Amazing Survivor: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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UPDATE – This beautiful Monte Carlo has now be listed here on eBay with a lower price and the option to make an offer. It’s still expensive, but where are you going to find a better one for less?

FROM 1/10/18 – With really nice presentation, an extensive list of optional equipment, and a claimed low mileage, this 1973 Monte Carlo ticks a lot of boxes when you are looking at classic cars. Barn Finder Pat L referred this Chevrolet through to us, so thank you for that Pat. If you are interested in the idea of parking the Monte Carlo in your garage, it is located in Winter Garden, Florida, and is listed for sale here on craigslist.

The presentation of the Monte Carlo is quite impressive. The owner states that the car has covered a genuine 28,000 miles, so hopefully there is some documentation to verify this. The Chamois paint looks good, but what doesn’t show in the photos is some minor stone-chips. The owner is willing to point this out, so a pat on the back there. The vinyl top looks to be in good condition, and the optional Rally Wheels look perfect on this car.

The interior presentation of the Monte Carlo is also pretty impressive. There is a dirty mark on the carpet where the driver’s left foot would rest, but the rest of the interior is close to faultless. The original owner ticked a few boxes on the options list, and as a result the car features Four Season air conditioning,  an AM/FM Stereo Radio, custom cloth seat upholstery, a rear defogger, the Courtesy Package (floor, map & trunk lamps, a vanity mirror, and a remote trunk release. The owner says that everything on the car works as it should.

The original owner also took the time to tick the options box for the 350ci 4-Barrel engine over the 2-Barrel version. This gives the car a useful increase in horsepower, up from 145hp to 175hp. Also included in this car are a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The consistency of this Monte Carlo continues, with the engine bay presenting just as well as the rest of the car. It is hardly surprising to learn that the owner says that the car drives like new.

I’ll be honest here. When I first looked at this car, I looked at the price and wondered if it might be a bit high. Then I scratched below the surface to see what optional equipment was fitted, and my opinion started to change. If that low mileage can be verified, then the $17,000 asking price starts to look pretty good.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. carter

    nice car

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  2. canadainmarkseh

    Unique and interesting styling when new and still is today. These monte’s I beleave will gain collecter status as time marches on. My favourite year is the 1977 with the 4 lamp square headlight system. This is a car that I’d have no problem having in my garage even though I’m not that big of a fan of the colour. I can’t speak to the price as I’m not up on how popular they are. Nice find.

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  3. Rock On

    Excellent find. In my humble opinion the 73-74 Monte Carlos are the best ones ever produced. I’ll take mine in triple black or triple white with the 454.

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    • Tom

      …with console and swivel buckets, and maybe a sunroof!

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    • Brett Battan

      I agree with you they were also the best selling Monte Carlos and best selling cars of the 70s. I had a 1976 best car I ever owned. Factory 400cu engine turned over no matter what and never gave me an issue. I miss it

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  4. 433jeff

    The 73 is a one year body style, this is the most comfortable car ive ever driven. A low miles 454 came online a month ago , it ended up in the junkyard , now its a chicken bone, cant save them all.

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    • Neal

      Chicken bone?

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    • ChebbyMember

      How did a low-mile 454 car end up in the junkyard in 2018?

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  5. Rock On

    Yes 433jeff, the 74’s had bigger taillights and a slightly different grille, but essentially the same car. Back in the days when the manufacturers would make minor changes each year to get customers into the showroom.

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    Low level Long Island mobster car………

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  7. Perry Yasher

    I am usually skeptical about low mileage claims but this one looks like it is real 28K miles. Pricey but looks like a real nice driver…

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  8. Keith

    I like it!

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  9. j liu

    I’ve owned a 1973 and a 1977 and both cars were spectacular in reliability and road comfort. Many, many long trips from Santa Monica to Sacramento were made in these cars and the trips were effortless cruises. The 73 had swivel buckets, cruise and tilt plus the same equipment as this one. The 77 was loaded with every single factory option except HD battery, that pushed the sticker to over $7,770, a lot of $ in 1977. I miss both cars. In nearly 80k miles on the 1977 there were two repairs…a leaking oil sending unit and a starter solenoid, everything else was mere maintenance. The 1973 had one repair, a bad rear axle bearing, that’s it.
    The one killer were the 60 inch long doors when someone parked too close…that’s when the swivel buckets helped. Two of the best vehicles I ever owned.
    If this car wasn’t the color of a winter squash. I’d consider it. :)

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    • Fordfan

      Those long doors were also low and would scrape against the curb with the bottom edge
      My wife wife had a 2door ’74 cutlass supreme that would do that when parallel parked

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    • JEFF S.

      $7,770 = $33,969 today, maybe this 73 is worth it after all.

      A friend of mine had one and thought he would keep it for ever. That is until he totaled it in traffic looking at a hot blonde in a mini-skirt. Ran it into a semi trailer.
      Mini-skirts, those were the days, LOL.

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  10. Shingo

    Almost perfect, just needs LH & RH sport mirrors in my opinion.

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  11. Anthony

    I have one. A triple black 73 with 454. Great driving car.

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  12. Jack M.

    Hey Anthony, can you show us a few pictures?

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    • Anthony

      Sure, here it is.

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  13. Kenneth Carney

    One of my highschool teachers owned
    a silver ’73. And like everyone who commented here, hers was fully loaded
    down to the 454 Corvette special engine!
    Her husband was the local Chevrolet dealer so she got any new car she wanted at dealer cost. She used to feed
    my automotive addiction by bringing me
    all the sales folders and brochures for
    the 1973 Chevy lineup. Oh, and I forget
    to mention that she was a real fox?
    Every schoolboy’s dream times ten.
    And she was a good friend of mine too.
    She gave me a ride home from school
    in that new Monte Carlo of hers, and to
    this day, the ’73-’77 models always stood
    out in this old man’s memory. They were
    indeed great cars.

