$2,900 1974 AMC Matador X Coupe

Cars tend to go in phases here on Barn Finds or really anywhere on Al Gore’s internet. That’s not a bad thing at all in my opinion, I love seeing different versions of the same vehicles, different models, different options and colors, similar cars in various condition from perfect to actual dusty barn finds. Here is a 1974 AMC Matador Coupe and this one is a Matador X. It’s hard to argue with an orange car no matter what it is! This super sweet project can be found here on eBay in Littlerock, California with an enticing $2,900 buy it now price!

These Matador Coupes are such interesting cars. I can’t think of a 2019 equivalent vehicle, something oddly-swoopy and slightly cartoonish. That actually describes me, unfortunately. The Matador Coupe was made for the 1974 to 1978 model years. The seller mentions that the rally wheels are long gone but I love the ones on there currently. Of course, the classic rally wheels and white letter tires would be the ultimate, especially for a Matador X Coupe, the sporty model.

The seller of this Matador X bought it from the original owner and it has around 111,000 miles on it. I think that this looks like an outstanding project car and the price can’t be beat. A first-year Matador Coupe for $2,900? Yes, all day long. Does it need a fair amount of work? Yes, all day long. But, it looks pretty straight and complete and they say that the seats were restored to factory original a few years ago.

Here they are, nice, eh? The back seat is, too. And, a console with a floor shift for the Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic! You can see a big crack on the top of the dash and there may be other issues with the interior but nothing else really jumps out at me. The Matador Coupe came in a base model, the Brougham, and the X which this car is. The Brougham was made for white shoes, white belt, and Sansabelt slacks types and the X was made for sporty leisure suit and open-silk-shirt owners. No, not really. I’d want an X for sure but that’s just me. In case you were wondering, yes, white seats go in a black interior.

It’s dusty and a little dirty but I’m surprised at how good the engine looks for a $2,900 car. The seller says that the AMC 304 cubic-inch V8 – which would have had 150 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque – doesn’t emit any funny noises or smoke, unlike a few of you… It runs fine and it looks fine. A weekend of detailing and this engine compartment would look fantastic. There was a 4-barrel 401 V8 available with 235 hp and that’s the one that most of us would really want. But, this 304-equipped Matador X would work for me any day of the week. This looks like an outstanding deal on one of the most unique cars of all time.



    I want to fly to California, drive it back to Pennsylvania Roadkill style and give it a mild restomod redo.

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    • That AMC Guy

      Mechanical parts should be no problem for the most part, there really isn’t anything unique to the Matador Coupe. Body and glass is another story. (When Chrysler bought out AMC they destroyed all of the pre-1980 parts in inventory as well as the tools to make them.)

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  2. local_sheriff

    Never see any of these any longer. Always found these to look rather ugly, but in a cool way somehow; instantly fell in love with the gold Matador featured in the James Bond movie ‘ The man with the golden gun’. The white seats really look good with the other colors here;great find!
    How is parts availability for these cars really?

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    • SamDraggin

      When pigs 🐷 or matadors fly ..
      Oh wait it did on the movie…

      It’s a ugly cute car 👍👀

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      Parts are very hard to come by. Remove the bumpers and rock on!

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    • don

      parts for these are like needles in hay stacks and 4 leaf clovers, Matadors and Pacers of this era take some kind of devotion to search for parts, I once traveled 800 miles to locate a hood for my 76 Matador, only to find when I got there it was for a much earlier AMC Matador that in no way would fit my car, I wound up trading car to some guy due to the parts finding frustration

    • RC Paulsen

      The flying Matador in the film was obviously done using a model, but some folks don’t realize the Hornet doing the spiral jump over the bridge was real. The people from the Astro Spiral Javelin stunt team were hired to build the car and perform the stunt. It went off without a hitch in one take!

  3. Mark Evans

    Removing those fugly bumpers truly transforms the look of these as others have done.

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    I am not surprised the seller is taking the wheels. Pretty sad tho to picture it with them to peak interest then yank them off. Don’t want to kill the sale with 4 mismatched steel wheels with 2 may pops one flat and a truck tire pictured there in the ad. What an awesome sight for the wife to see as a huge transport pulls up and the beautiful car you have been going on and on about hanging off the back will surely send her packing her bags.

    The wheels are rare interchange with the Javelin and are correct for the 73/74 AMX option. It’s interesting to note at a glance they look like Gremlin X wheels. They are NOT. These are the super rare 15’X7″ wheels and the last set I saw the guy was asking $1200. minus tires. NOS trim rings the sky is the limit.

