2 Owner Coupe: 1963 Chevrolet Impala

In this day and age of technology, and wanting the next cool thing, it is still amazing to find a 54 year old car that has had only 2 owners in its lifetime! Original through and through, with some recent maintenance, this Impala is ready to be enjoyed! Although early in the auction, 11 bids have raised the auction price to $5,900. Check out this Chevy here on ebay out of Cookeville, Tennessee. Thanks to Jamie for this original condition submission!

Under the hood is a very original and tidy 283 V8 backed by an automatic transmission. Although clean and rust free, it would appear the engine bay has been touched up, as there are some pitted areas, and some evidence of paint flake on the core support that now has paint with varying thickness. Beyond that minor gripe the engine bay “shows and goes” as it should. Recently converted to electronic ignition, the seller also added new plugs, fuel lines, brake lines, and rebuilt the carburetor. The mileage has not been provided, but I imagine this Impala has been well loved in its lifetime, and for that you cannot complain as this Chevy still looks nice.

Taking a look inside reveals a very clean and tidy interior with only minor signs of aging. The biggest let down is the faded carpet, but aside from the fade the carpeting is in nice condition revealing how well this Impala has been taken care of. Despite the sun bleached carpet, the dash is excellent with no cracking or any damage to report. In fact, this interior is very nice overall and has aged excellently considering its age. A new carpet kit and some general cleaning would improve this interior tremendously.

Moving to the exterior this appears to be the original paint that is still holding on, with some areas of concern. There are a few areas where the paint is peeling up on the trunk and below the rear taillight panel. The remaining paint is oxidized and appears that it may have been touched up in a couple of areas, although that is difficult to confirm. Rust is a minimal concern as there is no serious rust presented in the photos. Surface rust has developed on the failing paint spots on the trunk, and on the driver side rain rail along the roofs edge. There are no detailed images of the rockers or quarters, but from the images provided, they appear quite solid. The only other concern are a few minor missing trim items that would make the car complete overall like the “Impala” lettering on the trim. Beyond those concerns, this Impala looks like a great fair weather driver to preserve and maintain for years to come. With 6 days remaining in the auction, what do you think this ’63 Impala will sell for?

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  1. John S

    It’s only original once. I predict that this will be bid up pretty high, automatic and all. Beautiful car!

  2. Fred W.

    These were the Honda Civic of the 80’s and 90’s, constantly being messed with, rodded, and modified. Haven’t seen an original one in forever.

  3. Joe Haska

    This would be a great car to spend just allot of TLC on, I think a detailed “DETAIL” would make this car really stand out. Look at the seats closely, I am not sure, it might have seat covers over the original upholstery.
    Someone will get a great car, but it is not going to be $5,900

  4. dirtyharry

    Nice car deserving a restoration. It already has overspray from a prior paint job, the headliner and dash likely not original and ready again. There is rust peeking out. Rubber seals should all be fixed. Such a good foundation for a restoration. There is so much good here, I would like to see it looking new again. I don’t think a 4 speed and a big block would hurt it all. Great find.

    • Steven

      Paint looks to new, likely has Bondo in it the rockers and fender area..

  5. al8apex

    I wouldn’t replaced the carpets

    They are original and as many say: “they are only original once”

    Faded ORIGINAL carpets tells an educated admirer that it IS original

    New carpets would make other areas “needy” and then you couldn’t stop

  6. Matt St

    Love the tail lights on these

  7. John C Cargill

    That sure is not original Impala upholstery.

    • John P

      I doubt anything is really original. I assume an amateur or economy-resto was done long ago with bad paint and worse upholstery selections.. That engine bay also tells the story poorly–

      • Steven

        Tennessee is known for many surprise on classic cars like this saying 2 owner.. Much to say its likely had a new paint job and cover up things where its set outside in the weather elements!

  8. Steven

    Anyway who ever buys it as they better strip it down and do a complete off the frame restoration on a turn table.. Bead blast the body and its gonna reveal alot covered up!

  9. Loco Mikado

    Nice car but the fender skirts would be the first thing to go if I owned it. JMO

    • Moparman Member

      I’m one of those people who likes fender skirts, but in the case of this car, I agree w/ you! :-)

  10. Chuck Turner

    In my opinion, the comments are very astute.

  11. Rickey

    This isn’t a SS Impala, interior looks original, remember this car is 54 years old, bench seats came in a lot them, I predict the price will go up to $8500, possibly $10,000 very nice find, not been rodded out yet, but would make a bad boy if someone wanted too, or just clean it up and paint it dye the carpet and drive that baby like it is, my parents had a 64 SS,327 4 speed convertible same color as this it was beautiful, love them old Chevy’s…..


    Thats plain jane material like they used in the biscayne, the Impala material has square inserts ….

    • PaulieB

      Those are seat covers over the original upholstery. You can see the outline of the squares that your photo points out :)

      • John P

        The post above about “Biscayne” material is incorrect. Even biscayne and belair models had cloth/vinyl combinations–not the junk covering the seats in this car. As always-buyers beware.

  13. Tony L

    This is a nice car. I learned to drive in a ’63 SS with a 283 and a 3 speed. Rockers and the rear part of the front fenders are prone to rust, as are all Chevys. Looks like a couple holes in the rear bumper aluminum inserts, but no cracks in the dashboard and a complete engine bay gets my attention. Those are seat covers on the front bench, but the seat looks solid. Again, this is a nice care, I can see this one going for 10K.

  14. Rustytech Member

    Mark B. I was thinking the same thing about the seats. I had several 63/64 Impala’s and all had the squares in the seat covers. Grand mom had the Belair which had the plain covers. It looks like these might be Aftermarket covers as you can see the originals underneath, if they were put on early then the originals are likely pristine. It’s up to $8200 now with 2 days to go. If this stays under $10k somebody’s gonna get a bargain.

  15. wayne

    I took my drivers test in my MOM’S ’63 Impala 327 3 on the tree. On the first corner I double clutched in order to grab 1st gear. The examiner asked what I was doing. When I explained the need to double clutch a non-syncro 1st gear car . He said you pass. go back to the DMV. Yup! my driver’s test lasted almost a block!

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $9,350.00 with 18 bids.

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