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20/20 Vision: 1975 MGB

1975 MGB

In 1975 there were only 20,171 MGBs produced. We don’t know how many are still on the road, but we are pretty sure that there aren’t many with less then 20K original miles under the wheels.  This 1975 MGB is here on craigslist for $3,500. According to the owner this car was purchased new in El Cerrito, California by a university professor. He passed away in the early 80’s and his wife had car shipped to the St. Louis area and put the car into indoor storage.

Sub 20k Miles

The car has been in storage since the 80’s.  The owner says there are only 19,844 miles total miles on the car.  This is a project, the car is not running.  The engine turns freely and the paint is original. The present owner has replaced all the brake system components including the master cylinder.  There are some spare parts included with this car including a new radiator.

MGB Rubber Bumper

The owner says they don’t have time to finish the car anytime soon.  Have you heard that before?  The owner suggests that the convertible top, carpet, sun visors and miscellaneous interior pieces will need to be replaced due to age.  Could it be because those pieces make good bedding material?  The seats are pretty good and it is thought that the original tires are still on the car though.  We think you may want to replace those before taking any road-trips.



  1. Avatar photo jim s

    the asking price is in the daily drive range. need to do a PI to see what it needs to get running and back on the road. seller needs to post more photos. nice find.

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  2. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah this looks like a really nice project B, even if it is a “licorice lip”!

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  3. Avatar photo steven

    Terrible colour terrible bumpers there still plenty around in uk but the later licorice bumper models are no where near as desirable unusual to see such a low miler tho repaint an convert to th older tidier neater chrome bumper set up but I can assure reader the price is cheap for a car in that order

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    • Avatar photo francisco

      Steven, Did you ever hear of punctuation? How about English grammar and composition? Barn Find people, how about some editing? Everybody here gets a failing grade. This post reflects badly on our community of enthusiasts. Do we have any class, or are we just a mob of rant and rave individuals? What say you readers? If I’m out of line, I’ll shut up.

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  4. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Steve-o….speak English!

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  5. Avatar photo Rufus

    Sure, the color is bad, and after having set up for 30 years all of the systems will need attention, and it probably needs a top and for sure tires,,, but this car is a quick and cheap entry into the collectible car hobby. I shared most peoples dislike of the rubber bumper cars, until I drove one. In the past two years, I’ve been through three of them. There are better issues to be dealt with than replacing the bumpers, like ride height (fairly simple fix for less than $350) and emissions. A simple backdate of distributor, carburetor set and exhaust, and you have a late B that handles better and performs better. No, not a chrome bumper car, but with the rise in interest in the MGB market over the last couple of years, this car, finished with the suspension and performance modifications (NOT applicable in California) comes in at about half to a third the price of a comparable early car.
    I’m a lucky guy, I’ve had a 67 Roadster for about 20 years, but tinkering with the later cars has been a very profitable side line to my long standing British car hobby. I’m not the only guy around who understands that these later cars have a lot going for them, and this low mileage unit will no doubt be snapped up by somebody who doesn’t subscribe to the prevalent bias against RBB’s and have a great MG for 50 cents on the dollar.
    Have fun

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  6. Avatar photo Pete W.


    No, please don’t shut up, but you might try to be a little more understanding.

    First of all, there is no editing for spelling and punctuation on this site that I’ve ever seen. Your comment goes directly to the site, unless flagged by the software for some violation of the rules.

    Secondly, Steven’s comment hardly qualifies as neither ranting or raving. Other than the missing periods, it seems quite normal and reasonable.

    And thirdly, lots of people delete punctuation or use contractions online, especially when commenting from phones, or under less than optimal conditions.

    So no, don’t shut up. But you might want to lighten up.

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  7. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    One other thing to take into account, this site is Global. Not just viewed and commented on, in the U.S. That would mean that some are attempting to formulate their words and sentences in, what is to them, a foreign language. Grab an unfamiliar language and attempt to write a commentary paragraph, with all grammar and punctuation correct, and see how that works out.
    As for the MGB, if I had the space, it would not still be up for sale. While I am not that familiar with English vehicles, I am familiar with upgrading anything with an engine! Ask my poor wife how I have managed to “upgrade” her Highlander!!!!

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  8. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I am with Francisco on this, even though he did not capitalize the F in Francisco. We’re a lazy society when it comes to writing correctly. These run on sentences with no punctuation…I just don’t even bother reading them.

    It isn’t that difficult to compose a 2-paragraph post, check the sentence structure and punctuation, and then edit it.

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  9. Avatar photo JackT

    Well, “they’re original once,” and seller claims it’s all original paint. So, is that “original” over-spray in the left-rear wheel well? If considering this ride, strongly recommend a personal/expert inspection and look for body repairs beyond what’s needed for recommissioning.

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