1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria With 6,000 Genuine Miles

When an owner advertises a vehicle with exceptionally low mileage, I know that I’m not alone in viewing these claims with skepticism. However, when that owner states that this mileage is documented, that becomes a real game-changer. That is the case with this 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. The owner states that it is showing 6,000 miles on the odometer and that these miles are genuine and documented. After leading a sheltered existence, the LTD is now looking for a new home. It is located in Waterbury, Connecticut, and has been listed for sale here on Facebook. The asking price has been set at $9,995. I do have to say thank you to Barn Finder Dennis H for referring this beauty through to us.

The combination of Medium Cabernet paint and a burgundy landau-style vinyl top results in a very handsome and classy looking vehicle. The owner states that the vehicle is accident-free, with the body panels appearing to be straight and free from any noticeable dings or dents. There are also no obvious signs of any rust problems, and the owner doesn’t mention any in the listing. The paint has a consistent shine to it, while the vinyl top generally looks to be in good condition. It has developed a bit of a matte appearance towards the center, but I believe that it could be revived quite easily. The exterior trim and chrome seem to be in very nice condition, while the tinted glass shows no obvious signs of problems. The original 15″ wire hubcaps are all present, and even though these can be very prone to curb strike, the ones on this car appear to be free from any obvious damage.

Opening the doors and taking a look around inside the LTD reveals an interior where the condition is just as impressive as the exterior. The seats are upholstered in grey cloth, and apart from some very slight stretching of the material on the passenger seat, there is not a lot to be critical of. The upholstery, door trims, dash, and the carpet all appear to be essentially faultless, with the rear seat looking like it has seen little or no use. The timber facia on the dash is showing no evidence of lifting, while there are no signs of wear on the wheel. Comfort appointments include air conditioning, power windows, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM stereo radio.

The owner supplies no engine photos, but we do know that this vehicle features a 5.0-liter V8 engine, a 4-speed automatic transmission, along with power steering and power brakes. With only 6,000 documented miles on the clock, the LTD has done virtually no work. That means that the little V8 should still be producing somewhere close to its original 150hp. This is sufficient to propel the 3,723lb Ford through the ¼ mile in around 17.9 seconds. Not lightning-fast, but still relatively respectable for a car from this era. Frustratingly, along with no photos, the owner provides no information on how well the vehicle runs and drives. Those are questions that would be well worth asking, but if appearances do count for anything, I suspect that the answers should be quite positive.

By 1987, the LTD Crown Victoria in 2-Door Coupe form was nearing the end of the line. While Ford had managed to sell a total of 128,878 Crown Victoria’s across the entire model range in that year, a mere 5,527 were the Coupe variant. This made the vehicle uneconomic to produce and update, so Ford chose to discontinue it at the end of that year. That low build total means that these are beginning to become a bit more desirable and collectible. It hasn’t resulted in values going through the roof, and this particular car is priced a long way above what you might expect to pay for your average vehicle today. However, the asking price isn’t unprecedented, and given its low mileage, it is something a bit special. Cars that hail from the 1980s have remained largely overlooked within the classic scene, but that has begun to change. People are beginning to recognize that not only are they starting to clock some age, but the very “disposable” nature of cars from this era means that finding really nice examples is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why this one might be worth a serious look.


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  1. Al_Bundy Member

    The car looks nice and I wouldn’t be concerned even if at had 100K. I tend to believe the low mileage side knowing the customer of this car in the day and seeing the photos. At the same time, I don’t know if there is much interest beyond service /SSP vehicles…Very nice example to be sure.

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  2. JRHaelig

    This is somebody’s car and they are trying to sell it, so I am loath to criticize.

    However……we had a 4 door in our fleet, so I feel qualified.

    Vague is an optimistic word for the steering.

    Grabby doesn’t really describe the brakes. Clampy might.

    To top it off, the velour seats were eternally trying to pull my pants down while driving.

    Well preserved and attractive car, but brings back unpleasant memories.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      It says “Dealership” in the ad,
      so not private party.

    • 370zpp

      JR, are you positive it was the “velour seats” that were trying to pull your pants down?

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    • Bill

      Your just too picky. I drove a boatload of the 80-87 crown Vic’s and there wasn’t a better riding or handling car for it’s time.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice. I had forgotten that Crown Vic coupes were built all the way to 1987. For me if this car showed up at Cars & Coffee I would enjoy looking at it and talking with the owner.

    Like Adam says, nice ones are rare, and if it is something you like, well just go for it and don’t worry about someone looking down their nose at you for your choice in collector car or for what you paid.

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  4. Ken Cwrney

    I bought an ’84 model from my BIL for $200 in 2004 with the hope being a good
    project would help to lift my spirits after
    my wife died in 2003. My BIL had done all the hard work and the car ran and drove well for what it was. The 5.0 sounded great thanks to the new dual
    exhaust that he put on it before he sold it
    to me. Since I lived in an HOA back then,
    I stored the car with my other BIL who lived in a local trailer park. Long story
    short, while I was on vacation, that dumbass allowed them to tow my car
    while I was gone. All I can say is never
    again. If I ever get another car, it’s gonna be a turnkey car that needs nothing. That
    way, it will look nice and people won’t think of it as a broken down car ready for
    the crusher. The kicker was that all my car needed was paint and interior work
    to be complete. And yes, it was a coupe
    just like this one.

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  5. gerry Member

    Haven’t actually seen one since this was new and I agree with Al wouldn’t worry if it was 106k miles as long as it isn’t a rusty mess underneath.

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Who would have thought in ’69
    that Ford would take 2 steps backward 10 years later with frames around the side windows & triangular vent windows.

    I don’t see ANY 2 door cousin cars down under on any gen!
    & 1 unusual front end
    & dual red/yellow rear side markers mounted up high on another!

  7. S

    Considering you’re getting practically a new car if the mileage can be verified, it’s probably worth the asking price. A 2 door coupe is rare. The burgundy paint and vinyl top are attractive. From what I remember these cars were pleasant to drive, and continued to be very popular, considering by 1987 most people wanted smaller more fuel efficient cars. The Caprice and the Diplomat/Gran Fury were really its only competition by then.

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  8. Ben Leighton

    I would put 1988 front and rear fascias on it. Jack up the rear and put 70s style cragar rims and 50 series tires on it.

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  9. Claudio

    One can buy this fugly boat and with the size of the trunk can also buy the king midget advertised today and shove it in there
    Would be great for the circus but even they could not get attention …
    Really, i ve never liked these big baloogas !

  10. Coop

    Drove alot of these as NYC yellow taxi’s in the 80’s.And,Chevy Caprices.Liked the Chevys ,loved the LTD’s.This was a hands down better riding car.Fantastic flawless ride,very good handler,and took the brutal.pounding of NYC streets without a glitch.

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