#3 of 100: 2013 Mr. Norm 50th Anniversary Dodge Challenger

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When Barn Finds reader Rocco B. sent us a tip about this 2013 Mr. Norm 50th Anniversary Dodge Challenger, it really piqued my interest not only in the car but about Mr. Norm himself, and while I had heard this name a few times before I had no idea what a legend he was in the Mopar circuit.  His accomplishments are so vast and interesting it may be a struggle to keep from turning this into an entire post about the man himself, the late Norm Kraus, who sadly passed away two years ago this month.  Only 100 of these special Challengers were produced, and if you’d like to own the #3 car it can be found here on Craigslist.  It’s a bit geographically confusing, as the seller placed ads in several different cities, and while he is living in Denver, Colorado, the car is actually in Rapid City, South Dakota.  The seller also makes it clear that it will be considered insulting if you try to haggle over his firm price of $75,000.

OK, I can’t help myself, so just a bit more information about Mr. Norm Kraus.  This is a true self-made man who had a lifelong interest in racing and high-performance cars, with humble beginnings back in the late forties selling used cars with his brother at a gas station owned by their father.  The business flourished, and in 1962 he became a new car dealer and opened Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago.  By 1966, it was the largest high-performance Dodge dealer in the United States.  Mr. Norm also had a hand in some innovative Dodge developments, including the 383 and 440 Dart, and was well-known for offering performance parts at his dealership, along with special edition “Mr. Norm” car creations over the years.  It’s all great stuff Mopar dreams are made of, and you can read a lot more here.

But back to the matter at hand.  Out of the one-hundred 50th Anniversary Challengers that wear Mr. Norm’s namesake, this one’s number three of the bunch, so if low serial numbers are important to you it doesn’t get much better than this.  The cars were created to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Grand Spaulding Dodge, with most of the bling added by GSS Supercars.

The Challenger is said to have only traveled about 20,000 miles over the last decade and is described as being in nearly perfect condition.  Before the seller acquired the car, it was in a Tennessee museum full of privately owned collector cars, and it apparently still smells new inside.  Outside, the body features gold accents bearing Mr. Norm’s name on the fenders, plus GSS got some billing of their own below and also on the hood.  Rolling is provided by 20-inch gold-painted Hurst wheels, and surprisingly, we don’t get to see the 392 Hemi under the hood, nor a shot of the interior as a whole, although the seats are embroidered with Mr. Norm stitching.

One of the more unusual features is the headlights, which are LED components that in addition to white offer a variety of different other colors.  I don’t know about your town, but I could just imagine driving around with these things red or green at night in my neck of the woods as an invitation to get you pulled over quickly, but for show purposes, I guess they’re pretty cool.  What are your thoughts on Mr. Norm’s vision here?  The seller mentions he lowered the asking price from $100k to $75k and believes the Challenger is an appreciating asset.  Is it a good investment at this price?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    I’ve heard references to Mr Norm but this was a good car history lesson, Mike. Thank you!
    A dilemma of one’s own making here-a somewhat rare car, the new owner is gonna have ask themselves about how much they’ll want to drive the car, each mile depreciating it that much more.
    Too, driving a car out this way with red or blue lights showing to the front is gonna guarantee a matching set behind it at some point-and maybe a trip on the back of a tow truck.

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  2. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    A humongous thank you to Mike. I think a post devoted to Mr. Norm is totally okay. While technically, I really should be enthused about the featured car, it really exhibits some of the last cars that will embrace the musclecar. I all but guarantee, the future will not have 700hp Challengers, but it’s Mr. Norm that is worth mentioning. Unless you lived in the midwest, the name may not seem important, but through automotive performance history, several names come up, and Mr. Norm was right up there. His cars showed up regularly at Union Grove, and everybody knew where that wheelstanding 440 Dart, came from. He was so influential in Chrysler performance, Dodge came out with a 440 Dart of their own.
    Thanks again for the reference, a lot of fast cars came out of that dealer. Grand Avenue had plenty of rubber on the road. Sadly, this is all that remains of that once proud establishment. And you wonder why I’m upset?

