3 Rows Plus Skylights! 1968 Buick Sport Wagon

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Buick introduced the Sport Wagon back in 1964, but it got a restyling for ’68 which included some new body sculpting and a revised single-piece front skylight, which eliminated that pillar between the glass so the passengers in the second row could get a better view of the airspace above them.  Nearly 23,000 Sport Wagons were produced in 1968, and of that number only around 6,000 were three-row editions, so it’s a bit rarer than the standard 6-passenger model.  If you’ve been in the market for a late-sixties station wagon, this one may be worth checking out.  It’s residing in Murrietta, California, and can be spotted here on eBay, where the buy-it-now price is set at $12,500.

We don’t get much background about the wagon prior to 2011, but it’s stated as a two-owner vehicle with maintenance records from the past 12 years, with only about 5,000 miles traveled since then.  It’s said to have been well cared for during that period of time, and although the body isn’t free from a few blemishes, overall it seems fairly solid.  If they’re going for anything beyond just a driver, a couple of areas will need to be addressed by the next owner, including the back hatch and the driver’s side quarter panel.

The standard Sport Wagon engine for 1968 was a 350 cubic-inch V8, but some good news is this one’s got the optional 400, making 340 horsepower right from the factory.  There’s no word on whether or not the motor’s ever had a complete overhaul, but the seller says it consistently starts up on the first try and is quick off the line for a station wagon, a statement which I have no problem believing.  It’s also equipped with a Turbo 400 automatic transmission.

Things inside aren’t perfect, but overall the interior looks decent and there’s definitely plenty of room to bring the family.  The seller mentions a YouTube video, which I could not find a link for in his listing, but it’s easy to locate from that site and can be viewed here.  At over 10 minutes long, we get to see the body and interior in more detail, plus go on a test drive.  The driver does a fine peel-out at the 6:20 mark, with the Buick sounding strong and the transmission seeming to shift properly.  At around the 9-minute mark, there are some still shots provided from the underside, which looks good and solid for the most part, but it also shows some damage to the gas tank so I’d put replacing that component pretty high on my to-do list.  What are your thoughts on this 1968 Buick Sport Wagon?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    I like this – odd to see Black with a blue interior. Can’t be too common in ’68.
    I hope he has the engine oil dipstick. Maybe out to check oil level – and took off the flex pipe to the exhaust manifold…
    400 4bbl, A/C, tilt and Power windows are all great to have.

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    • Maggy

      Nice car with cool options .I love it. Hate the wheels.First thing I’d do is Buick mags. Seems like a fair price for a CA black plate car that’s solid with a nice interior.

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    • Erik

      In the video the dipstick is also missing, with the engine running: https://youtu.be/1KIUkxryKZU?t=178

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  2. Tony Primo

    Have to flip that air cleaner lid to hear those secondaries wail!

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  3. BA

    Looks like a youtube short on a mechanics laugh list , a customer complains engine runs bad , sounds bad & mechanic finds engine without dipstick low on oil ready to blow up! So if that happened maybe by pass this one!

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  4. Mike

    What are those wheels from? 80/90’s? Nothing costs more and gets dated faster than following hot rod accessory trends. Maggy’s right, go for the Buick style mags.

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  5. Rick R

    (station wagon) the original soccer mom’s choice of transportation before SUVs came into play. You just don’t see too many of the old wagons in service today. This one looks like a soccer mom should be the new owner!

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    • Ed

      I think that was Stacy’s mom’s car. Man, she had it going on.

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  6. Greg Allison

    As the person who listed the car my first comment is that the gas tank on these 1968-72 GM Wagons was side saddle. Easy mistake bc it looks just like a gas tank. So it’s the back back floor pan that needs attention.
    Look up California Classic Car on you tube for the full running driving video. Thanks for posting up the article on your platform. Yes $12,500 is a deal for this one owner Family wagon with protecto plate and documentation. Greg Allison California Classic Car, Murrieta, CA 92563

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    • Tbone

      Where did the 5,000 dollars in repairs figure mentioned in the listing come from? Do you have an actual estimate or is that a guesstimate?

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  7. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking car. My favourite years for the Buick Sport Wagon are 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 and 1969. It’s a damn shame that it was discontinued from 1970 on.

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  8. MoparMike

    I absolutely love it. Never noticed they had rear sunvisors before. Give it some period correct aftermarket wheels fix the big dents maybe add a underdash FM 8 track and enjoy.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I had a 1970 Buick Skylark wagon, I was surprised by how well it handled, as well as it was a pretty quick 350 engine.

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  10. Erik

    They say in the text that the total number of 1968 Sportwagons (Buick didn’t use “Sport Wagon” in their 1968 brochures) was “nearly 23,000”. (true, it’s 22,888).
    But also that only 6,000 3-seats wagons were produced.

    That’s not true: the production total of “nearly 23,000” is for the 1968 Sportwagon and the 1968 Custom Sportwagon models combined.

    The car in the article is a Sportwagon 3 seats model.
    But there was also a Custom Sportwagon 3 seats model available.

    6,063 Sportwagons with 3 seats were built.
    6,295 Custom Sportwagons with 3 seats were built.

    So if you combine the total production figures, you should also combine the total 3 seats Sportwagon production numbers:


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  11. Michael Babinetz

    My 70 Buick 455 had a dip stick that went into the block, not in a tube. I would question that.

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    • Erik

      Michael: The “dipstick only” was just for the 1970 455 engines. For 1971-1976 the Buick 455 engines all have dipsticks and tubes.

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  12. Erik

    There were over 12,000 Sportwagons with the 3-seat option sold for model year 1968. https://i.ibb.co/YyfMmRb/1968-SW.jpg

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  13. Erik

    Over 12,000 3-seats Sportwagons were sold for model year 1968.
    In the text they claim it’s only 6,000.

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  14. David A Sanford

    Good eye, Big Fun. That dipstick being out would make me nervous. I’d want to know why. The dipstick is typically either in the engine or in someone’s hand, so any serious buyer would want a decent explanation of why its not in the engine in a sale pic. Anyway, change the oil would be a top priority. Nice car, too.

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  15. William Milot

    Myself personally would ask why when he punches the gas and those massive secondaries opened up it sounded like it has an exhaust valve on at least 1 cylinder is not opening well causing it to gargle up through the carburetor instead of a smoother deep growl that it should have! This car is nice and you don’t find them in this condition very often but being an owner of MANY older Buicks w/Big Blocks in them with 4 barrel Q-Jets on them I can tell right off the bat from the sound of the carburetor under HARD EXCELLERATION that this car either needs a valve job or the cam due to extreme lobe wear! That’s probably why he didn’t do a dead dig burnout showing how far that car would smoke the tires by just punching it, because it probably couldn’t do one and would have just spit up hard through the carb and stalled! When he punched it around a corner for that brief second it should have revved way up and incinerated the tire(s) but it didn’t, that alone tells me it’s tired and needs engine work to wake it up.

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    • David A Sanford

      Consistent with extra engine wear from dirty oil if he drove it any appreciable amount with the dipstick out.

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  16. Emilio

    Did you guys see the rust on the passenger roof blistering up

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  17. David Omid

    I love the car. It’s a nice car & if I spend more money to fix or update some parts of it, it’s going to be much nicer.

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  18. Roy Wimsett

    Those older 60s Buicks were great cars and always dependable. I have a 65 Buick special for the last 20 years it’s a wonderful car..

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