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27,000 Original Miles: 1967 Ford Mustang


Wow – I haven’t seen too many Mustangs of this generation in yellow, and I like it. Of course, what I like even more is the story that this ’67 Mustang with only 27,000 original miles has been in the same family since new, passed to different generations of ownership. It almost makes me sad to see the current caretaker put this gorgeous example here on craigslist, where the asking price of $20,000 drives an interesting discussion: would you rather this car or the survivor-grade Caprice from yesterday? 


But wait: that’s not an original Mustang color, is it? Nope, as the description will tell you the seller’s uncle painted over the original white paint to match another car in his collection. That’s a shame, and I immediately know my answer to the above question: I’d take the Caprice! Low mileage or not, originality is a big factor for me with car purchases. As it turns out, the carpet was also replaced.


So now that we have that out of the way, how do you feel about this Mustang? If the mileage claim holds up, then it’s still an interesting find – but it definitely needs to be repainted for its limited use to be relevant, in my opinion. The no accident claims are a plus and rust is limited to an apparently minuscule spot at the bottom of the door. The chrome still looks sharp and the recently-added whitewall tires are period-correct.


The seller says he is letting go of this family heirloom to invest in his business, which isn’t the craziest reason to sell a car like this. My question remains fixated on what happens next: repaint and restore or keep it as it currently is? Some might say the repaint adds to its history, but without seeing pictures of the interior, I think this low-mileage example needs to be brought back to as close to OEM-correct as possible. What about you?


  1. dirtyharry

    Difficult to tell what this car is all about. Low mileage, but new paint and carpet? No engine bay or interior photos? Taxi Cab yellow, what exactly was he trying to match? The seller states the AC works great, but needs a new compressor? I learned the hard way to never buy an odometer. If it has such low miles (about 500 per year) I would think there would be some documentation to back it up. Absent some proof, other than the 5 digit odometer, ask yourself if you feel lucky. Having said all that, there are 67 mustangs available for less and I can’t see paying a premium for a Mustang with this paint color. I will take the Caprice please.

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  2. 68custom

    Easy choice the Caprice wins over this.
    Remember the movie used cars with Kurt Russel ? What you want for forty dollars, metal flake! :-)

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  3. JW454

    I’d take the Caprice.

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  4. Mike

    CAPRICE YES Mustang NO

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  5. Stang1968

    Even I’m on board with the caprice instead of this.

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  6. James

    There is no way to document those miles. The car was ruined when it was painted cab yellow, the stupid pinstripes were put on and that ugly lower stripe, all non-factory looking. They also stripped off the factory vinyl top but left the vinyl top moldings. Those cars are also painted factory color inside the trunk and door openings, so what was done there, more yellow paint? No thanks. This guy is dreaming and it would not even bring that if it were a convertible. It’s about an $8,500 car.

    Now that Caprice….:)

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  7. D. Size

    Caprice without a second thought – I for one would not be interested in paying that kind of money and maybe adding another 20K on top of that to bring it back to specs – Then what would I have – A $40K notchback still only worth 23K in it’s prime

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  8. Rock On

    As usual the Chevy hating people are in the minority!!!

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  9. piper62j

    This puppy needs your personal “eyes on” before you lay down the cash.. I can understand replacing the carpet, but the paint job has to go.. Let’s say it’s all together, tight and no body rot or rust in the “usual” areas, it still isn’t worth what the seller is asking.. Bring it back to original, and yes, you’ve got a $20k Mustang..

    Gotta watch out for cars like this.. Great find and a nice car.. I like it.

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  10. Boss351

    Caprice hands down, even though I am a Ford man.

    Mustang has too many questions for the asking price. Need more pictures and documentation on the mileage as127,000 is more likely. Why such an odd yellow for the repaint. Matches only a school bus or taxi cab from that period.

    Return to white and you maybe could ask $20 if everything checks out.

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  11. Joe Muzy

    I’ll take the Mustang but Id paint it another color. Don’t need people hailing me for a ride.

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  12. Roselandpete

    Since everything is original except for the items listed, then it must still have the original battery which is pretty amazing. I’d probably go for the Caprice though.

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  13. stillrunners

    Dang…..and it has to be in Texas…..chezzzz…..run from this one ! Not an original 20,000 mile car – what else is not true ?

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  14. Charles

    $20K for a “plain jane” 1967 Mustang with ugly yellow paint? $10-$12K top price and that is before I would look at the car!

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  15. Ella

    We restore Vintage Mustangs..
    Get a Marti report.
    Research is your best bet!
    It will tell you everything you need or want to know.
    And by ALL means,Do Not purchase any car without seeing it in person.

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  16. John Deebank

    Only 27K with 2/3 generations?? Nope. How many miles would you put on this baby if it became your turn to drive it?

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