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      I’d venture to say a vast majority of the BF readers do NOT wonder why you get upset, that most of us appreciate what you’re feeling even if we express it differently. The time of buying a decent car/truck/bike/whatever at a reasonable price when it’s just needing a little TLC to bring it back has gone for the time being but as you and many of us have seen too history has a way of repeating itself..
      We’re hanging in there with you, Howard.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        Yep. Howard should be glad he got to experience a time that will never be repeated. We are lucky we can share some of memories here with car guys and women.

        Howard – Thanks for those images.I could hear the big blocks roaring down those streets!

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    • Frank Sumatra

      @Howard A- Agree 1320% BF should have one of the writers do a piece on some of the lesser known dealers such as Mr.Norm and White Bear Dodge in Minnesota. It seems as if Yenko gets a fair amount of attention as does Joel Rosen of Motion Performance on Long Island, but as you state, some of the midwest folks got forgotten. What say you Barn Finds? How about an occasional history lesson for the kids? You know, the folks under 50. Perhaps some of the BF vets can suggest a few other dealerships from the 60’s and 70’s?

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  3. JohnfromSC

    Also Tasca Ford, Rhode Island responsible, I believe for Mustang 428 SCJ and more.

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  4. ChiTownJeff

    There was also Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago which sold cars that were modified to customer specs. (Nickey with the backward K). They were the Chevy competitor to Grand Spalding Dodge.

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    • Camaro guy

      Yup I so miss those days back then i had a 69 L78 Chevelle and Mr. Norms Mopars were a constant thorn in my side every time i raced at Union Grove I lost too them more than I won I would give anything to relive those days

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    • Terry Shanahan

      Back in the day I lived in the Windy city and remember all the late night radio commericials. Grand Spaulding advertised on radio a lot more than Nicky but both had big Sunday ads in the Chicago papers. Me? I drove sbc with 3 speed manuals. I didn’t have the change to buy a super stock nor the talent to keep one running.

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  5. BobMaj

    I’m not sure if I missed something. Were there any modifications to the car or engine, other the stickers and badging?

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  6. Patrick Michael Shanahan

    Grand Spaulding Dodge was Chicago’s hot rod heaven in the ’60’s. I remember the late night commericals on WLS Radio (The Big Firecracker)

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  7. Pete

    I grew up in Charlotte NC, So our famous folks were Hollman and Moody, Fire Ball Roberts and the rest of them Moonshine runners that came outta the hills. Fellas like Richard Petty and his era started all that.

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  8. B Wallace

    There was an episode on Fast and Loud where Richard travels up to IL to buy Mr. Norms personal Custom Dodge Van that is painted on the side as a Dodge Magnum 1/4 mile racer. I used to drive by Grand Spaulding Dodge when it was still open and I lived around the corner from the old Nickey Chevrolet which had become a Nissan Dealer and that is now closed.

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  9. Mark R Durham

    That No. 3 of 100 produced 50th anniversary Mr. Norm Dodge Challenger yiou are viewing and speaking of belongs to me. Gorgeous car! As it is a 2013 and with only about 24,000 miles on the clock, they don’t get much closer to new than this. The vehicle has vinyl graphics from 2013 ad the graphics are beginning to just peel off. A ladder fell into the hood inside my shop in Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s a very minor ding but an imperfection nonetheless. So Friday the original vinyl graphics are coming off of this vehicle. The hood ding will be properly repaired and then new vinyl graphics are going on the vehicle.This vehicle is so new it doesn’t ven have the original plastic removed from the floormats. I may even supercharge it and just keep it. I don’t like to even put miles on the clock except to seee the occassional Mustand in the distance in my rear view mirrors……………It was originally referred to as the Shelby Killer. It is too

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