Two-Owner Fishbowl: 1976 AMC Pacer

I was in grade school when AMC introduced the Pacer. I thought was the weirdest car I had ever seen (second only the Citroen). However, today, I think these cars are really cool and I appreciate the styling and lines of the Pacer. We appreciate Larry D sending this one our way so we can take a closer look at it. This example is a 1976 AMC Pacer that is listed for sale here on eBay. There are three days remaining in the auction and their have been no bids yet. The seller has a starting bid of $7,000 but there is a higher reserve on the car. The AMC Pacer is located in Akron, Ohio.

The Pacer is equipped with its original 258 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine. This is the same 4.2 liter engine used in the Jeep. The engine is backed by a three-speed automatic transmission. The seller states that the odometer stopped working at 44,800 miles but it hasn’t been driven much since the odometer broke. The second owner purchased the car in 2001. Last month, the car was started for the first time in many years and the brakes were serviced along with a full tune-up. The car is said to run and drive well.

The interior is all 1970’s and really cool. There is one small tear int he driver seat fabric that hopefully can be repaired to save this beautiful, unique interior. The carpet, dash and door panels look to be in excellent shape. The car is operated via a column mount shifter. However, the gear shift indicator is not working. The horn and air conditioning are also non-operable as is the previously mentioned odometer.The white vinyl top may need to be replaced.

The body looks like it’s in great shape. The seller notes that new floor pans were installed in 2017 and the rear trunk floor has a rust spot in it. The front bumper and rear valance have extensive rust damage. It would be important to check out the undercarriage in person before making a binding offer to determine the impact of the corrosion. This car is still a pleasure to look at and hopefully can be restored and repaired.


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  1. Spudoo

    That’s about 2K too much for a Pacer, particularly one that still has rust holes and was rusty enough to need the floors replaced.

    That said, it’s a sharp-looking car. Love the interior.

    Just not at $7,000.

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    • Tom

      Agree that not worth 7k. Hard to find one rust free these days though.

  2. Joe

    I have a Pacer too…..Only, it’s a 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible. The 4 58 Edsel series names were recycled. Ford took the Ranger, AMC took the Pacer, Lincoln took the Corsair and Chevy took the Citation.

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  3. Tiberius1701

    Peoplariums for the people!!

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  4. Burt

    Your first impression was most accurate.

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  5. Al

    Yep, first thought this was a weird one when they came out no doubt. But today, I’ll take this over many new ones. There is no mistaking this one coming down the road a half mile away. I can’t tell a Camry from an Accord side by side. Who wants a car whose ONLY difference is the wheel rims & emblems that sets them apart? Not me!

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  6. Stephen

    Bruce – you appreciate the style and lines of a Pacer? How about an Aztec?

    • TheGasHole

      Id take an Aztek any day especially a GT or Rallye edition.

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      • Stephen

        Agree. Pacer sets an extremely low bar.

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    • Rick

      An older guy at work came to my desk soon after the Aztek first became available. He said he’d heard I was an AMC fan and I said yes, it was true. He said he had just seen an Aztek for the first time and that he wanted to take back every awful thing he’d ever said about the AMC Gremlin, the Pacer and the 1949 – 1951 Nash.

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  7. Malcolm Boyes

    The chubby offspring of a Porsche and weird then..just cool now..

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  8. Kurt

    I’d rather have a Citroen, these cars look like a 70s version of mass transit vehicles.

  9. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    I had a friend back in the 70s who’s parents gave him a 1963 Rambler when he got his license. After rear ending a ’69 Cougar, he bought a new AMC Gremlin and took that Florida when he moved there. After a few years he bought a 1976 Pacer. His favorite color is green so all his cars were green. The Gremlin was cute but never cared much for his Pacer.
    One thing I never liked about AMC cars after 1973. They never put a filler in between the car and the bumper. Looks stupid to me. The bumper is just floating there and frankly most of AMC cars would look better without the bumpers

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  10. Troy s

    AMC was really trying to separate itself from the big three, this Pacer, the Gremlin, the odd looking Matador,
    They were all “out there” back in those days, almost humorous but seeing one on the road today puts the latest smart cars and other Le stupid looking modern marvels to shame. Who would have known.

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  11. Howie Mueler

    Not too bad, would not want that white vinyl top. Zero bids.

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  12. Frank

    Its so ugly, its Cool and complete. Great for to see a nice one for a change. Most made it to the Crusher.

  13. Gerard Frederick

    Cool car. In its present condition, 4 big ones max.

  14. Sam Shive

    $5,666.80 New. Ohio Tag and a Pa. Inspection. I’ld look it over real good for rust. He’ll be lucky to get the sticker price back.

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  15. Gary James Lehman

    AMC advertised the Pacer as “the first wide small car” and it was. Tons of room inside.
    Most advanced idea was that the passenger side door was 4″ longer than the driver’s door for easier entrance to the back seat.
    Only those who didn’t sell them or own one would criticize a Pacer.

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  16. MitchRoss Member

    I was wondering why it was so cheap, then I read about the rust. Good rust free driver quality Pacers are over $10,000 these days. I’m doiing a complete resto on my 1976 Pacer X and no way would I sell it for $7k

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