1993 Ford F-250 4×4 Diesel 5-Speed Survivor!

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Wine and vehicles usually don’t mix, unless the wine in the equation is a rust-free California truck special-ordered and owned by a winery. That’s the case with this 1993 Ford F-250 XLT 4×4 5-speed diesel. I know, it checks almost every box, and that’s not a wine-in-a-box pun. The seller has this wine country beauty listed here on eBay in Oakland, California, the current (no, not red currant wine) bid price is $16,800, and there is no reserve.

What a great-looking truck, and seeing a single-cab pickup seems so retro these days. This berry-colored Vermillion Red Ford pickup was ordered from a Ford dealer in Napa, California in the center of their famous wine country, and has lived in the Calistoga, California area its whole life. The original family has always had red vehicles so it had to be red. They also wanted a non-turbo diesel for pulling “grape gondolas” as they thought that a turbo would cut down on low-end power.

The ninth-generation Ford F-series was made from 1992 to 1997 and they were very similar in appearance to the eighth-generation trucks but quite different from the following tenth-gen pickups. Make mine an SVT Lightning, please. Although, a 5-speed 4×4 diesel that’s 100% rust-free and in the condition of this truck would work nicely, too. This one isn’t mint-in-box, as they said in the early eBay era. There are many scuffs and some scrapes and is that sun damage on the roof? Nothing is too concerning because the underside could be used for surgery, it’s that clean.

The only glaring issue on the interior that I can see is the obvious deterioration of the steering wheel cover. That should be a fairly easy fix for anyone with a few hours and access to YouTube videos. Although I’ll warn you now, that’s a rabbit hole and you’ll spend days sitting in front of the computer, unbathed and eating salt and vinegar potato chips watching steering wheel cover repair videos which then somehow spin-off into lawn tractor restoration videos which then spin-off into mini bike restoration videos and then they go in another direction and pretty soon… Or, maybe that’s just me.

The other minor issue appears to be a small tear in the side of the passenger side of the bench seat bottom. The seller has uploaded many great photos that show almost every square inch of this beauty, that’s so nice to see for a change. The 5-speed manual transmission works perfectly in all gears, just for the record.

The engine is as clean as everything else is and it’s Ford’s 7.3L non-turbo diesel V8 with around 185 horsepower. This truck has 146,000 miles which means that the engine is starting to get broken in, this thing should go for another three decades with regular maintenance. Any thoughts on this wine-country-spec Ford F-250 XLT?

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  1. Vance

    Very nice truck, but the owner should have looked a little closer on the specs. You gain hp and torque with the addition of the turbo. The 7.3 was a dog without the turbo, and who doesn’t like the whine of the turbo spooling up? Driving any type of incline pulling a load is a real nuisance with this engine, but I guess if you aren’t towing that much it would be ok. This truck would have garnered a lot more money with the turbo, and would easily covered the intial cost of having it. Still a nice ride and well worth the money. Does anyone know how much it would cost to add one? Just think of the cost of a new one, and you will gladly open your wallet for this truck.

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    • Gary

      I think a Banks is in the $6,000.00 range

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    I didn’t even know the non-turbo 7.3 was an option in ‘95. I figured they were all PSDs that year.

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    • Gary

      It’s a 93, not turbocharged then.

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  3. Old ford man

    This body style is the last years for the dual fuel tanks and the last of the good ones

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  4. Frank Armstrong

    Nine hours from closing, and bid at $17,300. If it doesn’t go wild at the end, I will be surprised. Under $20K seems like a really good buy for a truck this nice.

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  5. bill tebbutt

    Till think that this year’s body style is one of the all-time bests! My first new truck was a 93 F150 regular cab 2wd – one of my all-time faves. Later, as the trailer got bigger and heavier, I bought a 93 F350 crew cab dually with this engine in it – it was an awful truck. Noisy, and underpowered for what I needed. I moved it along after a year.

    Having said that, this truck is very nice! If the load you are pulling isn’t too heavy, this would be a wonderful ride.


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  6. Gary

    I love this body style, it is the last of the good Ford trucks IMHO. The 98 up are just butt ugly to me. I’ve had one diesel and two gas versions and loved all of them. We had a 92 diesel at an old job and I’d use it to pick up farm tractors. It wouldn’t pull a hill in third with a 4020 John Deere on the fifth wheel. One of the guys wrecked it and we replaced it with a 98 3/4 ton with the turdo diesel. I spec’ed it out and everyone said it would be a dog too. The hills we couldn’t pull in third we were pulling in fifth and were running 75-80mph. Then Ford bought that turd of a 6.0 from IH because the 7.3 couldn’t pass emissions. Sad end to Ford trucks IMHO. My Brother in Law is a Ford Certified Master Tech and his new truck is a Ram 2500, he says Ford’s motors are all garbage now.

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    • Old Fool

      That’s a sad commentary on Ford engines!

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  7. eugeine mcconell

    ole slave lake looking minty new!

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  8. Richard

    O to row my own gears, great looking truck.

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  9. angliagt angliagtMember

    The seller seems to be a flipper.You seem to feature their
    vehicles every time they have one for sale.
    This is the main reason I’ve about given up submitting finds
    here – never seem to get accepted anymore.

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    • Ross Murphie

      I would be interested in your finds my friend
      Ross 428

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      • angliagt angliagtMember

        Here’s one I submitted.I used to drive by the house to see it,as I thought it was a really nice looking Caddy.


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  10. Old Fool

    Went for $23,300

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      You beat me to it again, sir, thanks!

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