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  14. Michael DeRosa

    I like the 73’s the best of this body style because it has a smaller rear bumper than the years that followed.

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  15. JC

    Really nice example… but that color…ugh…

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    • Duaney

      Color is called “survivor beige”. That’s how the car survived.

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      • Nelson C

        Actually it’s called Chamois

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  16. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. My aunt and uncle had a Monte Carlo. I can’t remember what year it was, but I remember it had the same Colonnade body style.

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  17. James Schwartz

    A very legit looking honest low mile car. Unlike most of the heaps that seller’s try to pawn off as being original mile cars (just because the 5 digit odometer says it).
    Refreshing to see one that is clearly, and truly ACTUAL miles.

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  18. ACZ

    “Extensive list of optional equipment”?? Virtually everything on this one is standard equipment. You could get one without A/C but I’ll bet you never saw one outside of Bemidji, MN. like that.

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    • Nelson C

      Today one is tempted to think this way. Everything was still an option this side of PS and PB. 3-speed trans was base on 350 V8. 4bbl earned you the dual exhaust. Then you started checking boxes for radio, roof, tint glass bumper protection and so on.

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  19. Tony

    I Got a 74 With a 454 With The Original Window Sticker & Only 30,100 Documented Miles’

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  20. Theresa

    i have one much nicer’ 454 30k

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  21. Bob

    Really nice….

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  22. Anthony

    Someone messed with the front bumper of that car . It’s too close to the body.

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    • JEFF S.

      Good catch Anthony. It looks like the rubber center bumper insert might be missing, so they moved the bumper closer to the grill to cover up the open gap between the bumper and grill.

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  23. Dan

    These cars along with the Grand Prix were easy to work on. All you had to do was pull the fan shroud to get “up close and personal” with the motor.

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  24. 72 Monte Carlo

    I’m a 70-72 fan. But this is a sweet car. If you delve into the MC history, Chevy wanted to debut this style in 72, but a UAW strike pushed that back a year. Owning 2 72’s, I’m glad they had to wait until 73.

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  25. Lance Platt

    Beautiful car. Great styling. Today all mid sized cars have the same basic aerodynamic lines. No vinyl roofs on 2019 models. Colorful interior not depressing black, tan or dark gray like current offerings. Wish ithis example had the bucket seats and console option. Overall, a great offering despite the price!

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  26. Bodyman68

    My first monte was a 73 with 350 ,400turbo, swivel buckets . Was best riding car I’ve owned . This car is nice but this isn’t optioned with much and a 3 speed auto is all there was back then , four seasons ac ? Never seen one without it ! Same goes for the courtesy lights . Id prefer the factory wheels with small caps . If this car is as clean as it looks id buy it as 17k isnt a bad price , but looks are deceiving so in person inspection is required. Too bad it didnt have swivels and console it would be a nicer ride.

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  27. T Mel

    Low mileage cars, for experienced car people, are like counterfeit bills to experienced FBI agents. If you know what you’re doing, no documentation is needed to confirm authenticity. Actually, the documentation is probably easier to fake than original condition mileage.
    If you’re relying on documentation to “prove” mileage, it’s probably better to bring an expert with you.

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    • JEFF S.

      I agree T Mel, Mileage is too easy to fake. Rolling back the odometer, replacing odometer has become an art form with collector cars. You should never pay more for low miles and I do not. I pay extra only based on condition of the car.
      I always have a mechanic check out any car I am thinking of buying. Also, if you are buying the car as a daily driver, cars with low miles may be more of a problem. Once you start adding the miles all kinds of problems may show up.

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    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      @T Mel
      … Truer words were never spoken

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  28. Jim

    Nice Monte man👍

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  29. Fred

    Had a brown one… a hot car. Great power, great look, great ride. Loved the high dashboard and wow, a luxury for us… power windows!

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    • Tom

      Yup; pwr windows, color tv, and air conditioning…we were always the last family on the block!

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  30. Tony

    The Cooler U Were Depended on How Far Down the Street U Lived, And I2 Lived at the LAST HOUSE INDA BLOCK;)

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  31. Tony

    I have a 74 Monte with a 454 & Only 30,100 Miles on it

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    • Tom

      That’s pretty cool!

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  32. Herb

    I had this exact car when I lived in North Port, FL except mine had the 350 2-barrel carburator. Bought it in 1982 and drove it through my high school years and then some. Same paint color, white interior, vinyl roof and wheels. Would love to have another one! Last time I saw mine it was in a Port Charlotte junk yard and it was wiped out from an accident. Some kid hit a large tree at 70 mph and left a bubble in the windshield from his head hitting it. He survived with no issues.

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  33. R.Lee

    I have had many Monte Carlo’s. But my current 73 that I have had for 36 years is my favorite. A one year car because it does not have the 5mph rear bumper gives the car a special look.

    My car triple black, COPO Landau Custom S Fully optioned 454 turbo 400, 3.73 10 bolt posi, Factory Tach, gauges, swivle buckets, center council, full power, Polly cast turbine wheels. I just cant think of what it does not have. 85,000 Miles

    Most of the 73-77 cars ended up as stock cars. Because Chevrolet’s still had full frames back then making them popular for racing. Then the 81-88’s were next. Bringing me to my next keeper the Wife’s fully optioned, T Top 85 SS, the best car we have ever owned, 283,000 miles on the original L69 HO 305. The original timing chain just failed. Truth!

    Tales for another day, Chevrolet IS The BEST!!!

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  34. Tony

    I have a 74, with the 454, n 400 trans, 30,100. Miles

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