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26k Original Miles! 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Plymouth Fury isn’t the most sought after of Mopars, but they are still great cruiser and when setup right can actually be pretty quick! This Fury was optioned with the Sport package with the 383 V8 and 727 Torqueflite. It isn’t the most powerful engine available in ’66, especially in 2 barrel form, but it made this a capable and comfortable highway cruiser. You could definitely squeeze more power out of this big block, but considering that this car has just 26k original miles, I hope the next owner leaves it exactly as it is! You can find this survivor here on eBay in Happy Valley, Oregon with a current bid of $7,544 and no reserve.

1966 Plymouth Fury

This car really does look to be in great shape, but the seller doesn’t state whether they have any documentation to prove the mileage or history of the car. A lot can happen in 50 years, but given the condition this has to either be a low mileage survivor or an older high end restoration. Either way, it looks to be in amazing shape and would be a fun driver! It might not be a Charger or Challenger, but I wouldn’t mind having this Mopar. And if bidding stays under $8k, it would be a great buy. So do you think this Fury is truly a low mileage survivor?


  1. Bob's your uncle

    Step 1: Remove original engine, transmission and center section
    Step 2: Add 440+6 engine, beefed torqueflite, and 3.91 Sure-Grip rear
    Step 3: Fix any worn/dried out suspension parts, add modern tires and wheels.
    Step 4: Profit, I mean Fun.

    Cars like this make me hate the roadrunner project sitting in my garage.

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  2. Tom P.

    Looks like a great car for starting into classic car ownership

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  3. Van

    Step 5: what is sitting on the left?

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  4. Blindmarc

    Step:6 looks like a 911 fender….

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  5. David Montanbeau

    I can take that 383 and out do any 440.

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  6. Ken Nelson Member

    With that supposed low mileage, how come the woven cloth door edge trim is pretty well worn at the top inside of the B pillar? Looks like a whole lot of movement into & out of the back seat in 26K miles! And zero engine photos and trunk/underside pics? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless there’s something to hide that might make one question the low mileage……..

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  7. Irish Bill

    Had that exact car in the early seventies. It was our first car and I never had a bit of problems with it. A great car that had great lines then and is still attractive IMHO

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  8. JW

    Nice car and I wouldn’t mind it in my driveway, the only exception is the bland color but I could live with that.

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  9. Dave Wright

    Great car with very attractive lines. The 383 is a great engine, the sport interior is great fun. I wouldn’t change a thing. Just polish and use it.

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  10. Rick

    That 383 2bbl will still just totally roast the tires in such a lightweight short wheelbase car, even with an automatic

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  11. Moparman Elliott Member

    I needed to thin the herd, so I sold mine. At least the person who bought it is a younger, passionate lover of old cars!! :-)

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  12. Van

    The car to the left; a 911 has a slope to the light.
    I’m thinking maybe it’s English?

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  13. Luke Fitzgerald

    Kens got a point re the weave on the leading edge of the doors – but it is fragile and even where there is no traffic that Chysler stuff frays and falls apart….trunk is a surprise – no mat/ jack and the jack base thrown into the rear quarter – MUST be preserved – buy a second hand new gen challenger and smash that up if anyone feels the need

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  14. Marty Member

    The trim around the door (called “windlace”) is going to fray a little bit with even minimal use, it’s 50 years old!

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  15. Boris

    The ’65-’66 full size Plymouth coupes were very attractive in two-door hardtop form. Underrated body style!

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  16. David Montanbeau

    They are beautiful. Here is one that we had for sale.

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  17. David Montanbeau

    Back shot

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    • james burton

      the 66 sort fury i own is a 383 2bar. and will cruze at 100 mph all day long and gets an honest 20 mpg.. these cars look so much better with bumper guards and the rubber trim on the back bumper. they look so plain without that extra touch

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  18. james burton

    the 66 sort fury i own is a 383 2bar. and will cruze at 100 mph all day long and gets an honest 20 mpg..

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  19. Roselandpete

    Interior looks nice but dash seems to have to have some issues that shouldn’t be on 26k mile car.

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  20. RNR

    The photos don’t do the color justice – my dad bought a new ’66 Coronet 500 that color and it was one of the more striking and seldom seen colors. The ’66 Fury’s were dependable and a highly ranked used car by Consumer Reports. The magazines called the 383 2 bbl the “Engineer’s Motor”. because Chrylsler engineers supposedly favored it for their own rides. I can attest that the 383 2v could move a C body quite briskly – while unhappy that Dad traded in that 318 poly motor ’66 Coronet on a ’69 Polara hardtop, I can tell you that a 290 hp 383 Polara could walk away from a 455 Bonneville!

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  21. Robert

    When I was a KID my DAD gave me a 66 V.I.P, it had a 318 in it, I LOVE MOPARS,, WAIT for it, Not so on this one, It ran good and all that but it was a BIG BOAT, To me and my FRIENDS it seem to be all WINDOWS. I’m just a Little SPOILED, I like 64 back to 57 MOPARS, BIG BLOCK PUSH BUTTON or 4 SPEED, In 64 you could BUY a Belevdere with a factory 426 4 speed with 4:11 Gears. GOOD OLD DAYS, HA HA.

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