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1989 Lincoln Mark VII: Bill Blass Special


The Lincoln Mark VII is a bit newer than we typically feature on Barn Finds, but if there’s a car that might someday become a hotter ticket than it is now, I feel this big-body coupe makes a compelling argument for being on the list. This 1989 Bill Blass edition here on eBay has 160,000 miles and is said to be in good running condition.


Based off of the celebrated Fox platform, the Mark VII offered a host of options that were typically reserved for its German competitors. Air suspension, 4-channel anti-lock brakes, keyless entry and a driver airbag (1990-onwards) were all features you might find in a Mercedes-Benz 300E of the same era. Personally, I’ve always felt most folks forgot how jam-packed these cars were, feature-wise.


Of course, the most compelling reason to buy one (in addition to the obvious abundance of affordable parts and maintenance, thanks to platform sharing) is the presence of the Ford Mustang-sourced high-output V8. This 1989 model has the 225 b.h.p. HO motor, which was an option for older models. As per this car, you can see some bodywork will be required to the rear quarter, and the paint color appears off on the door and fender.


While a low-mileage creampuff would be nice, at least this car has been used (and hopefully, maintained accordingly). The Bill Blass Edition was more window-dressing than anything else, but it makes this car a little more compelling as a platform to restore since the legendary fashion designer has since passed away. $500 in parts and maintenance items come with the sale and bidding starts at just $750!


  1. Avatar photo Ceezy

    This car appeals to me for some strange reason, I guess since I’m an 80s baby. I’ve always had a thing for these and the baby cadillacs of the late 80s.

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  2. Avatar photo Fred

    All it takes is for the 80’s babies to get some disposable income and develop a nostalgia for run of the mill 80’s cars. That’s when you will see values go up and Do Wop replaced by Devo at the show and shines. Believe It – Or Not. Start filling your warehouses now.

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    • Avatar photo Dj

      As the do whoppers pass on from this earth, they are replaced by the 80’s kids. That’s just life. But sometime in the future, we’ll go to car shows and all that will be there will be 90’s cars. That’s if any of them survive.

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  3. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    I’ve always liked them too – not necessarily the Bill Blass edition but the sportier versions with the basketweave BBS wheels. Sort of like a grown up Mustang GT.

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  4. Avatar photo gord

    always like the “mustang in a tuxedo”!
    unobtanium for these cars are the emergency brake systems though (at least here in canada)

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  5. Avatar photo Dan h

    They made some of these (very few) with a BMW built Turbo Diesel.
    I worked on one last year, was a Bill Blass Edition also. I think the owner just gave it away. I was offered it but turned it down. 68k original mileage, I should of grabbed it.

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  6. Avatar photo Charles H.

    Like this one….but would rather have Euro inspired LSC model, for the performance suspension and alloy wheels, etc.

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    • Avatar photo Dj

      I totally agree with you on that one. I also liked the Turbo Coupe Thunderbirds. It’s basically the same car as this.

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  7. Avatar photo Mark E

    It’s essentially a loaded up Thunderbird with a different body and more complex bits, like the quadrashock rear suspension, for example. At nearly 160k miles this one’s about used up. Unless it’s awfully cheap, I’d wait for a low mileage example.

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  8. Avatar photo Kevin

    My father had a 87 Lincoln Continental that car was lethal so much power, same mustang engine. but the rusties got it even with so much oil spray and care

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    I think this car has been in a wreck at some point in its past. That is why the paint on the whole car is faded except for the right door and right front fender. This is still a nice car and would be a good first hobby car.

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  10. Avatar photo pontiactivist

    I have a 44k all original 91 Bill Blass as my daily driver. Great cars, would rather have an lsc myself or another Mark viii.. Mine has the ugly canvas top and trunk lid trim. Not sure about all of these but with mine, because it’s sat so much over the years, it has electrical gremlins. Radio, heater controls, domestic light timer, computer monitoring system, overhead console just off the top of my head.. I also know these had issues with the air ride systems. So even if it was a low mileage car I would recommend checking to make sure electrical system was working properly.

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    I agree.. This one has some odd color changes in the body lines.. Could only be from a collision.. That said, if the repairs were made properly, a complete body repaint put the car on good standing..

    My concern would be the high mileage.. Engine, suspension and drivetrain wear would be costly…

    Nice ride though..

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  12. Avatar photo Charles

    A friend of mine got one of these cars as a gift from his grandma who had become too old to drive any more. It was a low mileage garage kept southern car with no rust or damage. He played with the car for a while and did lots of mods on it using parts intended for a Fox body Mustang, even swapping the air suspension for springs. The car handled well and was surprisingly fast for the weight of it. It made a fun sleeper for cruising. The scary thing for me about these cars is all of those unreliable 80’s electronic do-dads that these things are loaded with. His car was all sorted out and ran well, although he was constantly tinkering with some gadget and hunting the wrecking yards for parts. After several years he sold the car and moved on.

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  13. Avatar photo VR LIVES

    I had a 1998 Mark-VIII that I took in on trade in 2004, it had every option known to man. The eighty year old lady who owned it might of had a pound for every year, and it had 22k on it. The car was perfect, and after driving it I had to have it. Feel the wheel, seal the deal.That cobra motor would move that sled, and it was a real joy to drive. Never had a problem one with that vehicle, guess I was blessed. Was about an hour and a half outside of ALBUQUERQUE, on fresh asphalt, drove 120 mph + for an hour, what a thrill.

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