Dusty Hangar Find: 1963 Beechcraft Musketeer 23

Planes are a funny thing, as they’re not all that different from a Rolls-Royce or a Lincoln when discovered in barn find condition. Extremely expensive to buy new with upkeep requirements that will make your eyes water, and extremely… more»

Hangar Find: 1940 Piper J3 Cub

We don’t just have barn finds on Barn Finds, sometimes a hangar counts as a barn. Piper Aircraft has a complicated history, changing ownership more than a few times since its founding in 1927. In the 1930s, after it… more»

Pulse Project: 1985 Pulse Autocycle

If a person is looking for something that’s highly unusual or you just want to go full-tilt oddball with your vehicle collection, it would be hard to top this 1985 Pulse Autocycle. They are actually street legal and there’s… more»

Amazing Build! 1957 Convair 240 Airplane-RV Conversion

Eccentric is an often over-used term. With regard to this motor home named “Andromeda”, eccentric seems to fit it perfectly. The chassis was pulled from a 1979 Pace Arrow which was then topped with a 1957 Convair 240 airplane… more»

Paratrooper Special! 1958 Lockheed C-130A Hercules

Having garnered many milestones and accolades including “the longest, continuous military aircraft production run in history,” the C-130 (“C” for Cargo) factors into countless rescues, attacks, war stories, and other operations. This 1958 Lockheed C-130A in Airport Drive, Louisiana… more»

Groundbreaking Design: 1981 Rutan VariEze

We have seen a number of different aircraft come across the desks here at Barn Finds, but this Rutan VariEze rates as one of the really interesting ones. That is partly because of the craft’s design, but in a… more»

Hangar Find: Military Airplane Auction and More!

Airplane hangars often house strange and forgotten automobile finds. Many airplane owners are also car people, and the vast space afforded by a hangar is hard to resist when working on project cars. Fans of all things mechanical should… more»

Rare Pulse Predecessor: 1982 Litestar

This rare beast is hard to classify. Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? Is it an airplane? Is it.. well, ok, we know that it isn’t an airplane, but how would you classify this 1982 Litestar? It’s… more»

Hangar Find: 1990 Super Fly

This 1990 Super Fly Experimental airplane has not seen any action for a while, and it currently languishes in an airport hangar. It is looking for someone who is willing to return it to the skies, so if that… more»

1948 Lockheed F-94A Jet Interceptor Prototype?!!

How many of us have mowed around cars and trucks parked in our yards? How about a plane? Probably not too many I’m betting. This is a 1948 Lockheed F-94A Jet Interceptor prototype and it can be found here… more»

Navy Pilot Owned: 1965 Cessna 150F

This 1965 Cessna 150F belonged to the seller’s grandfather, who apparently owned several planes that he flew following a career as a Navy and commercial airline pilot. Like any guy who loved transportation and the freedom it enabled, he… more»

Hangar Find? The Plane Car!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the conversation that resulted in this hybrid airplane-truck was occurring! Or perhaps the bartender — it might have come after a rather large tab! The PlaneCar… more»

Hangar Find: Kitfox Experimental Airplane

If you’re bored with the car hobby, or just looking for that next project, maybe consider an airplane. It may not be as unrealistic as it sounds. This Kitfox is an amateur built experimental airplane that has folding wings so… more»

Runway Find: Elvis Presley’s Lost Jet At Auction!

UPDATE 5/25/18 – This auction ended a year ago, but we wanted to followup and see what it ended up selling for. It looks like the auctioneers were optimistic with their $2-3.5 million valuation because the hammer dropped at… more»

Hanging Around: Home Built Aircraft

Barn Find readers find all manner of unusual vehicles for sale, including airplanes. Clarke B found this project listed on craigslist in Empire, Michigan for $700. The seller knows nothing about it and just needs it gone. This is a… more»

Out of Runway: 1953 Piper PA22

Decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see a strip of grass and a solitary wind sock denoting it was a safe area for small planes to land. Nothing else for miles around, except for that guidepost alerting any wayward… more»