2+2 = Affordable? 1970 Jaguar E-Type Stored 30+ Years

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

As usual when finding an “affordable” E-Type Jaguar, this is a 2+2 automatic. To be honest, these have started to look better to me, though, especially the 6-cylinder models. One XJS is enough to keep me away from Jaguar V12s for a long time to come. Anyway, this 2+2 project car is for sale here on eBay where bidding is currently a very reasonable $6,200–but it hasn’t met the reserve yet. It’s nice to see a clear, reasonably well written listing as well.

Remember, you can always convince your significant other that one of these makes sense by using the argument that it’s a six-cylinder, four seat hatchback. Right. Thankfully, the previous owner didn’t follow through with their plans to install a Ford V8, because that reasoning would go out the window. The cream paint on this car isn’t the original color, and appears to be of mediocre quality at best. I’ve covered my attitude about rust before, so when the seller states “the car is extremely rust free for a Jaguar as you can see in the pictures” I take it with a grain of salt. I’m admittedly happy though to see an E-Type with undamaged front bumpers, which implies a bonnet and body tub that haven’t been bent!

The view down this sill concerns me. There are a lot of ripples, and whether those are through an accident, body filler over rust or mis-jacking the car, they don’t fill me with confidence. However, I am pleased at the general lack of corrosion in the bonnet and doors.

This shot of the lower body has both good and bad points. Looking at it in higher resolution, it does look like there isn’t a lot of rust in the floor. However, whatever caused the tear/weld/whatever that is readily visible–let’s just say I’d like some explanation. As the car has been off the road for 30+ years and been in the current owner’s possession for six, perhaps they know more.

We’re told that the engine was started six years ago (presumably when the current owner bought the car) and that it was “sound, with no smoke or funny noises.” I wish it had been run frequently since then. Also, the seller tells us that the front suspension and brake systems have been rebuilt, and that a new stainless steel exhaust system has been purchased but not installed. The upper suspension components in this picture look great; it’s nice to see that the parts were cleaned as new bushings were installed. The seller also notes that the automatic transmission serial number doesn’t match the data plate, so it may have been changed at some point.

The interior is original, with the seats in fairly good condition and carpets needing attention. Overall, if you don’t mind the 2+2 and automatic, this could be a pretty decent project as long as the reserve isn’t too high. The seller states that they have to sell due to medical reasons–I’m sorry to hear that but I hope that another enthusiast benefits as a result. Have any of the rest of you lowered your E-Type goals to this type of project, versus the purist covered-headlight 2-seaters? And do you prefer sixes or twelves?

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  1. Chris Kennedy

    No point in going any further. It’s an automatic!

  2. Paul

    Sill picture kills the deal. Ugly!

  3. Palandi

    The 2+2 seems to be good value for money since prices for the 2-seater and the roadster began skyrocketing. I too rather have a 2+2 with a six, but for the right money even a V12 would be acceptable.

  4. Black Cat

    There’s a lot to like about 2+2’s. In some ways, an early one with manual box is to me the most desirable E-Type. But with the rising tide on all E-Types, I see better value elsewhere. This car, which clearly has sins hiding in her sills, is still RNM at almost $16k. A Series 1 XJ6 has effectively the same engine, gearbox and chassis, an equally gorgeous if different Jaguar body, a nicer interior with better ergonomics, and can be found in excellent condition for about 25% of this car’s current bid.

  5. Peter

    That driver’s side rocker panel shot is far too “Wavy-Gravy” for my risk-quotient.

    I would run from this one, but I like the idea of lowering one’s E-type goals to include the 2+2, and (now that I’m injured) even the slushbox. In a straighter, 2+2 (body-wise) you still have 90% of the the 2-seater’s E-type “eyeball,” and the beautiful music, power and torque of the six.

    Just not this one–for me, personally, that is. Nice write-up, though!


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