21 Original Miles: 1982 Chevrolet Corvette

1982 Corvette Carport Find

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Corvettes are a common sight, but reader Greg H just found this 1982 Corvette here on eBay that is claimed to only have 21 original miles! Somehow this sports car was put away brand new and then forgotten about. When first listed the seller was asking $110k, but has since lowered the BIN to $70,000. It is located in Panama City, Florida.

1982 Corvette Carport Find Interior

This is a Collector Edition Coupe, but we are still trying to decide if the low mileage justifies the asking price. We dont doubt the seller’s mileage claims though because this car has its original window sticker and even the seats and steering wheel still have factory plastic wrap on them! The car is currently sitting under an outdoor car port and doesn’t run, but the listing says it has been kept waxed and always been garaged.

1982 Corvette Carport Find Rear

You would think that if someone wanted to sell their car for close to six figures, they would at least want to include some high quality photos and plenty of information. This listing is lacking, so if you are interested we suggest you inspect the car in person. The price is high and we would feel bad driving it with so few miles on the clock. Still, this could be the lowest mileage 1985 Corvette around and it would likely do well as a Bloomington Gold contestant. Special thanks to Greg H for sending this one in!

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  1. Greg H

    No problem….I like how this vette is supposed to be pristine yet the yard looks like a plane could crash in it and no one would notice

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  2. Jim

    I would agree I think the seller is not being honest.

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  3. Jim S

    They’re on crack.

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  4. Russ

    IF IF IF it had been kept INDOORS instead of this hillbilly lean-to, it would be in decent shape. As it is, I’d be willing to be that the rats have had a 29yr party under that hood. What about RUST? I wonder how much is left of that frame…

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  5. Michael Orrell

    Just an observation but does the front of this vette seem to be a lil high or missing something , like an L-82 under the hood ? Maybe its just me .

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  6. john

    Are thouse the stock wheels

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  7. Michael Orrell

    I like the vette but what about the Chevelle or El Camino in pic 3 back ground or the the 57 parked next to the vette in pic 3 .

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  8. Michael Orrell

    Those were stock on that particular Corvette , Limited Edition I do believe .

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  9. rham.1

    Those t-tops leak even when it isn’t raining, I bet.

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  10. Bstang 35

    Why would anyone leave a Corvette with 21 miles on it outside in the weather. What they could not afford it. I think it 100,021.

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  11. Austin Woodward

    it’s not riding high. it’s on blocks. look at the first picture in this post. you can see a block keeping the car at the right height, but the front tire is so flat that it can’t support it’s own weight and has drooped.

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  12. Edward


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  13. Lemble

    This car looks to be moved from it’s last spot of storage. Maybe it was stored in a dealership that lost it’s Chevy dealership from GM and the owners had to sell the old favorites that were sitting around.

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  14. Troy Curtsinger

    Anything to good to be true is usually a SCAM!! And there are a lot of them on the inner net.

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  15. JJG

    I wouldn’t care if it was hermetically sealed since new, I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that price for this year Vette.hmmmm…….http://usedcorvettesforsale.com/1982-corvette-40194.html

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  16. Bear

    Even though it has low miles, that Vette is gonna need some serious $$ to make it road worthy again! New tires, replace lots of other rubber bits, fix the headlight actuators, rebuilt the entire brake system, flush or replace the entire fuel system, replace many engine & trans seals, perhaps have to rebuild engine, trans, etc. if it wasn’t stored properly, etc. etc. etc….Cars don’t like to be parked & forgotten for 30 years. They need to be properly maintained even if they aren’t driven!!…BTW: I have a pristine ’82 Vette (White w Burgundy interior) with just 20K miles on it that I’d sell for MUCH MUCH LESS, and it is 100% road worthy TODAY!!

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  17. Kschurch

    Even new, 82 isn’t a great year. A decade too late. Plus you’d think it would be a good idea to put air in the tire before you took the picture of your high priced listing.

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  18. Don

    How Sad…….The owner thought his corvette was like a bar of Gold.Just set it out back untill retirement time.He SHOULD have invested the money in gold.Would have an incredible return on his money and a couple of minutes polishing would have it good as new.Better then NO retirement plan though…..

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  19. Greg H

    you think crossfire injection worked good when new… imagine having to sort this thing out!

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  20. Sparky

    The only Corvette I’m interested in seeing has chrome on the front & chrome on the rear…

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  21. john

    The ad says garage kept, must have moved it to the carport still way to high $

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  22. Bear

    ALWAYS ENTERTAINING to see what some people think their “rare collectable” is worth!!I highly doubt that this will sell for anywhere near $70K…….I’m assuming that seller has set the negotiation starting point sky high with the hopes of receiving an offer that is near his REAL price!! (Unfortunately he’s probably just scared off any seriously interested parties with this unrealistic fantasy price tag…)I predict that we will continue to see the asking price drop with each relisting……IF I were an interested buyer, i’d want to personally inspect the car to see if the body, paint, and interior has survived what appears to be a somewhat neglected storage. Then (if it checks out OK) I’d factor in the cost of new brakes, new rubber bits (tires, hoses, etc.), trans rebuild, and probably a new hi-performance crate motor to replace the SERIOUSLY WEAK 1982 powerplant! (But keep & store the original motor in the corner of your garage, just in case a future owner wants to laugh at it!!)…Could be a nice Vette, WITH A NEW ENGINE and a few other select improvements… BUT NOT with a project buy price of $70K!!

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  23. Sparky

    The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the US Redneck Special Forces (USRSF). These southern boys will be dropped in Afghanistan knowing only these facts about terrorists.1.The season opened today 2. There is no limit 3. They taste just like chicken 4. They dont like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Pentagon expects the problem in Afghanistan to be over by Monday.

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    • Walter

      It’s only Monday cause there is church on Sunday. Prediction: they will ultimately be rescued by the Cajun Navy ( more than likely the special forces which have the 250 horse+ up on the bass boat)…

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  24. vettefan

    1st off, if you spent alot on a 82 collector edition, only a dope would rip out the stock engine and put in a crate engine, go buy one that is alot cheaper. So was the car put away and forgotten about or kept clean and waxed. And if they did keep up appearance why would you not keep it running and maintained? There were alot of 82 collector ed sold(if I remember it was 6k +) and many were “put away” and there prices are far less than this one.

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  25. Antonio

    Florida..enough said

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  26. Prowler

    I don’t think Jethro’s mom knows he’s. on the computer again
    Puhlease. Like this is for real

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