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Beautiful In Beige: 1965 Ford Fairlane 500

It seems that most of the Ford Fairlane coverage that we publish here on BF starts with the ’66 model year and moves forward. Subjects such as this 1965 Fairlane 500 are in the seldom-seen category. And that seems… more»

Fabulous Fairlane: 1961 Ford Club Coupe

Back in the old days (Boy, I do sound old!) you could order a a car pretty much any way that you wanted. You could select a lower trim level like this 1961 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Coupe (two-door… more»

Four-Door Fun! 1966 Ford Fairlane 500

It’s unusual today to think of a time when ordinary commodity cars, such as a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 came in either two or four-door body styles. And in the ’60s, two-door models of everything were big sellers. Today,… more»

Alternative Muscle? 1967 Ford Fairlane 390 GTA

In spite of the spectacular popularity of Chevrolet’s ’66 and ’67 SS396 Chevelle, I was first aware of Ford’s ’66 and ’67 Fairlane GT and still have a thing for them. I’m not sure if it is the “fleet-0f-foot”… more»

46K Mile Survivor: 1960 Ford Fairlane 500

About a week ago, we covered this rare 1960 Edsel and there were numerous comments comparing the similarities and differences to the same year Ford. So today, for your review, we have a 1960 Ford Fairlane 500, “Club Sedan”… more»

Hi-Po 289! 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 K-Code

This one, on the surface, is a bit confusing. It’s listed as a 1963 Ford Fairlane 500 “K-Code” which means a hi-performance 289 CI V8 engine is in store. It’s confusing, though, because the Ford sales brochure makes no… more»

Barn Find: 1968 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible

Most of us sit for too long, I know that I do. I’m either driving to some area of the country to take photos or I’m working on photos when I get back, or I’m sitting here at One… more»

289-Powered 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe

In 1962, between Ford’s Falcon and Galaxie was Ford’s recently introduced intermediate, the Fairlane. They competed with GM’s A-platform – Chevelle, Tempest, Grand Am, etc. – AMC’s Rambler, and Plymouth’s popular Belevedere. The seller has this 1964 Ford Fairlane… more»

Kool Kustom: 1960 Ford Fairlane 500

This ’60 Ford Fairlane 500 caught my attention for two reasons, first, it’s a 1960 Ford and they don’t turn up often, and second, it’s had a fantastic customization applied, so that warrants a review. This Fairlane is located… more»

Big Block Project: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL

While not a GTA, this 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL has a 390 cubic-inch big block and it looks like a great project car. And, you caught the “A” part of GTA so you know that this one has an… more»

Cool Street Vibe: 1969 Ford Fairlane Fastback

You know that old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, it applies to many things in life and cars are no exception. Sometimes, they appear as pretty much a wreck but have a lot going for… more»

Arizona Car: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL

This 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL was bought new in Phoenix and it has been in Arizona for the last 53 years. I’ll say it again, it’s where I should have been for the last 53 years. This sun worshipper… more»

Clean And Original: 1969 Ford Fairlane Sedan

We all like to read about muscle cars, sports cars, exotics and rarely seen models but sometimes it’s nice just to take a walk down memory lane and take a look at everyday commonly found cars from our past…. more»

This Cool 1955 Ford Fairlane Skyliner Needs Your Help!

Tri-five Chevies get all of the attention. They were getting it in the late ’60s and are still getting it. Pity the corresponding Ford, they were really neat cars but they have been overshadowed for years by the shoe… more»

Barn Find Fairlane: 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA

This 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA really kicks me in the gut, in a good way. It’s small, or smallish, it looks like it’s in decent shape, it’s got a big honkin’ V8 with gobs of horsepower, and it was just… more»

78k Genuine Miles: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 XL

The owner of this 1967 Fairlane has had the car for 33 years but has decided to move it on. It is a nice looking car that appears to only require some minor work to get it back on… more»

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