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25K Miles: 1980 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL

There are lots of R107-series Mercedes-Benz for sale at a given moment, and you can certainly find a drop-top beater for chump change. Of course, it will have myriad issues and never be much fun to own, but it will be cheap! In the case of this long-lived model in Mercedes’ lineup, you can “level up” to a decent model and still not spend a ton of money in the process. This 1980 450SL listed here on eBay has just over 25,000 original miles and is currently bid to $13,500 with no reserve.

When we see these R107s pop up, the interiors are usually a highlight owing to Mercedes’ use of notoriously hard-wearing materials. However, when a car is truly a low-mileage example, the quality of the materials really shines through. This 450SL actually looks new inside, with near-perfect leather seating surfaces, beautiful wood trim, and stain-free floor mats and carpeting. The steering wheel is an aftermarket Nardi-style unit and it looks sharp here.

The 450SL featured V8 power, but that wasn’t necessarily a big deal in 1980; from what I can tell, it made about 190 horsepower, which wasn’t awful given the era it was produced in. While this convertible model is compelling, the truly smart car to buy in the 107 family is the C107, which was the hardtop coupe variant that is found in far more limited numbers. Many automotive pundits have written about that car’s sleepy status on collectors’ radar, but I suspect that will change in the coming years.

And that means for the time being, you can still buy a darn nice R107 for short money. This 450SL has clearly been loved with exceptional paint and polished Bundt wheels rounding out a very nice package. The chrome trim on the arches is fairly typical for the model, and given how clean this one is, I doubt you’ll find any serious rot behind them (unlike your average craigslist or Marketplace special). Even the awful U.S. bumper trim is in excellent shape. Overall, this looks like a potentially great value for the money.


  1. Bigcat Member

    Very tasty, would be nice to have a pic of the dash to at least see the low mileage claimed. Is this a euro model (headlights?). Maybe mileage is in kilometers?

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    • Richard Martin

      Those bumpers would suggest it isn’t a euro model Bigcat. They certainly never had them here in Australia and I suspect, anywhere other than the good old US of A.
      Really nice car whatever its origin.

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  2. alfa2600

    Beautiful car for sure but I have questions as to the millage, seat bolster is quite worn and why were tie wraps added to the engine bay and in front of the radiator. I would think nothing would have had to be added wire wise to a low millage Mercedes.
    My 03 BMW 330 CI had a cleaner engine bay at 60,000 Miles.
    Low millage for sure but maybe not that low.

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  3. Jerry Bramlett

    What a truly stunning car! I think I’m in love.

    The seller has a 0 feedback rating, however. Also, he hasn’t listed his real name or given his phone number. I just dunno… are you feeling lucky, punk?

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  4. David R.

    My grandfather bought one of these in 1979 after 35 years of refusing to buy German products (WWII European Theater Vet). It was champagne gold with chocolate brown seats, a very sharp car. He traded it after about 6-8 months because it hurt his hips to get in and out of such a low car. The $50 (in 1979 dollars) oil filter was also most likely a factor.
    These little things are good looking and seem to be tiny tanks – I see a blue haired old lady driving a butter yellow one around town several times a month. I’ve got a gut feeling she is the original owner. People that like these seem to love them, so I’m sure it will move quickly!

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  5. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    I’ve had a 280sl, 350sl, 450sl and they were all dogs in comparison to the 500sl. Beautifully built cars with easy to erect soft tops and great to cruise around in.

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  6. Dan

    If I had to get an R107 Benz, I would at least look into this one; it’s reasonably priced and looks very clean. While I might question the seller being in Dallas and the car having a TN plate, it’s getting tougher to find a R107 with such low mileage.

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  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    These were all the rage all over the states back when that show Dallas was on…..good cars and this one looks well taken care of.

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  8. Kermit Koch

    I had a 1986. It had an eight quart oil pan so changing the oil was expensive. Why?

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  9. Jerry Bramlett

    Apparently this is a scam ad of some sort.

    It “sold” today in a “no reserve” auction for $16,300. It was then quickly relisted in yet another “no reserve” auction with a starting bid of $5,000.

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      Here’s a critical difference between the two auction descriptions. The first claimed 25,000 miles were on the car. The second auction says 111,000 miles.

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  10. Gavin Elster

    Um? Probably not leather interior. Most of these early 450 SLs had MB “text-vinyl” a long lasting, durable “leatherette.” These early pre-380 SL cars were “boss.” Every wannabe celeb here in L.A. wanted one. AC was primitive, and the vacuum locks caused trouble. Heavy, and gas-pump thirsty, but perky and fun to drive.I had “access” to a black ’74 that had full 560 SL upgrades. With the top down, quite a “crumpet catcher!”

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