24,000 Mile Survivor: 1984 Honda Accord

The 1980’s brought many memorable Japanese cars that are still quite popular to this day. Although the Honda Accord was regarded more as a “high end” car rather than a “street fighter,” these cars offered interesting looks and fantastic reliability. This 1984 model has covered only 24,000 miles in its lifetime making it a grand example. In excellent condition inside and out, this Accord has been bid on 44 times with bidding currently resting at $2,475. Find it here on eBay out of Milpitas, California.

For some Honda folks, the burgundy interior can be off putting as it seems to have not aged as well as other Honda interior colors. Thankfully this interior has aged gracefully with the only color variation being the steering wheel. Beyond that issue, this interior is in fantastic condition. Even the factory floor mats are included, and are in very nice shape. Equipped with cruise control, and air conditioning, the Accord offered high end options for the time. Power comes from a 1.8l ES2 engine, and a 4 speed automatic. Cruising in comfort while getting great gas mileage was easy to achieve in this Japanese classic.

Although small, the Accord always reminded me of a DeLorean DMC12 and Inspector Gadget’s car. The optional rear louvers are in nice shape and really add to the look of this clean machine. These older Hondas are well known for rust, and paint concerns, but thankfully this low mileage beauty has spent its life in a garage in sunny California. Also this Accord is equipped with mud flaps, beauty trim over the wheel arches, and even pin stripping. All of these items were not standard back in the day. Whoever has been the care taker of this Accord has truly saved a jewel for the vintage Honda enthusiasts. What do you think this low mileage survivor will sell for?

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  1. sparkster

    Love this car just wish it was a five speed with a/c

    Like 1
  2. irocrob

    The only car I ever bought new was a 1984 4 door Accord. Mine was a 5 speed and LX. It was a fantastic car but had to sell it in my divorce. Miss the car,not the wife.

  3. Steve R

    That’s my mom’s old car. The seller is lying. He knocked on their door a few months ago to ask if it was for sale. They gave him a price, when he came to pick it up he gave my mom a song and dance story about his wife’s purse being stolen and asked if they would come down on the price.

    The car was wrecked when it was a few years old, it was hit at a 90 degree angle by a passing car when it was pulling out of a parking lot so the entire front flip has been replaced. It was also repainted about 10 years ago because it was developing cancerous rust under some trim, which had started to come back.

    It is s nice car. I’m just a more than a little annoyed the current seller played my parents.

    Steve R

    • Jeff Kiers

      Are the miles accurate, Steve?

      • Steve R

        Yes, the mileage is correct.

    • Kathleen

      Steve R..great that you saw this and spoke up. I am sick of liars, we all are Im sure.WAS a nice car. Now it has an ohonest background.

    • Howard A Member

      Whoa, an interesting turn of events, for sure.

  4. sparkster

    Steve R how much did he pay for it ?

    • Steve R


      • Jeff Kiers

        Why wold you let your mom sell it for that with ONLY 24 K?? Regardless of accident and paint, it is a true collector’s item!! I pt 400000 kms on my 5 speed 85.

  5. JW454

    I had a very similar car. It was the same engine and trans and the same colors but, the one I had did have A/C. I bought it from a friend in 1990 for $850.00. He was moving from Ohio back to Alabama and didn’t want to take it with him. He also threw in a component stereo that, at the time, was a pretty hot item. The car is long gone but, I still have that stereo and I use it often.

    It was a good car and I’d take another one if it came along at the right time.

  6. Fred W.

    Too bad whoever buys it on Ebay won’t have a clue about it’s past that Steve mentioned.

  7. CowboyChris

    Yes Steve he’s saying that he is selling his grandparents car not too cool I would find out where it was sitting and Throw a couple rocks at it.. I’m just saying

    • Steve R

      No, I’m not mad he’s flipping it, just that he tried to renegotiate the deal when he picked it up.

      Steve R

  8. bob S

    Great we got a Steve here. Hope he gets stiffed.

  9. Kiwi Glen

    I had the 82 3 door model for about 5 years. Had quite a few rust issues especially round the windshield lower doors and on the rear hatch where water would pool at the bottom of the glass. That being said it was reasonably fast could do 100 miles an hour with its 1.6 manual carbed engine. Good times

  10. Francisco

    Seller has only one feedback on ebay. Be very wary. Both ebay and paypal would take a great interest in this dishonesty. They judiciously protect their customers. Alas, it’s not for me to report.

    • Kathleen Mansfield

      I am not logged on to eBay or I would report thei lies on condition.
      Maybe Karma will be an irate customer finds the front end Car data report.. Belatedly.
      Dude seems reckless, making other damages possible. Fingers crossed he gets his just desserts. For all his scheming and pushing his..luck.

  11. rando

    Didn’t I see this car a few days back on here? Or maybe another site? Weird.

  12. Jeff

    My wife bought our 86 Accord 4 door brand new. I started driving it when we met a few years later. Last night it just rolled over to 200K!

  13. sparkster

    I just checked, it’s up to $4050 and has not hit the reserve yet

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Maybe E-bay did find out. This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing. 54 bids to $4,050.00. Reserve not met. ???????

    • DKW

      More likely someone offered him a Buy-It-Now price and offered to pay him outside eBay (no seller fees)… another dishonest way of dealing. Use eBay to locate your seller but not compensate eBay for it.

    • Francisco

      Crooked is as crooked does. He’ll get his bad Karma.

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