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Indian Bronze Survivor: 1966 Caprice 396


Is there anything better than a seller who has the foresight to take before and after pictures of their recent barn find? I don’t think so. This 1966 Chevy Caprice was recently pulled out of long-term storage where it sat, dusty and dry, for many years. Upon removing it and blowing off the cobwebs, its Indian Red paint job shined right up, looking like an almost new car. Check out the pictures below and view the listing here on craigslist, where the seller is asking $26,500 for this 396-equipped Caprice. 


Check out the after photos – this Caprice was, and is, a stunner! The originality on display is impressive, from the hubcaps to the black vinyl top that doesn’t appear tattered like so many others. The chrome bumpers could have been installed yesterday, and for 69,664 miles, the entire presentation seems like that of a car with half the mileage. It has not traveled far, being sold new in Chattanooga and now residing in the Atlanta area.


The interior is just as stunning. It’s amazing how upscale domestic interiors were in the 60s, with gorgeous seat patterns and handsome dash instrumentation. The wood inlays appear to be in great shape, as do the carpets. It even has factory A/C, which I’m assuming still works (though it’s not specified in the listing.) The preservation continues to the back seat, which looks as if it was never sat in.


It all seems pretty good – and then, it only gets better. With a factory big block motor, this Caprice really does have a lot going for it. Paired to a 400 Turbo transmission, this Caprice is one heck of a nice cruiser, and a solid investment if you preserve its untouched condition. With the average miles, you won’t be afraid to drive it, but you’ll definitely want to do everything possible to preserve that original paint and interior. I think it’s worth every penny of $26,500 – what about you?


  1. Terry

    Had one like back in the day but didn’t have the console that would be the ticket

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    Kapow – this is my money

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  3. 68 custom

    My all time favorite full size Chevy, if only it had Power windows, Tilt/Telescope, Comfortron and Fiber optic light options. still it is a very nice BBC with buckets and console/gauges, since I am dreaming I guess 427 and 4 speed too. going to buy my lottery tickets now…

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  4. Rick

    Back in Spring of 1974 in my junior year of high scholl, I had a 67 Caprice 2 dr 396 factory 4 speed and posi, red (no vinyl top) anyhow that was a tire smokin’ son of a gun and fast – the circular speedo would wind all the way around past 120, bet it would go 135, had it for 3 months before I totalled it, but had a big party in it before I wrecked it, never went to class, only passed two of my classes that semester, only because two of my teachers gave me a sympathy D instead of failing me

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  5. rancher

    My Mom bought a new Aztec Bronze ’66 Caprice that looked exactly like this one!

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  6. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow. In today’s world, this seems like a freaking bargain of a price. Love Caprices, 66 is probably my favorite of all

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  7. Fred w.

    Interior is amazing. Looks like the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

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  8. Charles

    Steep price! Don’t think it is worth $26K!

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    • Tim

      Then go find an even better one at a much lower price. Get real. This is a highly desirable collectible that even non-GM folks would drool over.

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      • Tom Member

        Amen. Well said. This is probably one of my favorite Barn Find postings. well done to the seller on the before and after picks. Great car. Definitely priced correctly. I would bet he could get more from the right buyer. they are only original once and finally a decent color!!

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  9. Idiot Boy

    This is worth every penny.

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  10. CowboyChris

    That’s a bad ride I just found this website a few weeks ago and look at it multiple times a day and I love reading the comments, but it does seem like there’s a bunch of haters on here just saying

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      Wow. looks like the votes are running about 9 to 1 in favor. Yours being the negative sounding comment. Where did you find any haters? just sayin.
      Love the car, huh, 10 to 1….

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      • brian crowe

        I don’t think CowboyChris is talking about haters in just this post. I think he’s talking in general. If you want to see haters just look at the 69 GTO a few back. That is filled with haters. I would take that GTO any day and I would love it. Not everything needs a 60-100 thousand restoration. Average guys would just love to build a cool looking and safe driver out of it. It doesn’t need a $10000+ paint just a decent $2000-$3000 job would do.Clean out the interior, cover up the seats, fix mechanical and drive it while you start collecting nice parts for it.

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  11. z28th1s

    Very nice! ’66 is my favorite year of the full size Chevy’s.

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  12. Bruce

    Hmmm, might have to go buy the two I saw two months ago. Both 396 cars and sitting next to them was a 66 Olds 442. If I had the space I would buy all three.

