2,710 Mile Green Giant! 1977 Ford Granada

I’m usually the first one to gripe about automakers making every successive generation of vehicle bigger, fatter, wider, and more complicated than the previous generation was. Of course, the old joke is that as humans, we’re also getting bigger, fatter, wider, and more complicated than our ancestors were, too. This 1977 Ford Granada is all of those things, especially when considering that it was originally meant as a Maverick replacement, this one has a secret, though. This car is on Craigslist for $6,595 in the Joplin, Missouri area. Thanks to Rocco B. for submitting this one!

This Granada is highly unusual in that it’s from the 1970s and it’s green, and.. er.. wait a minute! Wouldn’t you have liked to have the green paint copyright back in the 1970s and to have gotten a commission on everything green sold in those days?! Just give me one cent for every green vehicle (or, appliance, shag carpet installation, double-knit pants, etc.) and I’d be set for life, or several lives. This car is special in that it has a mere 2,710 miles on it and has been stored like a prized possession, under a cover. It’s in as perfect condition as maybe any Granada on the globe.

This green giant was over 18-inches longer than the 1974 Maverick was, which it was intended to replace in Ford’s lineup. The Granada was in production for the 1975 to 1982 model years, for the US market, with the first-generation cars such as this one, for 1975-1980, being the most iconic for the brand. This car is so original that it still wears its original tires 40 years later!

I’ve used the term time-capsule probably too often, but there are truly some vehicles out there that are really in such fantastic condition that the term still applies. Whether a person likes a 1977 Ford Granada or not, I love the fact that examples in this condition are still out there. Somewhere, someone loves this car enough that it will sell and it will be a treasured part of their collection, and their life. They will hopefully enjoy it more than the previous owner did, at least usage-wise. 2,710 miles in 40 years is less than 68 miles a year on the road; ouch.

Seeing a 302 V8 here instead of a 250 inline-six would have sweetened this deal and made your friends green with envy (see what I did there?).. But, this 100 hp six-cylinder is the engine that the first owner wanted, so that’s that. It sure looks like new, doesn’t it? There was a 351 V8 available in the Granada Sports Coupe, and that would really be a great find. I would need more photos, like one of the oddly-unseen odometer, to know for sure about the mileage claim, but this is one gorgeous car. The seller says that everything has been gone through and brought up to date and all functions work as they should. What do you think about this one? Hey, at least it’s a two-door, that’s usually the first thing that comes up!


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  1. Miguel

    I think it is still a reasonably good looking car. Do super low miles make it more valuable or not? Who knows.

  2. John

    Spitting image of my Father’s company car from back in the day. Crap machine.

  3. Howard A Member

    In the late 70’s, I had a friend with this exact car. Possibly a vinyl top. I remember, it was a really nice car. We took it on day trips, never failed, economical. Not too fancy, pretty basic, really, but just the right size for 4 people. This car is simply amazing. Again, and again, what do you think the story was? Clearly, someone bought it, and never used it. Comes out to 5 miles per month. Doesn’t show any wear what so ever. Has anybody actually bought a car this old with this low of miles? I’d have to think there would be issues consistent with any vehicle sitting. Great find, if all is in order, that is. Sure looks nice.

  4. Kincer Dave Member

    Clearly this car was loved by someone, just because you don’t like doesn’t mean you have to rude about it.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Spot on Dave ! My brother had the first year ’75 in black over red with the 302 and it was a great car. He took immaculate care of it, as with all of the cars he’s had, putting well over 200k miles on it. Unfortunately, the salt used on N.E. Ohio roads took it’s toll and he did eventually have to part with it. Out came the 302 and it broke his heart to see it on the hook when he scraped the remains.

  5. JDJones

    Had one. You could put it in drive, hit the accelerator, get out and get a cup of coffee and get back in the seat before it would start moving. Pretty comfortable though.

    • Jeffro

      Funny stuff right there!

    • Neal

      I am laughing out loud! Didn’t see where that comment was heading until it was there. Hilarious!

