1st Gen Jackpot: Early Acura Integra Collection

Among Japanese cars rapidly approaching extinction, the first-generation Acura Integra is high on the list of endangered species. The Integra was a close sibling to the Hondas of the same era, but all that symbolized was another opportunity to experience the unadulterated driving experience these early Honda/Acura products were known for. This seller in Tampa, Florida has an entire collection plus parts up for grabs here on craigslist, where he’s asking $5,000 for the whole lot. 

Image courtesy of Honda-Tech.com

The seller only provides one photo, and requests interested parties email him for more info and a complete parts list. Unfortunately, we don’t see any of the desirable Special Editions in the photos, which came with either a monochromatic white paint scheme or black with gold wheels and full power options. Regardless, these are great entry-level driver’s cars and getting harder to find by the day. For $5K, it could be worth a look if you’ve got the space to hoard a car that’s getting impossible to find in any condition.

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  1. Brian Birkner Brian Staff

    Great find Jeff! Torsion bar Hondas are becoming more and more rare as time marches on. This is a great opportunity for someone that is a first gen Integra fan, or for fans of the 84-87 Civic/Crx as the twin cam drive train and brakes are a direct swap.

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Brian – a first-gen CRX is still on my list of cars to own before too much longer. Those and the first-gen Integra look *sooo good* with a slight drop and some period Mugen wheels.

      • Brian Birkner Brian Staff

        Jeff, you simply haven’t lived until you have driven a 1985 Crx Si. One of the first cars that I owned as a youngster. With tons of character, a fun little engine, and a short wheel base, it is like a more modern contemporary to the Lotus Elan in my opinion. I also wouldn’t mind an Integra as they are quite fun too, but as you have stated, the first gen integras are quite rare now. I know the 84-87 civic/crx community have claimed many Integras as parts cars.


    Great find.

  3. JimmyJ

    I had a 84 crx it was a blast to rip around in! I was and still am a plumber and would go to work with all my power tools and a six foot ladder in it with the hatch closed! Even carried material in it like a 8 feet of pipe corner to corner one of the best cars I ever owned😀

  4. doug6423

    And 20 to 30 years from now, nice one’s will probably go for six figures at auction as the next generation begins to collect cars from the past…

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Look at the prices clean Acura Integra Type R’s are commanding – sure, scarcity/rarity is a huge factor, but there also have to be enthusiasts who want to pay top dollar for a Japanese hot hatch made in the last 20 years…

  5. dan

    Owned 2 Integra’s and loved them both. Fuel gauges were never accurate but damn they were quick. Wish I had the room.

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