man oh man what a cheaply built car.

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    • Stan

      I hear that alot. Man they handled like on rails 🚈 buddy had one. My 89LX 5.0 notchback didn’t feel near as stiff.

      Like 4
  4. JoeNYWF64

    This gen “cheats” by also not having the prev gen’s heavy 5 mph bumpers or engine driven fan or power robbing huge a/c compressor or heavy robust door window mechanism innards or heavier much more durable rear end, etc.

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  5. Jose Rovirosa

    I’m a Mustang guy, but love these. Wish this one had the manual or 5.7, but a nicely preserved Z nevertheless.

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  6. Ten50boy

    Owned a bunch of these and T/A’s of the same vintage over the years. Love 3rd gen cars with ttops. Eventually fell in love with Foxbody Mustangs and found them more fun with better build quality. Did buy another WS6 3rd gen T/A later, that had 38k on it in the mid 2000’s. Gorgeous, comfortable and ttops. Can’t beat that combo for a fun driver. Personally, I think he’s 10k too high in price, even taking mileage into factor. But…. Hey, I’m getting older and recall buying been with low miles for much less! GLWTS. Gorgeous car. An f-body fanatic will be thrilled.

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  7. MTBorst

    Would be more in demand with the 5.7. I don’t think the 5.0 is quite the muscle you’re claiming. Yeah, it is a fun ride. I prefer my GTA I’ve a IROC. A little luxury and feel is much nicer. You claiming the trans making the speed improvements is a bit goofy. Yes, it helped everything but the improvements in induction is what really counted. And did the guys thinking a couple hundred pounds less weight than the old ones is what did it, is a laugh.

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  8. rbig18

    I don’t think we should judge these by speed/power. They were all slow as a donkey’s turd compared to old school muscle and even today’s family sedan’s. These handled ok, look great, were a joke of a muscle car and had poor build quality. They are what they are.

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  9. Steve

    Had a 86 IROC-Z I bought new, biggest lemon I ever had, haven’t owned a Chevrolet since!

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    • MTBorst

      Can happen with Amy vehicle made by man or robot

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