  6. Don

    Would put some magnum 500 s on it

  7. LAB3

    Granted, you got to love a car that’s made it this long in such pristine condition. Kinda reminds me of a car show I was at a couple of years back. There was a guy there with a mid 80’s Buick in a similar state as this car is and he was pretty bummed out that nobody was paying attention to it despite the fact he had every piece of paperwork that came with it, magazine articles and the like. The problem? He was there at least twenty years too soon.

  8. Jeffro

    Could be worse. Could of been a Mustang II. My aunt had a Granada like this. Same color but she had a 302. Good car. Basic, but good.

  9. Pontiac Randy

    Had a 75 Monarch Ghia with the 351, leather, vinyl roof etc etc, great car, went like a scared rabbit Loved it, very reliable but a bit thirsty!

  10. Rob'sGT

    Thought it was a Mercedes at first! Love it.

    • RoselandPete

      Had me fooled too.

  11. h60memo

    I had a ’77 white 2 door 1/4 vinyl 302 p/w console auto almost no rust its biggest problem was being an ex rental car. To many problems to list, not worth fixing properly.

  12. Dan

    That steering wheel again! However, I am really digging that cool padded glove box!

  13. mrkndn323is

    Why the current Ohio plate?

    • Dickreischman

      I’ll bet the car was sold at Hundly Ford in Wheeling,West Virginia on the Ohio river.

      • Ralph Robichaud

        That’s what the tag on the trunk deck says.

  14. Luke Fitzgerald


  15. Ralph Robichaud

    Had one , in white with a 302, and HD suspension. really moved and held to the road. Several people poo-poo the 75-80 Granada and Monarch, granted the weren’t without issues, but better than competition ,like Chevelles, and Chryco late 70s Fury., and lasted far longer., Even if you don’t appreciate this vintage, for $6k+, you couldn’t get a better daily driver. Mine had 76K on it ,and no rust, when I sold it 5 years ago for $4400. I thought it was a sweet trouble free ride..

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Here’s that heavy pony!

  16. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Ohio plates ?

  17. Puhnto

    The Granada is one of those cars that I like better with four doors!

  18. Fred W.

    Maybe not the finest car ever built, but ten times the car the same year Aspen/Volare were. My parents owned the 302 version and it was a very nice driving car.

  19. Ken Nelson Member

    I had a Granada as a co. car in Detroit around 1980 – just a big lumbering hunk of Detroit iron, that rusted surprisingly fast. I rode it thru a carwash one day, and a huge brush wiped the antenna right off the fender! It was rusting thru from underneath, and the antenna literally fell over, leaving a large raggedy hole in the fender, yet the surface paint looked ok – I was shocked at how easily it came off. The whole car was just a boat.

  20. irocrob

    I think it is a great buy. I am sure people would love to see it at the local cruise show. What can you buy for this small amount anymore ?

  21. rando

    I love it. My mom had a 78 in maroon with the white landau top. I learned to drive in that car. Her’s had a 302, wire wheels covers. Vinyl interior. Pretty snazzy car that held up to all the abuse a 16 y/o could dish out.

  22. RC46

    Of course it’s green!

  23. rustylink

    1977 FoMoCo junk – Malaise at it’s finest. I owned a few 77 FoMoCo products and they were all dismal. The build quality was so bad it really hammered ford in the late 70’s and early 80’s so much that in an effort to off set the problems Ford launched a whole program to try and improve it’s terrible build quality image (anyone remember the slogan Quality is Job 1?). I would almost feel a little better with the 250cu vs. the anemic 302 which probably didn’t give you too many more ponies. Someone loved this one or Granny only drove it to the Food Lion 2 days a week…..

    • Ralph Robichaud

      The one featured here is a six banger!

  24. Ralph Robichaud

    My 302 was anything but anemic, granted it wasn’t a Porsche, but would top 100 mph pretty quick, not that I did that regularly. To me, it was snappier than GM ‘s 305, but not quite as lively as mopar’s 318. I’ve had all of those.

