25K Mile Survivor: 1987 Chevy C/K Scottsdale

The Scottsdale line of Chevy pickups is instantly recognizable as being one of the most popular and long-serving trucks on the roads. Handsome, if not slightly conservative, the design still looks good today. Unfortunately, finding one that hasn’t been worked to death is near impossible. This survivor specimen here on eBay has only 25,633 original miles and is likely to be one of the best you’ll find. 

The double-door rear canopy is painted to match, and the original tailgate has been carefully crated and stored since new. You don’t see canopies like this too often (likely because they’re pricey) and it’s a far better look than the typical one-size-fits-all white topper. Whether this truck was used as a weekend getaway vehicle or a work truck isn’t disclosed, but we’d hypothesize it’s the former – these C/K pickups simply don’t look this nice if used as a contractor’s vehicle.

This K20 4WD pickup has been stored in a heated garage since new, and the tan cloth interior and carpeting all appear to have never been used. An automatic paired to the fuel injected 5.7 V8 is a great combination, and will pull this single-cab truck around with ease. The copper paint isn’t the most common and the truck is rust-free, having lived its entire life in or near Battle Ground, Washington.

The seller isn’t pulling any punches about the mileage, not that there was any doubt based on the photos. Bidding is approaching $10K but the reserve remains unmet; we’d wager the seller’s base-line price is around $15K, which is all the money for one of these. More than that and your money would be better spent purchasing one of the muscle trucks we profiled yesterday, unless you’re hankering for a mint-condition tailgate.

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  1. Bill

    This is a really well preserved and useable truck. I’d say it should go for between 18-20 grand only because they are in high demand.

  2. Fred W.

    Funny how this can be had in beat up but going down the road condition in rural communities for $1500 all day long, but mint examples command nearly 10 times that.

  3. Don H

    Excellent condition inside and out ,has cracked grill. !

  4. Mike Super Sport

    Great truck. I like the color too. In the posting they have a picture of the seat back tilted forward. The driver side back of seat has an odd crease/dent in it – anyone know what would cause that? Thanks

    • Scot Douglas

      Poor fitting seat cover? Seat looks brand new – maybe it was always covered.

    • Matt P

      The driver side seat belt has wrinkles in it. Maybe the seat was sitting forward while the seat belt was buckled. Or perhaps the seat belt was always buckled to silence a seat belt buzzer.

  5. Howard A Member

    Once again, I’m leery. These sellers cut their own throat with detailed pictures like this. The underside and motor tell the story. You can detail the heck out of the top side, but the underside gives it away. Not that 125K on this is a bad thing. This was somebody’s tow vehicle for a pretty big trailer ( big enough to have trailer brakes) Somebody really took care of this, but I question the original mileage claim, as usual. Still a very nice truck. Never see these like this up north.

    • Loco Mikado

      “Once again, I’m leery. These sellers cut their own throat with detailed pictures like this. The underside and motor tell the story. You can detail the heck out of the top side, but the underside gives it away”

      No pictures of underside or engine, what are they hiding? Buyer beware IMO. The candy shell looks delicious but what is underneath it is what counts.

  6. JamestownMike

    Looks like a nice $5k to $6k truck to me! Not many options on this one…….NO A/C, crank windows, manual locks, painted steel wheels with hubcaps……..for $10,500?? No thank you!

  7. Fred W.

    Looked at the underside and to me, could be consistent with 25K since the rest of the truck is. All it takes is thin paint and a little humidity on the undercarriage and this is what you get, regardless of miles. Not much to speak of, just a hint of surface rust.

    • Best Offer

      Vehicles in the Pacific North West area dont rust,the undersides look perfect with 300,000 miles !

      My brother in law a GM fan has one of these with 240,000 and looks perfect under the truck,looks new..

      I repainted the body,interior is all new and the truck looks better than this and he has 240,000 on it..

      • Old car guy

        I’ve bought many rigs in the Pacific Northwest and the undercarriages never look as nice as California counterparts.
        Also I’ve bought a couple vehicles from sellers like this one. When they come in there are always more blemishes than the description says. One time my driver showed up and the odometer was out for repair. Historical documentation is the standard bearer when mileage claims are at stake. Be safe out there fellas…

  8. Howard A Member

    Was the Scottsdale badge always held on with sheet metal screws? Repaint,,,( at some point)

    • Mike Super Sport

      Good catch on the screw (I hadn’t noticed it). Looking closer I think I see a paint tape edge on the top of the emblem.


    Looks true to me but it’s a basic transpo truck. 8 grand

  10. Turbotimez

    Paint is worn off the sill on the rocker but carpet looks like it has never seen a boot?

  11. RJ

    Over spray on the rubber around the taillights also or am I seeing things?

  12. glen

    Full box,4X4,V8. I’m in love.

  13. Warren

    Dunno, but to me it looks like a respray.

  14. stan

    nice looking truck, though it looks to have had some paint work done to it, there appears to be over spray in a few places, the horns in the grille appear to have some silver over spray on them,, the rear bumper has nicks and they have been sprayed over, one fender emblem has one screw in it and the other two, appears to have had a seat cover on it, and the rug either was shampooed or it might has been replaced, all in all nice looking unit that would look good in my garage

  15. JimmyJ

    Beautiful truck, nicer than mine but mines the same truck but 93 with a5 speed bought it last year for $3200 can , almost as clean ,no rust at all and 67000 km or 42000 miles….
    I find eBay is way overpriced the bargains are on Craigslist if u have cash and get on the deals fast!
    Btw in new to the site and love it! Keep up the good work😄

  16. W9BAG

    Fantastic !! Customize the bed as a comfortable RV. Great color. Fantastic !!

  17. Garryo

    Plow truck – beware!

  18. S Ryan

    Nice truck.
    I have to agree with everyone on this. Probably 25K miles. Definitely a repaint. Interior redone. Over Priced. But still a great truck.

  19. rumpfox

    i own one of these but mine is a Silverado 10. mine has a 700 overdrive. wrecked it in 2008 hit a handicap pole in the driver’s front fender and parked it till last year. someone would stop by my house at least once a week wanting to buy it but my wife wouldn’t sell it wanted me to fix it well last year I started the job to put it back on the road. the truck haD STARTED RUSTING AWAY FRONT FENDERS,inner fenders DRIVERS DOOR CAB CONERS , RIOCKER PANLES IN AND OUTERS BED SIDES BUT THE MAIN PARTS WERe Perfect. rebuilt jasper eng. new gas tanks fuel pumps tank selector the hole fuel sys.mine has a rubber mat instead of carpet which I like better.

  20. Todd Barrett

    Would have been nice to see a few more pictures of the tailgate in the eBay add. Geez

  21. Jared

    I think it has `125k miles on it.

    my picture shows a 1985 s10 with 28,000 miles about.

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