289-Powered 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe

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In 1962, between Ford’s Falcon and Galaxie was Ford’s recently introduced intermediate, the Fairlane. They competed with GM’s A-platform – Chevelle, Tempest, Grand Am, etc. – AMC’s Rambler, and Plymouth’s popular Belevedere. The seller has this 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe listed here on eBay in Palm Bay, Florida. There is no reserve and a single bid of $5,900 for this two-door hardtop sports coupe.

Previous Ford Fairlanes were full-sized cars and beginning in 1955, they were Ford’s top model for a few years. In 1962, the Fairlane became a mid-sized model in Ford’s lineup. The fourth-generation Fairlanes were made from 1962 to 1965 and it’s hard to argue with a two-door hardtop of almost any make, model, or size. This car looks great in the overall photos but the seller provides a few detailed photos that show some rust lurking. It sounds like a project car with enough hopefully easy things to do to make it a fun weekend car to tinker with.

The base Fairlane in this era came in two-door coupes as well as four-door sedans and four-door wagons. The Fairlane 500 was available in a two-door coupe, four-door sedan, and two-door hardtop, and the Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe was a two-door hardtop as shown here. The jet age tail lights are fantastic on Fords of this era. We don’t see any underside photos or any of the inside of the trunk compartment and being in a humid area like Florida, I’d want to make sure that it’s still relatively solid. We don’t know if this car has been repainted but I’m guessing that it has been. Hagerty is at $6,200 for a #4 fair condition car.

The driver’s door panel seems excessively “styled” if not just laden with more things than maybe would have been a good idea, design-wise. Maybe Ford was putting everything into the new Mustang which was being unveiled at the 1964 World’s Fair but that’s one unusual and busy door panel. Enough of that, at least it looks like it’s in great condition as does the whole interior, or what we see of it. There are only two interior photos and no detailed photos of the interior other than this one showing rust in the kick panel area on one side. The seller reports that the other side is good.

Other than a nice two-door hardtop body style and stylish red interior, a V8 would be next on my list. It’s probably the first consideration for most of you but I’m a little unusual that way. The VIN decodes to this engine being the two-barrel carb version of Ford’s 289 cubic-inch V8. It would have had just under 200 horsepower and the seller says that this car has been sitting for the last half-dozen years so it’ll need the usual treatment to get it running perfectly again. Although, there’s a “rattly” sound coming from the front of the engine so there’s that. The seller put on a new water pump thinking that would fix it but no luck. Any thoughts on this Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe? Good buy or good-bye?

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  1. sir_mike

    Nice as is but send her to Holman Moody and have them build a period correct vintage racer like they did in 1964 and sent to England for Alan Mann to campaign.

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  2. Todd FitchStaff

    Great find, Scotty! A good friend has a ’63 500 Sport Coupe like this in white with blue interior. It was given to him as a teenager with the challenge to get it running. Not only did he make it road-worthy he still has it some 40 years later! Great size for folks who would struggle to put people they care about in the back of a Mustang, but still sub-3000 lb making the most of every HP. Best wishes to the new owner!

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  3. Fred W

    My least favorite Ford of the era from a styling standpoint. Folks back in the day must have shared my opinion, especially of the 4 door sedan version. They routinely sold for $75- $150 in the 70’s.

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    • bone

      So did most 10 year old cars in the 70s.

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  4. David Brassfield

    Nice clean little unit! Over time the rocker arms get loose on them. That could be the noise he’s hearing.

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  5. CraigR

    And gone. Like this car a lot, it’s a path into the hobby for not a ton of cash. Would be very happy to have it parked in my garage.

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  6. Troy s

    Ford struck before GM in offering a mid sized car, which all alone in the market would have been an almost singular choice….I must admit these are my least favorite of the middleweight Fords, both in styling and engine choice. 1964 saw the all new A body GM that had this here Ford beat in both looks and performance. Mostly looks.
    That 289 2v, from personal expierence in a lighter car, won’t startle anyone.

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  7. Bunky

    I’m surprised by the “least favorite Ford” replies. Nice comfortable size, without getting into land yacht territory. In my opinion, the styling is fresh and consistent- and what’s not to like about a 289? If the buyer wants more horsepower lots of aftermarket equipment is available at reasonable prices. Sharp looking, well equipped, and nicely optioned. What’s not to like?

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  8. Larry D

    It sounds to me like that “rattly” sound the seller speaks of at the front of the engine may be a badly stretched timing chain which is slapping the timing chain cover. If so, it’s no big deal if caught before it breaks.

    These 1962-65 Fairlane 2-door hardtops are such good looking cars. I’ve loved them since they were new.

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    • Ronald Dixon

      That’s exactly what I was going to say I hope it fixes it all up with a new time’n & gears

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  9. Joe Samascott

    PLEASE….NOT ANOTHER THUNDERBOLT CLONE!!!!!! why does everyone insist on ruining these cars with that silly hood! We all know its not real, and it ruins the look of an otherwise beautiful car. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

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    • Christopher Gentry

      My first car was a 65 Fairlane 2 door hardtop. White with a black interior. 289 2 barrel and a 2 speed automatic. I hated that 2 speed :) but otherwise loved the car. I did however always prefer the style of the 64. Particularly those taillights

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  10. MLM

    Bunky, I am with you. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion,but this is one nice looking car. I wouldn’t mind having this classic. It’s a breath of fresh air from all the Corvettes,Mustangs,and Camaros we have been seeing.

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  11. BoatmanMember

    Could be the fuel pump lever.

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  12. Miminite

    This shows as being already sold, but wanted to say it’s so nice to see one of these that has not been made into a faux Thunderbolt! Love this bodystyle Fairlane.

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  13. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Auction update: this one sold for $5,900.

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