  25. Ralph Robichaud

    One thing, I find hard to fathom, is that in all these years the owners never installed a passenger side out mirror.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I thought the same thing. My brother hunted down a factory passenger side mirror for his instead of going with the
      K-Mart “sport mirrors” that were popular during the time. :)

  26. RichS

    Chassis essentially a 60’s Mustang. Had that janky power steering ram cylinder that hung low and leaked if you looked wrong at it.

    That said, I’d drive it.

  27. Keith

    Had a 76 2 door, buckets and console, 302, pulled the emissions junk off it and put dual exhaust on it, and the thing drove quite well. Was it a speed demon?
    Of course not, and was never designed to be one. Thing had the longest doors of any car I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of cars. Dad had the 4 door, 6 cyl version back in the 70’s. If I mention THAT car to him, he won’t talk to me for a week.

  28. Healeymonster

    The Lincoln Versailles was the same car with nicer appointments. Most of them were cannibalized for the rear axle with the disc brake set up. At least the Versailles had that going for it. The Monarch/Granada had nothing worth saving..

    • jwinters

      I had a 1976 mercury Grand Monarch. it had a 351W and 4 wheel disc brakes.


    It’s funny how all of these non-collectable, ugly cars get saved somehow. I guess old people buy them, and never use them is all I can guess. That’s how I got my 2007 Caddy DeVille a few months back with 2,450 miles on it, with new tires and battery. Owned by a 96 year old who never drove it. I drive it all the time to keep miles off my collector cars. This car is ugly, but so ugly, its cool. But it’s going to have problems due to lack of use, and is best used like my Caddy….as a beater. It will never be collectable, and in my opinion, its way over priced. I’d pay $2000 for it, and would guess it needs $2000 tossed at it on day one. Bet the AC doesn’t work for starters, and then the gas tank, oil, brake lines, radiator, tires, belts, hoses, etc. will all have to be gone through. Then drive it into the dirt.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Michael- who defines collectibles? And who determines ugly?
      You are mostly right about one thing , most times if you find a 30, 40, or 50 year old car that cosmetically looks like this one, it likely was an old person’s car, but was that person old when they bought it( assuming a one owner vehicle)?
      In some instances, you maybe be right about all that’ll need done to have an operable car.. That really depends if it was in “dead” storage., but if it was in continuous use , even minimally, none of that applies.
      I have a 76 Cougar XR7, with currently 17’000 miles. I am the. 2nd owner, the vehicle was licensed, and on the road for each of its 41 years, granted most years it gets only 300-500 miles put on, but for those miles, it is driven, yes even interstates at 80mph. It needs nothing other than normal maintenance. It’s all original except for tires , battery and fluids. I readily have to admit for me it’s an old fart’s toy, but I enjoy it..
      Btw- the featured Granada is not, as it stands a $2’000 car. I believe it’s priced fairly if a new set of tires is thrown in. I certainly would not trust 40 year old tires.

      • Ralph Robichaud

        here bethe ole f’s toy.hope pics loads.

  30. Russell

    This is a classic case of someone watching too many Granada commercials back in the day, and going down to the Ford dealer, and buying what they thought was Mercedes 280C clone (in line 6 and all), and putting it away as an investment. 40 years later they’re all proud of there $2000 profit over the sticker price.

    Please don’t take what I just said seriously, but you have to scratch your head when you see low mileage cars like this and wonder what the thought process was.

  31. NSGray

    I had a 1976 two-door with this engine… White with red interior and I sprang for the dealer-installed 1/2 vinyl top. It just ran… and ran. I’d change the oil when the idiot light flickered on hard stops. (Hey I was an idiot kid.) It never failed to start and get me where I was going. Put 65,000 miles on it in 24 months driving from LA to Orange County weekdays. Good memories!

  32. Bill McCoskey

    I worked for a local Ford dealer in the 70s, in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. We had more than a few loaded Granada Ghia sedans come in as used cars, All identical in color & options. I was friends with Jim M., the sales manager [who later married the bosses daughter!] He and his wife remained friends with me until his death a few years ago.

