2nd Chance Stinker: Barris-Built 1922 Ford Model A

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Avid followers of Barn Finds will recognize this vehicle from earlier this year. We featured it here in Feb. 2018 and it is again for sale here on eBay with an asking price of $19,500. The current ad states the owner has had it for about twelve years, so I’m guessing it must not have sold back in February.

George Barris was an icon in the automotive industry for decades. He had a hand in designing a bunch of famous cars including the original Batmobile, KITT from Knight Rider, the Munster Koach, the Monkeemobile, and the Beverly Hillbilly’s truck, just to name a few. This car is said to not entirely have been designed and built by Barris, but “he had some ideas involved in it.” It was built as a novelty and never meant to be driven, but it runs and drives now.

The engine is a small-block Chevrolet which features a vintage 1960’s tunnel ram set up. The ad states someone moved the engine from the rear (where it was originally designed) and it now resides in the front. The radiator and other components have been relocated to clean up the look as well.

The interior features the classic look that most cars built in the ’60s and ’70s had. I can’t tell if the leather is still soft and supple or not, but it would be a shame to replace it if it still has life in it. The tall front seats remind me of a king and queen chopper seat.

This is a really cool vehicle, but I’m not sure it would make a good daily driver. It would certainly be a hit at parades and car shows. It might be a way to attract attention for a feed store or some other agriculture-type business. What do you think of this crazy contraption?

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  1. LAB3

    That’s an interesting theme for a custom, a tribute to cable news channels.

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    • Mike

      Main stream media…

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      • grant

        No politics?

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  2. michael h streuly

    Very cool. No link for the ebay ad.

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  3. Wayne Barratt

    Somebody call Jeff Dunham

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  4. Coventrycat

    POS, no pun intended.

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  5. marc henig

    THAT’S NOT A “MODEL A”, as MODEL A was built from 1927 to 1931, so 1922 CANNOT BE A MODEL A!

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    • grant

      No part of this is a 1922 anything, a model A anything, or a Ford anything. Never understood why builders do that. It’s a Barris inspired custom, build year unknown.

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  6. Ron Adams

    Change the two names on the side and make it into a parade for vehicle for people to ride in – no brainer for that use!

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  7. J.T. WILSON

    I was just told that would be just perfect for me. It took a minute for that to sink in!!

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  8. 68custom

    Thinking maybe the upholstery is sparkly vinyl not leather a neat museum pice regardless! Plus there is the Barris connection!

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  9. Mark Moriarity

    certainly not a Barris build. A friend of mine owned this 20 years ago. Built by the Taggert Brothers.

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  10. Teeks

    No such thing as a 1922 model A…Barris had nothing to do with the Monkeemobile though it never stopped him from taking credit for it…fact-checking?

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  11. Chris

    What a total waste of money and energy. You have to give credit to the skill to assemble such a monstrosity but the question “why? in the first place.”

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  12. Wayne

    Not just an Ag. business prop. Anywhere in an agricultural town would work. Parades, tow vehicle and overflow for hay rides, tour vehicle with better access and more seats. Just a different, cool thing.

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  13. J.T. WILSON

    A google search for “lil stinker” produces a link for a rat rod version of the same thing by the same name.

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  14. Chuck

    It would look better with a blower and either 2-4V’s or fuel injection! The 2-4V’s would be more street friendly, though!

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  15. Wrong Way

    There is more and more of the Barris cars coming up for sale on other sites too! Makes me wonder why?

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  16. Bones in AK

    would look better with the original V-Drive/rear engine setup.

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  17. Madmatt

    Wow …my back hurts just looking at those seats..!!
    A bit of a recline would do wonders..! .Surprised that Hot Wheels
    Didn’t recreate this….very odd.🤔.,but super cool vehicle😎..!

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  18. Miguel

    This car looks very uncomfortable to drive.

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  19. michael h streuly

    I use to hang out at the barris shop on weekends and i never saw this car there ever. Not a barris car.

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  20. Jack Hammer

    I think a President would look great in this.

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