Rare V12 Hot Rod: 1987 Jaguar XJ12 TWR

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Oh my. Forget the BMW M5 and anything with an AMG badge: this TWR-blessed Jaguar XJ12 is the hottest sedan I’ve seen listed for sale in quite some time! If there was ever a car that demanded Ronin be re-shot with the same script and different vehicles, this is it. The seller believes this is the only XJ12 in the States that was breathed on by TWR, and having never seen one before anywhere, I’m inclined to believe him. Find this bad-ass cat here on craigslist with an asking price of $25K. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jack M. for the find. 

Oh mama. I’ve never been one to offer much fuss over an XJ sedan, but those delicious color-matched flat-faced wheels are some of the sexiest rollers I’ve seen on a Jaguar – natch, any car – made in the last 50 years. Of course, I am a sucker for wheels with virtually no details other than some air holes to cool the brakes (and extra points if they are painted to match), so I may be offering some very subjective opinions here. Regardless, this is 80s tuning at its finest, where everything was the color of cocaine and any car could be made to wear a body kit. The wheels are apparently made by Speedline.

The seller offers few details (and lots of exclamation points) about the work TWR did, which included a firmer suspension and the aforementioned body kit / wheels. It seems under-hood tuning was kept to a minimum, but this XJ12 does come with the “dirty” Euro-spec motor, which I’d assume means it’s allowed to push exhaust fumes out the tailpipes with little to no filtering present. According to this excellent write-up on Autoclassics, relatively few 12-cylinder cars got the TWR treatment, as most examples were the lesser six-cylinder models. That, combined with the fact this cat lives stateside, makes this a rare opportunity indeed.

Inside, TWR did its best to liven up the stately cockpit, which included “….a MoMo steering wheel, leather gear knob and seat headrests embossed with JaguarSport motifs,” according to Autoclassics.  While the seller’s ad shows the car pictured on some later-model alloy wheels, those should be thrown into then nearest ocean forever and this glorious Miami Vice machine should never wear anything other than its color-matched Speedlines. Other than that, don’t touch a thing and bring this exotic XJ to your nearest Radwood show, STAT.

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerStaff

    Dang, this would look nice next to my Lister XJS (see Related Finds) :-) Same year even! Not in the cards, though…

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    • Steffon

      Hi Jamie,
      You would look good in this beast!

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerStaff

        Steffon! Hoping to see you in May :-) This one’s a bit rich for my blood but I do like it!

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  2. Haig Haleblian

    View of the plumbing gave me a migraine

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    • Sam61

      Agreed….looks like something out of a Dr. Phipes movie.

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  3. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Nice! Those wheels take me back.. a neighbour had them on his.

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  4. Coventrycat

    Love the performance bits, but the body kit,wheels, and color are dreadful.

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  5. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Gotta laugh, leather gear knob, as an auto not that big of thing. Very pretty girl, I do have to agree with Haig Haleblian on the plumbing. And she does look good with the rear spoiler.

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  6. Eli

    If anything goes south while out driving……what is the point of opening the hood?????

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  7. A.J.

    The definition of a plumer’s nightmare. It would be a fun car to drive but a huge headache to maintain.

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  8. Johnny Joseph

    This one should have been blown up like the ‘Verrari’ at the end of the first season. Supposed to be a Ferrari Daytona but in actuality it was a ’76 Vette that had been customized! No one would really blow up a real Daytona! Thankfully. Whereas, blowing up a 76 Vette, hells yea. Can’t blow up enough of em!

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  9. scottymac

    Like the current fad of all black wheels, I can do without these white wheels, sorry, Jeff. In the same way, I can leave Walkinshaw’s XJ12 at the curb, if I could only have Broadspeed’s version of the XJ12C.


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  10. Ed

    This is not the only one in North America. I saw one for sale in Canada not that long ago. I love how Jags feel and ride but yeah, the plumbing is damn scary

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  11. Steffon

    A nice LS Chevy would make this cat a real catch IMO(some tools required). Pretty car but the brain damage from maintenance would likely be painful on this beast.

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  12. Ralph

    This what Michael Caine would have driven if had a guest spot as a classy british cocaine dealer on Miami Vice………

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