    There were dozens of these identical sedans, all were metallic copper color with brown interiors & matching brown [not tan] vinyl top. I remember Jim explaining the history of these unusual cars. Unusual? Yes, in the manner of the option list. These cars were well optioned with A/C, full power options, AM/FM stereo, vinyl top.

    But when they were delivered, all of these sedans were equipped with the 3-speed stick shift on the floor, with bench seat! Jim suggested that the order might have had the wrong transmission option box checked, or those involved with ordering the cars assumed they came standard with an automatic trans.

    But since these were ordered directly from Ford on a negotiated bulk purchase, no one at the dealership really knew the exact reason. They just knew that as part of the deal, once the buyer was finished with them, we had to sell them off!

    The buyer: The US Government, as in the Government Services Agency [GSA]. I was tasked with removing the GSA Motor Pool license plates on the ones we ended up taking, and I guess the remaining cars were sent to other Ford dealers in the region. Jim said these cars had been ordered for the Federal Government’s Executive branch use.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      A significant number of top line(trim wise) Granada and Monarch models were sold to the Us and Can govts, as embassy cars for use in consulates/ embassies in Europe, the majority being built to Canadian standards I.e. Metric system instrumentation,etc. A good number of them are now owned by folks in Germany, Poland,France, Denmark ,Norway, the Netherlands, and even Great Britain. , these of course needed to be converted to right hand drive. I have assisted a number of these owners source parts for their “jewels”.

  33. charlie Member

    A client who was a Viet Nam vet, one eye lost in fire fight, and PTSD, although the VA did provide a glass eye, there was no treatment for PTSD by the VA then, bought one new. It was the worst new car, in terms of build quality, I have ever seen. Trim pieces fell off, engine smoked, automatic transmission slipped, it was before NH had a lemon law, and dealer just ignored him. We went up through Ford, over the head of the dealer, and they traded even for a new one, which was the same car, but without all the problems. The best thing VW and Toyota did for the US auto industry was to teach it about quality control. (VW, alas, has lost touch).

  34. Tom Driscoll

    As a mecedes kille, I would sure like to see some more pwr options/moonroof/351 under the hood!

  35. Dave

    We had one back around 83. Ours was a 77 beige with maroon vinyl. It was a nice solid car. Then while sitting at a red light we were rear ended at about 35-40mph. Insurance paid to fix it. When I went to pick it up, it had been hit on the other side while at the dealer’s auto body shop. They fixed and painted it again, but was never quite right. I think the fuel pump or tank was damaged. Traded it on Lee Iacocca’s latest deal, the least expensive car made in America a 85 Dodge Omni about $5500.

    I’ve seen a sweet black Granada ESS at ATCO dragway in South Jersey. A consistent bracket winner and a nice looking car. Nice Find.

    Btw my Dad owned 2 brand new successors to this car, The Fairmont. Both 6cyl with 1 barrel carbs and auto transmissions. Same engine that my first car, a 68 Mustang had. Except the Mustang had more compression, torque, HP, and a 2 bbl carb.

  36. landt

    Lovely car, I really like it . . . but what would a concours-perfect ’77 Granada be worth? $10k at most.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Well, a 78 granada, with the Ghia trim, 302, but with a 4 speed manual floor shifter, black with red interior( an American favorite color combo) crossed the auction line in 2015, at the Barrett- Jackson shindig in Scottsdale, AZ . High bid and hammer went down at $27’500.

      As always, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay.

  37. Michael Dworek

    I had one with the 8 cylinder motor. Jade Green Metallic & white Landau Vinyl top. Traded in a 6 cylinder one that was a gas hog.

  38. Keith

    Hahaha I love the “I’d buy it for $2000” crowd. Of course you would, and within an hour you’d have it on Ebay as an “unbelievable low mileage survivor” at $5995. Get real. Show me any car, anywhere, from any decade, with 2500 miles on it that you can buy for $2000. Heck, show me a 2500 mile car you can buy for $5000. I’ll await your reply……

  39. Ralph Robichaud

    spot on< keith!