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  13. RON

    Nice car, insane price. Would love to sell you guys that think this is a bargain some land —- ANYWHERE!!!!

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  14. rdbatl

    The car is still in the Chattanooga area. The seller just posted it to the Atlanta list.

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  15. Oingo

    There is no way the AC is going to work, it has to be run from time to time to lubricate the seals, don’t ask me how I know.

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  16. Mepo

    Love the color, love the car, have wanted one since i got a ’66 “Dinky” version in red when I was a kid…I could likely find it in my basement in about ten minutes…almost 50 years later…

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  17. Tim

    I worked for an honest car dealer years ago. When a customer insisted that everything on a used car be made perfect, he’d ask the customer to follow him to the curb, he’d point west and say “the new cars are down the street.”

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  18. Prowler

    A big block Caprice is not that uncommon in this Era
    But to find one in this condition is uncommon
    Great looking car and though it seems like a lot of money….find another like it or better yet try to make one like it
    $26,000 would not get it done

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    • Jeff Staff

      You’re onto it, Prowler. Restoring one to this level of originality ain’t going to happen for $26K unless you happen to find this car’s twin for less money (like the seller probably did!)

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  19. Tim

    If you think the price is insane, it’s not meant to be your car. Prices are meant to sift through the time-wasters, leaving only the one person who values it enough.

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  20. redwagon

    o so that’s what prices are for. silly me i thought they were for starting a conversation about ownership.

    must be that all prices on porsche’s are trying to find that one person who values it enough. ;-D

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  21. JW454

    I like it but, when they replaced the tires it should have had a thin whitewall installed. Keep it as original looking as possible. I’m OK with the asking price.

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  22. CowboyChris

    Thanks brian crow…you hit the nail right on the head,

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  23. CowboyChris

    brian crowe

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  24. stillrunners

    One just like it with a 327 went down the side of my 68 hemi Road Runner in the 80’s. Went to church with the dumb ass since before we were in kindergarten or I would be doing time for his death. Priced to high – yes maybe it will cost this much to get it to this point for a resto. My other church “409” buddie has finally just bought a 66 is it Marina Blue Caprice like his dad bought new – but dad just had a 327….my buddies is a matching motor ? 396 car with a bench seat. He’ll drop his built motor in it but wants to redo the interior with buckets and gauge package….he’s complaining but we’ll see.
    Supply and demand – more out there – than meets the desire – or have one of you yes guys bought it already ?

    This flipper game – is running the desire for a car like this that was maybe in a picture of someone’s parents wedding – the guy payed maybe $5000 for a car like this and gets a $20,000 profit….hell I’d do it but just not my kind of game.

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  25. angliagt

    “66 is one of the nicest years for big Chevys.
    In ’66,our Neighbors went to the boat show in San Francisco,
    & came back with a new ski boat,& a beautiful Dark Red Impala.
    I’ll always remember that car!

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  26. Roselandpete

    The 66 is my favorite of the 60’s Chevies.

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  27. Tom Driscoll

    The red colors of that period were the 1st to fade and needed regular buffing to keep a shine…I wonder how stable that paint is…if good, I can see that price.

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  28. Rando

    I love these cars. I had uncles who had a 65SS impala, a 66 impala, and the first car I remember my mom having was a 67 (I think) impala. Interestingly, Thom Taylor wrote an article in Hot Rod recently that the 66 was originally supposed to be the 65 Impala but there were some manufacturing issues with the noses that had to be solved and couldn’t be done in time. I think that was the story anyway.

    Love this car. Wish it were in my driveway

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  29. adonis f jones

    Brother had one blue/cragers. Think a4barrel/327 powerglide. A real heavy Chevy.

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  30. David G

    Wow, so many elements of this thing so amazingly-well preserved. Nice indeed! But is it just me or do those Wheel Covers look wrong, if not downright goofy? May be Chevy ones but just not coming off well on this thing in my eye…
    And the price; Not even within its own current market is it anything other than a wack-job price.. My opinion of course!!

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  31. brian west

    Funny thing to look on barn find and find your car listed. I actually own this car. And yes all of the comments are very valid. Both good and bad. After all who would expect to pay 26,500 for a 66 Caprice. Definitely makes one take a second look. But this car has survived in this condition. And even I was amazed after I cleaned interior. And washed the outside. I’m not a dealer. Just a car lover. And I personally love original cars over restored cars. Any car can be restored. But FEW survive. Thanks for all the comments.

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