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30 Year Collection Sell-Off

Figther Fuselage

From Ranger Herb – Hi guys, I saw this ad on Bozeman’s craigslist and it has got to be one of the craziest ads I have ever seen! What caught my eye was the fuselage of what appears to be a radial engined fighter, like a P-47 or maybe one of the Vietnam era prop fighters? Then you read down through the ad, which only has two photos of the fighter fuselage and a heavy equipment trailer, and then there are all kinds of cars, trucks, tractors, farm equipment listed. A thirty year collection. The cars range from a ’23 Buick, a ’24  Dodge,  earth moving equipment, tractors, wrecked airplanes, and hidden in the list is a ’55 Jag. Oh, and five swathers.. I only found this ad because I ran a search looking for dump trucks. Go figure.


  1. Graham Line

    Looks like a T-28 fuselage on the trailer.

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    • jaygryph

      Looks like the start of an amazing 24 Hours of Lemons car to me!

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  2. Steve Link

    Exactly…..Like Graham says….North American T-28 Trojan…..

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  3. George

    Think of the rat rod you could build with that!!! Disappointed that there aren’t more pictures. I’d love to see pics of the Rebel. Plus he mentions having many more parts cars, wrecks, and planes.

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  4. Chris

    That is not a wrecked airplane, it is a disassembled one. It always amazes me how descriptions of stuff people don’t know about might vary in accuracy. If an airplane isn’t standing on it’s gear, or doesn’t have a good paint job, it’s wrecked or junk. A T-28B would be nice. 1425 hp Wright 9 cylinder supercharged radial and a rate of climb up there with WWII fighters. Of course like cars, one could rebuild this one for the same as buying one already licensed and flying, most probably. That’s if the wings, tail, engine and propeller are all there and nothing is damaged.

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    • toolbox

      Anyone need 40 T28’s???


      The sale includes 40 each T-28’s. 18 of these T-28 aircraft have registration numbers as well as well as complete log books. Several have combat history and one T-28B was the model used by Monogram in its plastic 1/48 scale aircraft kit.
      The balance of these historic T-28’s include most components. The sale includes new parts to build 5 Trojans. We include new B wings and D wings. Included also are 12 each Curtiss – Wright 1820-86 engines with logs and blue print aperture cards. T-28 props and Tracker props. Included are full scale original factory N.A.A. blue print drawings. Also microfiche / aperture cards. Condition and inventory will have to be verified by purchaser.
      Also rare and hard to find parts including a large AN and MS hardware collection. We include two gooseneck trailers to facilitate /transporting to anywhere in the US. These trailers include stands and jigs for moving multiple wings and fuselage. We have a new factory lifting sling designed specifically for the T-28 built to the factory blue prints specifications.
      We have the built up fuselage fixture rotisserie as well as the wing rotisserie fixture. Included also is a stationary hot dimpler machine, commercial grade swaging equipment, Aeroquip hose assembly equipment as well as Aeroquip pressure testing cabinet. All of this and more is included in our sale. Please inquire for further details.

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  5. Mark E

    The ad actually says AIRPLANES (plural)! Wonder if there’s any MIG 21s hiding in there? ^_^

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  6. Roger

    T-28 for sure. Trained & carrier qualed in them in 1966. Went on to helos but the T-28 was my all time favorite that I got to fly.

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  7. Mark S

    If it’s all there then it should be saved if not could be made into a salt flats land speed car

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  8. DonS

    I searched Craigslist in Bozeman using “selling out” and found this ad with more
    photos of equipment.


    Looks like he has some nice big sheds that hopefully store the valuable stuff!

    Here’s another ad, but only one more photo:


    And another showing cars in the weeds:


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