19k Genuine Miles: 1987 Buick Grand National

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In the time that I’ve been writing for Barn Finds, I’ve seen a few cars that have caused a stir when they’ve been listed for sale. This 1987 Buick Grand National looks like it holds a pretty handy lead in those stakes, because at the time of writing it had received a staggering 92 bids. Located in Monticello, Minnesota, it is listed for sale here on eBay. All of that frenetic bidding activity has pushed the Buick up to $21,100, but the reserve has not been met at this stage. There is also a BIN option for the car, and this has been set at $29,950.

Looking long and hard at the photos of the Grand National reveal a car that is in pretty impressive condition. I can see something strange right at the front of the rocker on the driver’s side, but I’m pretty sure that it is only a leaf stuck to the car. The owner says that the Buick has only covered 19,122 genuine miles, which is certainly conceivable when you look at the vehicle as a whole. That menacing black paint has a great shine and depth to it, while the factory wheels appear to be clean and faultless. This photo of the trunk seems to indicate some staining of the trunk mat on the right-hand side, but this could also be a trick of the light. The trunk is also home to the original spare tire and jack.

The photos of the interior are pretty detailed, but there is no overview shot. The seats are said to have been covered throughout the car’s life, and they certainly look pretty new. There is a small amount of marking on the carpet on the driver’s side, but the rest of it looks completely original and spotless. It isn’t surprising that you receive power windows, power seats, power locks, and air conditioning as part of the deal with the Grand National.

Under the hood is spotless, with the turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 looking as clean as the day the car was built. The Buick sports a new exhaust, new tires, and new plug wires. Otherwise, it is all completely original and untouched. The Buick also comes with a few additional parts such as a spare shifter cable, spare trunk cable, hood struts, and some new rubber seals. While it is not mentioned, if the engine is as good as it appears, this should be one healthy Grand National.

Every time I see a Grand National, all that I want to do is park it in my workshop. I think that these are one of the best looking cars from the 1980s because the combination of the black paint and chrome wheels make them look so menacing. It appears that I’m not the only person who feels this way, because they continue to command impressive prices in the market. The fact that the bidding on this one is so strong is also a pretty accurate indicator of the model’s ongoing popularity. Does anyone feel like joining the party and submitting a bid?

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  1. Bakyrdhero

    One of my all time favorites. I like them like this…with some miles on them. This one still looks impeccable except for that stain in the truck. Definitely appears to be a stain which is strange considering condition of the rest of the car. I’m surprised they weren’t able to get that out. The next thought is…where did it come from? Bad trunk weatherstripping maybe. Nice car, curious to see what it goes for.

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  2. Fred W

    This was probably never stored outside, so I’m guessing one day t he owner was driving and encountered a surprise rainstorm. He assumed the trunk was tight but assumed wrong. I would want to see what the metal looks like under the stain, and would want to know how often the car was driven in the last 32 years. If it never sat for an extended period the trans and engine seals may be fine. The car could probably do a lot better at B-J if there are two insane buyers in the audience, as there was recently with a certain late 40’s Buick that sold for- get ready- $412,500. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ’47 Buick, but….

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    • Bakyrdhero

      I was thinking the same thing Fred. It probably resides in a garage which is good, and a surprise storm caught the weatherstripping off guard. Judging by the water that was trapped in the trunk of my Skylark for ages and the minimal sheet metal damage,I’ll bet the metal underneath is fine.

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      • Arthell64

        Market for these seemed to be good right now. Smart seller to pick this site to advertise a GN.

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  3. Angrymike

    I remember the dreaded “shifter cable” replacement on my Monte Carlo SS, what a pain to get correct ! This is my kind of car, enough miles to be broke in, but not to many. I’d drive the wheels off this on Saturday and Sundays !

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  4. dave brennan

    If everyone puts in a hundred bucks we cd hit the BIN. Drive for a day and pass to the next person. This is the only car I’ve driven that scared me. Driving at 30 mph I wondered what would happen if I punched it. 100 ft of rubber later I knew!

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  5. RoughDiamond

    So “dave brennan” what scared you, trying to keep the car in your lane with all that torque?

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  6. Del

    Did everyone that bought one of these save it ?

    Has to be 17 th one for sale here this year alone ?

    I fail to see the attraction.😁

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    • Turbo6

      Del, clearly you’ve never driven one. If you had, you would definitely see the attraction.

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  7. Coventrycat

    If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

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  8. Bob McK

    Yesterday’s GN was much nicer. At least it got driven.

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  9. Brakeservo

    I tend to think that strong bidding on eBay with reserve not met indicates shill activity, not genuine interest. Interesting assortment of spare parts for a low mileage car, hmmmmm?

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  10. Del

    I am with Brake.

    Also often a lot of bidders who have no intention of buying the car.

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