    With that and $1500. to transport to the East Coast (I just paid $1600 from Long Beach) should add a dose of reality before you even turn a bolt. Nice clean examples of a Matador X that can be presented and driven generally sell for $5K range and less. With the specific X package wheels being removed makes this $750-$1200 car.

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    • James Schwartz

      I had two Matador X Coupes. One ’74 and one ’75. They were both 14″ wheels. Although my ’74 had the “magnum 500″ style wheel, not the rally type wheels that this one shows. Are you sure this one came with 15” wheels, was that really an option? Or are these from a different model?
      You’ve got me curious.

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  5. Jim Wildasin

    Huh? So that’s a matador !

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  6. r s

    Ehh, you can tell by looking at it, the same people styled the AMC Pacer.
    The only one of these I ever thought was neat (might have appeared here) was one of the only ones, if not the only, equipped with a factory 4 speed. The car was as I recall really a mint survivor and belonged in an AMC museum.

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  7. dave brennan

    High rise intake w 4 bbl, headers, air shocks (to lift about 3″) ,235s out back, nerf bars in place of bumpers. These seats are so comfortable on long rides. Have had 3, and wd b all over this if 1400 mi closer!!

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  8. DougJ

    In ’79 I bought a ’75 Matador X from the local AMC dealer. Loved that car. Yellow with the black stripe, 15″ x 7″ rally wheels, black vinyl top and buckets, console, etc. Fully loaded for the time. It had a 360 w/ the Autolite 3 barrel carb (secondary was one big butterfly). Built the motor w/ a cam, headers, intake, carb, etc. That thing was fast. Surprised a number of “quicker” cars in my street racing days! Sold it a few years later to a kid who wrapped it around a pole 2 weeks after buying it from me. He was lucky to walk away. I would LOVE to find another just like that one…

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  9. Shawn Fox Firth

    Winters here in Toronto in the ’70s were Epic and these cars were the Best to Bumper Hitch behind .. .

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  10. Del

    Neat rare old car.

    Great shape. Great price

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    I think it would have looked better with 4 smaller headlights rather than 2 7″ lights. MAYBE not a big fan of the front end of these. If I owned it I would have to park it so I would never have to see the front end. From the side view nice swooping aerodynamic styling. These were raced in NASCAR with some success. The 304 wouldn’t be my first choice in engines rather have at least a 360 better yet a 401 but for the price if I could afford a car to begin with I wouldn’t kick it out of the driveway. Even the 304 can be breathed on to perform better so not all bad in my opinion.

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  12. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    “… oddly swoopy and slightly cartoonish.” I’ve been looking for a description for certain current cars, Lexus and Toyota specifically. This phrase works quite well. Thanks Scotty.

  13. Rob

    I vaguely remember a 4 door Matador (I think) coming into the junkyard I worked at in high school. I found it ugly and intriguing at the same time. It was in great shape considering it was junked. I probably could have driven it home.

  14. Rube Goldberg Member

    In the last season of Adam-12, I think, Pete Malloy ( Martin Milner) had a ’74 Matador, only cream colored.( I’m surprised Scotty didn’t mention that, being an avid Adam-12 watcher) If you look close, the car in the driveway appears to be an “X”, while the one that is driven has different wheels. AMC was Adam-12’s sponsor, providing all the black and whites, so it seemed logical to promote the new Matador on the show. Outside of Wisconsin, the swoopy Matador had little following. We thought it was a great styled car.

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    • Roger

      Yes Rube I remember when Pete had the Matador as a personal ride, always liked the ’72-’73 black and whites used on the show also.

  15. PatrickM

    Well, here I go again… This would be a good daily driver. Very practical. A little odd looking, but, interesting. Sure wish it was on this coast instead of that coast; I would be a lot more interested. Could drive as is and fix/repair/ upgrade as time and money allowed. This one is growing on me as I sit here and peck away on this laptop. Wow!! Good job BF.. Keep ’em comin’!! I have a BMW sport bike, just about the same color

  16. PatrickM

    There are two things keeping me from bidding on this one: location and no A/C. I do like my creature comforts. Still…it is creeping into me, slowly… I could fly to Denver, get a family member from Cheyenne to drive me to Montana and drive it back here to Maryland. I would like to have a co-pilot / navigator. I know someone out there that would like to make the trip. Sounds like fun. Let me peruse this a bit more.

  17. cengiz iskin

    Hello l want to buy your car’s interior (everything in the car) how much would it be?THANKS

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