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2,335 Miles: 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati


There was a time when every hardcover “dream car” book or calendar from the 1980s featured a Chrysler TC by Maserati. It seems everyone, from consumers to authors, were smitten by this handsome coupe with its Maserati affiliations, even though only a small part of the production run came with an Italian-built mill up front. This example is extremely low mileage but sports the less-desirable Mitsubishi V6 – is it worth bringing home? 

s-l1600 (51)

Here’s where things got utterly boring for the stylish TC: the Mitsubishi-sourced V6 with a rip-snorting 141 b.h.p. These are the moments when projects that are built across multiple brands begin to get a bit messy, and can have damaging consequences on a vehicle’s long-term collectability. If this was a model with the Maserati-built engine, we might be having an entirely different conversation. With just over 2,300 original miles, you can at least be assured of having plenty of open road miles ahead.

s-l1600 (2)

I will say, those seats look super comfortable. They remind me of the recliner-like buckets found in the Maserati Biturbos of the same era, and given the emphasis on cost-cutting at this time, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were near-direct carry-overs. The interior remains in as-new condition like the rest of the car, and the combination of black leather and wood trim will always be attractive if it’s maintained like this one here.

s-l1600 (3)

The seller says this TC belonged to his deceased father, who also snagged the dealer display stand and banner seen in the first photo, and they will be included in the sale in the next owner wants them. Personally, I think decking a garage out with original dealer paraphernalia is a great look, especially when you have a showroom-quality example to park next to it. You can find the TC here on eBay if you want more info, and thanks goes to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the great find!


  1. Luke

    Interesting cars, Maserati was extremely unhappy in 1987 when Chrysler came out with the LeBaron first. It took sales away from the TC. However, I think the LeBaron is a better looking car anyway. It’s sad that they even put 3.0 Litre V-6’s in these, the Chrysler Turbo motor was the better choice.

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    • JamestownMike

      I think that 3.0 Mitsubishi V6 was a great motor for the Lebaron. The only problem with that motor that I’m aware of was the faulty valve stem? seals were bad on a lot of them, causing them to smoke a lot, replace the seals with a redesigned valve seal and it solved the problem. The automatic trans on those cars were noisy.

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      • racer99

        I would actually prefer the V6 for a driver but the collectibility (and price) I would think would be higher with the “Maserati” 4 cylinder.

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  2. JamestownMike

    Basically a REALLY nice Lebaron hardtop convertible! I’m pretty sure the only thing Maserati might be the seats and minor exterior restyling. This is a FAR cry from a REAL Maserati!

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  3. racer99

    Sorry but this is a proverbial “lipstick on a pig” car and another example of why “rare” doesn’t necessarily equal “valuable”. I can’t imagine this thing getting anywhere near it’s original $30k+ price tag especially with the V6 engine.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Cadillac Cimarron comes to mind. One of those in this car’s condition would elicit the same reaction.

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  4. grenade

    There are lots of cool words in this write up. Words like Maserati and display stand and banner. That’s about all the cool I see though. I do appreciate any thing with 2,300 miles. That’s nice, but that’s where the cool ends for me. Never a fan of those cars. I had a Maserati Biturbo and I ripped the interior and engine out of it and stuck in a roll cage and a V8 from a Lexus. This one just looks like a LeBaron with front wheel drive and no power.

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  5. Dairymen

    Those seats look like they’ve been used quiet a bit! The leather isn’t tight on there as you would expect from less than 3k miles!

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    • JamestownMike

      They were made that way!

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      • CCFisher

        I recall from a period magazine article that Maserati’s leather craftsmen struggled with the deliberately wrinkled upholstery style. They were accustomed to producing absolutely smooth leather surfaces.

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  6. TomB.

    Jacksonville Copart West has one listed for sale today. Buy it now $425. I started it and it will run in gear. Mold and mouse dropping is why it is listed as bio-haz. It has the Maserati brakes which need work or converted to Lebaron. (Allpar has article)

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  7. Randy

    Well the value went down with a dontlast battery. That goes for the dontlast parts too. Value is probably half what it should be. It’s a shame someone would us use crappy parts on nice car!

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    • Poppy

      I hear you about “dontlast,” but the battery is probably the only part that ever needing changing in 25 years and 2200 miles and can be swapped with one more to your liking in about 5 minutes. It’s probably got the original oil filter on it.

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  8. Charles H.

    They were available with the optional 2.2 liter intercooled turbo II engine, Luke, and also with a Mitsubishi 200 horse 2.2 liter turbo, with a Maserati head, cast by Cosworth, in England, along with the 3.0 Mitsu V6……

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  9. Ross W. Lovell

    . Greetings All,

    Have it on the highest authority that these are just exceptional cars😏

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    Nothing special other than the mileage. It’s a Le Baron, big deal

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  11. kman

    The four spd automatics normally linked to the mitsubishi 6 were time bombs. It was never a question of IF it would blow up, but WHEN. My Le Baron’s blew up in the middle of nowhere just north of Chico Calif. My Wife’s Caravan blew up more slowly so there was time to deal with it in town. They just were no good but I have nothing bad to say about the V6. I think it was a fine engine. The Le Baron was not a great car but it was a pretty convert. All in white including the top. door handles , side trim and even the mags! Massive understear tho.

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  12. Keith

    To Quote Lee: “The best looking item to come over from Italy since my Mother.” Hmmmmm

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