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5,646 Mile 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix Richard Petty Edition

Even if you don’t follow NASCAR, the name Richard Petty should ring a bell. Known as “The King,” Richard Petty ran in more than 1,100 sanctioned races between 1958 and 1992, accumulating 200 wins and seven national championships. Petty decided to call it quits in 1992 and his manufacturer, Pontiac, produced a line of Grand Prix cars as a tribute to his career. This is one such machine and only has 5,600 miles on it since new. It’s located in Concord, North Carolina (NASCAR country!) and available here on craigslist for $11,000. Thank you, Ikey Heyman, for uncovering this find for us.

Richard Petty was the first NASCAR driver to win seven championships (Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson since tied him for that honor). He won the Daytona 500 seven times and was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame as one of the sport’s most accomplished drivers. While he drove cars for most every manufacturer over his career, he was a Pontiac man in the last years of his reign. When the Richard Petty Fan Appreciation Tour was announced for his retirement in 1992, Pontiac responded with a special edition of the Grand Prix coupe to commemorate his retirement. The Richard Petty Edition, limited to 1,000 cars, came in red, white or blue and with a few upgrades that set it apart from the regular Grand Prix.  It even came with specific badging. Thanks to Classic Cars for some Richard Petty Pontiac details.

It’s appropriate that the seller’s 1992 Grand Prix Richard Petty Edition is painted in blue because that’s the color Petty’s cars were throughout his career. With such low mileage after 28 years, the car no doubt was originally purchased as a collectible of sorts. The body and paint look perfect from the photos that are provided, largely with the car on a lift to also show off the undercarriage. We’re told that the original owner was able to get Richard Petty himself (along with fellow racer Rusty Wallace) to autograph the rear spoiler and passenger vanity mirror. All the rear and side decals are said to be crack-free.

As you would expect, the interior is as nice as the exterior. The charcoal/grey cabin works well with the blue paint. The car is well-equipped, including power windows and door locks, floor mats, stereo with the original “New Vehicle Features & Radio Controls” cassette tape!  The car has received a recent oil change and re-charge of the air conditioning system. So, it should be good to go!

The engine would be the 3.4-liter Pontiac twin dual-cam V-6 that produced 210 horsepower. We’re told the car runs as well as any car with 5,000 miles on it. The seller says there is plenty of tread left on the tires, but if they are original, they should be replaced due to age. Because this is a limited production car, it’s hard to peg the resale price. I saw one of these Richard Petty Pontiacs going for $15,000 online and another for $20,000, so perhaps the seller’s car is a bargain waiting to be had. However, a regular Grand Prix without all the Petty stuff would go for far less money.



  1. Autoworker

    11 grand for basically a new car. A lot more car than a Kia. Would make a great driver.

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    • jwzg

      …until you have to replace that timing belt.

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      • Kyngofpop

        Had one of the TDC DOHC engines in my Z34 and the timing belt was HORRID! No one wanted to touch it. Absolute horrible design but made power like the dickens.

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    • IkeyHeyman

      If he’s asking 11K, it means he will most likely take 10. Heck, I’d buy this over a new KIA any day.

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    • JCA Member

      I’d rather have the cheapest bare bones Kia with a 5 spd. Way more fun and probably more nimble

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      • karo

        That means you never drove one of these. I owned one and to my mistake sold it.

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  2. CCFisher

    These NASCAR tributes elicit two responses: enthusiasm from the NASCAR crowd and eye rolls from everybody else.

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  3. Mike D

    Always thought that was a good looking automibile

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  4. Jcs

    Odd in that seller says to not even bother him unless you yourself are willing to both make payment and pick up the car in person.

    On the flip side, the ask is reasonable enough to where that seems to be actually ok. Usually a statement like that accompanies some pie in the sky price.

    Cool Pontiac.

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  5. Ken

    I had one of the 75 made with the 5 speed. These are fun cars. Mine had 52k when sold 2 years ago and was in amazing condition. I addressed all of the pain points with these cars. Timing belt kit, water pump, alternator, just a few of the maintenance items I did. Had the King and Kyle sign the glovebox. Trouble free cruising for 5k miles. Won 1st place at the Pontiac Nationals 2 years in a row. Loved this car and not even a NASCAR guy.

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  6. JOHN Member

    I love Pontiacs, but this is where I think Pontiac started to get it wrong. All the “boy racer” look with all that body cladding ruined them in my opinion. Add a bunch of plastic crap to the front and sides seemed to be their sales strategy. It is pretty cool that it has survived, and because you just don’t see these. I kind of like it… but not enough to own one!

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    • Bo Williams

      I hear you on the cladding, but this is pretty subtle compared to how bad the top-trim Bonnevilles got it.

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  7. Charles Russell

    Come to Colorado and drive My Kia Stinger GT after you drive this and I doubt that you guys would think that this car is better that a Kia.

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    • Jack M.

      Let’s compare apples to apples. Did you pay only $11,000 for your Stinger?

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      • Charles Russell

        Agreed no I didn’t but you also can’t get a new Kia for 11 grand either

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  8. Ed VT

    Years ago I was at the Smithsonian, I believe the Museum of American History, looking at the Pontiac that Petty drove to his final victory. There was only one other person in that area and he says to me “ it just ain’t right”, I said “what ain’t right?, he says “ it should be a Plymouth sitting there”. I could argue.

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    • Ed VT

      I couldn’t argue

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  9. Bob

    It is all in the eyes of the cash holder. If This is your cup of tea go ahead & buy it

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  10. Bob W

    I had a nice white low mileage 1994 GP. Good car but that 3.4 was a dog. Still…like the looks plastic cladding and all.

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  11. JCA Member

    Does the sale include any mint condition Jorts?

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  12. DN

    What’s up with all the KIA hate? Have you seen the tremendous strides they (and Hyundai) have made? Obviously not. Hey boys, 1998 called. It wants its outdated and misinformed brand prejudices and misconceptions back! 🤣

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  13. Randy

    I owned a 1994 gp four door three on the tree automatic transmission with a doggy 3.1 LITRE engine.hard to kill but I baby it until it was starting to fall apart piece by piece quickly until I got hurt on the job,couldn’t fix it any more off to the junkyard it went!

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  14. Vince H

    Jimmy Johnson would only have 3 championships the way it was done for Petty and Earnhardt.

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  15. Jughead88

    Actually it’s more like comparing apples to footballs lol

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