  40. Ralph Robichaud

    It is absolutely amazing that a vehicle, a Ford Granada, which by the account of much of the readers is a car that NO ONE should ever want or have wanted is creating such a quantity of response comments.. Hey, Barn find editors did you take a count?

  41. Kincer Dave Member

    That doesn’t take in to account the comments that were deleted lol

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      @Dave – We only remove comments that violate the rules listed below.

  42. Car Guy

    Drove one of these new with the “no effort” power steering. The Queen Mary had a quicker ratio steering box………….

  43. jwinters

    my dad had a 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch. it was the top of the line model. all leather inside, 351W and 4 wheel disc brakes. it was a rare model, has anyone ever seen one? the only one I have ever saw was the one my dad had. it was stolen and when it was found the leather seats,both front and rear, the aluminum wheels, and the rear axle and battery were all missing. He didn’t think it was worth fixing so he got a 1986 Mercury Marquis.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Indeed, the green Giant featured here though very nice by 70s standard is a bit of a plain Jane, The Mercury Grand Monarch was a very remarkable fashionable car, I had a friend in Toronto , Canada, Ben K, who had one for years but sold it to Sheldon Mac… in 2011, a transaction in which i had a small part. More recently I helped an owner of one in Bucharest,Romania in locating parts.
      Dear readers- by now you’ve deduced that I have a particular interest in these motor cars.. I’lll not post anymore comments on this featured auto, as you are likely tired of my ramblings.

    • Keith

      That is an odd combination jwinters and I’ll give you another oddball that’s almost a twin to yours: I had a 77 Versailles (yeah, I’m that guy), 4 wheel disc brakes, 351W engine (so it was very early production model as they normally came with a 302) all leather interior but the real kicker was that it had bucket seats and a floor shifter (automatic). I was told no Versailles had ever been built in that configuration, but it was a 1 owner car when I bought it and completely original.

  44. Ralph Robichaud

    Ben K’s – chesnut Grand Monarch

  45. rs

    It’s a time capsule all right…
    Best time capsule story I know is the kid who owned a Hemi Charger in high school. It was so strong it scared him to get on the gas hard. He sold it, but many many years later bought it back and in the console was the partial roll of breath mints he’d been chomping when he last drove it decades before.

  46. Craig

    My Dad purchased new a 1978 Mercury Monarch ESS (which stood for European Styled Sedan I believe). Undoubtedly the worse vehicle he ever owned (among many things the automatic transmission went within 6 months) but lead to what I feel was the best line ever uttered in a dealership service department. I accompanied my Dad to one of his many visits to the dealership having numerous things fixed and replaced under the warranty period. After this memorable occasion when the service person completed listing all the things that needed to be repaired he asked my father if there was anything else to which the reply was an issue with the steering. The exasperated but understanding service person commented that nearly every aspect of the car had now been looked at with this new problem. He asked my Dad what specifically was wrong with the steering to which he replied:

    “I’m not sure but every time I drive up this road, the car automatically wants to turn into your dealership!”

    Everyone in the waiting room, including the service guy, busted out laughing!

  47. Chris

    I actually have pictures of this car from when i took it out of a garage in wheeling wv at 15 years old with my father. We recieved it as payment for doing work for the lady her husband special ordered it in 76. 77 drove it only on Sunday he passed in 79. Was left in the garage until we got it. She kept insurance and plates on it clear up to 2003. I have those those plates. We also got it to run and drive. We left the bias oly tires on it. In the trunk we left the orignal sticker the tire chains and so forth in it i took this to 4 school dances. And drove around town. Won a few car shows before. We had to let it go i was graduating school and it had to go so i could get my life going. Wish i could buy it back now. Just because it has history with working on it with my dad.

    Like 1
    • Roseland Pete

      I think a lot of guys wish they could buy back their first cars from their youth and I’m one of them.

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