29K Mile 1982 Ferrari 308GTSi

Bidding is strong but the reserve remains unmet for this long-dormant 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi, which was acquired from the private collection of a car dealer who passed away. The seller has made no attempt to start the car or to even clean it following its discovery, and it will likely need the full assortment of engine-out services that Ferraris are known for. Still, the Buy-It-Now of $29,995 seems reasonable. Find it here on eBay where bidding is at $17,500 and the reserve remains unmet.

With just 29,000 miles, this Ferrari is still relatively new in the wrapper despite appearing somewhat tatty in pictures. The car has not been operated in approximately eight years, which may as well be a lifetime in Ferrari terms. The paint does appear to be in fair condition, especially given it hasn’t been cleaned, and the wheels are likely the original metric-style Speedlines that require expensive and nearly-obsolete TRX tires just to roll around safely. The rear bumper looks pressed in on one side in the top photo.

The interior isn’t terrible, but it still looks slightly worse than its low odometer reading would suggest. The seats just look baggy to me, which is odd considering the limited use this Ferrari has seen over the years. Factory floor mats look good if not a bit dirty; the seller notes it will come with the factory targa roof panel and original tool roll. Of course, since they refuse to perform even minor diagnostics, we have no idea what shape the electrical system is in or whether any powered components in the cabin work.

The introduction of Bosch K-Jetronic is what led to the “i” designation at the end of the 308’s name, providing drivers with better fuel efficiency at the expense of reduced power output. Not even Ferrari was immune to the pressures of improving fuel economy in accordance with increasingly stringent federal requirements. Perhaps a failed emissions inspection is what caused this pretty 308 to be parked? Or was it simply the looming costs of a major service?


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  1. H5mind

    Pretty much the worst thing you can do to a Ferrari is let it sit. Ironically, those are the ones collectors seek out. Great if you only plan to wax it, but for a happier ownership experience I recommend one which has been driven regularly. These are cars, nor Faberge eggs.

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  2. TimM

    Even if there is something wrong with this car isn’t the buy it now pretty reasonable?? I’m not a Ferrari expert by any means but don’t these usually go for six figures????

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    • SebastianX1/9

      No no. You can find a good running one for $50K. Kumar at Gullwing Motors in NYC has 4-5 of them for less than $50K each available right now, just saw them. The yellow ones are hideous; the blue ones gorgeous. $25K for this seems reasonable. The six-figure ones are the vetroresina/fiberglass 1976 ones.

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  3. TimM

    Thanks SebastianX1/9!!! Knowledge is one reason why I’m here!! It seems to me if there is something seriously wrong with this car the repairs could put you up in that 50K area pretty fast!! I know Ferrari parts aren’t cheap!!!

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  4. Haig Haleblian

    I would be suspect of any Kumar offerings. I wouldn’t use his items as a benchmark of values.

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    • David Massicott

      That’s unfair to say. I’ve done business with them and was extremely satisfied with the transaction. He sells cars in all conditions, many unfinished projects or unrestored cars. Perfect source for someone wanting a new toy.

  5. Howard A Member

    “Magnum P.I.” ( now he’s peddling reverse mortgages, oh, Tom, what happened?)

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    • Dave

      In a word, time.
      Our local Bob radio station likes to front Peter Frampton songs with “Once they were members of a hair band. Now they’re members of Hair Club For Men!”

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      • Howard A Member

        Oh, tell me about it. That show was 30 years ago already.

  6. ken tillyUK Member

    Once this car is serviced and ready for the road it will need new tyres and as Jeff points out, they are hellishly expensive as they are 490mm if memory serves me correctly, that’s 19 1/4″. About 15 years back I had a customer’s 308 on the floor which was fitted with after market rims and tyres but the well used originals were included in the sale price. The subsequent buyer drove the car away saying that he would be back to collect the originals “some time.” Well that “some time” never arrived and when the building was demolished a couple of years later the wheels were still there. I had even offered them to the Ferrari club for free but they didn’t want them.

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    • ken tillyUK Member

      Sorry, my comment re the wheel size above should have been 390mm not 490mm. Old age is not for sissies.

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    Not a bad car and pretty close to market price.
    Change the wheels to 15″ – that will cost you about 2 to 3k but worth it for the better tires.
    Engine does NOT come out for normal service on a 308. I wish it did because getting to everything on say a 355 where it does is easier.
    These are not hard to work on, if you can handle an Alfa gtv6 you can work on a 308.
    Aftermarket parts are your friend, just like you don’t go to the Ford dealer for pars for a fox body mustang you don’t go to the ferrari dealer for parts for a 308.
    For this one timing belts change is critical. The cost of a pair of belts and tensioners is about 150 bucks, not fiat 124 cost but not bad.
    I am close to buying one of these, this one did not sell this time so I may have to keep an eye out for it.
    Ferrari’s cost about the same to own regardless if you let them sit or you drive them. This one is a good example it has SAT and not been enjoyed and you are going to end up doing brakes, seals, tires ECT.
    Finally the fuse boxes are notorious problem areas for electrical issues, either rebuilt or replacements are available

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  8. Tex260Z

    $5 discount for what?

  9. Louis Chen

    This car is so beautifully designed! Any new owner need to hand turn the engine with the plugs removed and some oil put in the cyl. before cranking. If it turn freely then crank ‘er up but before doing all of this make sure the fuel is drained and replaced as well as other fluids. Also check the timing belt as well. If my memory serves me, this GTSI engine was cleverly designed to slip in and out with removing a few bolts! Remember, Ferrari recommend replacing the belt every 3000K miles! Finally, replace the tires and do a brake job and hopefully it won’t become a MONEYPIT after a few months!

  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.”

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